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How to Know When Oura Ring is Charged ( Harsh Truth )

The Oura ring may be small, but its charging status is a big deal because overcharging is a battery killer.

Learn how to tell when your ring is charged and ready to go.

Just got familiar with Oura Ring? Yeah, this premium little gadget is sleek, smart, and intelligent enough to track your body vitals to give you details about your health and wellness.

Oura Ring package contains the Ring, a charging kit that includes a dock, and a 5Vdc USB Type-C cable allowing you to charge the Ring not only through the power outlet but also with a laptop, mobile, or car. Do keep in mind that using other cables or high-powered sources for charging can degrade the battery leading to shorter battery runtimes.

Oura Ring takes 60 minutes max to charge and when you put it on charge by connecting the USB cable in the dock and the another end to the adapter that is connected to a power source, you will start seeing a LED pulse in white color indicating that the Ring is charging. After a while depending on how much charge the Ring needs, the LED turns green indicating the Ring is fully charged. 

How to Know When Oura Ring is Charged?

How to Know When Oura Ring is Charged

You can also check the companion app for battery life and you can set notifications when the battery reaches a certain minimum limit so that you can be reminded to charge it again as a depleted battery to 0% is not healthy for the battery life and can affect the battery performance. Similarly, frequent charging/discharging or overcharging is also not ideal for the battery health so you should take care of the battery to enjoy enhanced and boosted battery life.

When you put the Ring on a charge, you will see different colors other than white and green. In case you don’t see any color that means the Ring is not charging and you must take appropriate action about why the ring is not charging.

Sometimes it seems that the battery is dead or the ring is not charging but the problem is something else. Like the charging problem can occur when the ring is not resting properly on a size-specific dock. Similarly, try changing the cable from USB-A to USB-C. Another option is to turn the USB-C cable 180 degrees and reinsert it in the ring charger. Finally, try using a different power source or changing outlet as sometimes the outlet is not having electricity or the breaker is tripped leading you to the thought of a dead battery of the Oura ring.

When you see a solid white light that turns off after a few seconds that means the charge was connected to power without a ring on.

Similarly, when you see a blinking red light on the dock, that indicates there is a problem with either the ring or the charger and it may result in no charging as well.

How long does it take to charge my Oura ring?

Oura Ring takes 60-80 minutes to fully charge and can last for 5-7 days on a single charge but depending on the features you use the battery consumption rate can vary due to which you can experience different runtime for the battery as well.

Why is my Oura ring charger blinking?

When the Oura ring charger is blinking white that means the Ring is being charged when it blinks blue that ring is ready to pair over Bluetooth and once paired, the LED will show a solid blue light and then fades to white. Finally, when the Ring is fully charged, you will see the solid green light.

What does the light on Oura’s ring mean?

There is no orange light on Oura Ring but there is a red light on the adapter that indicates that something is wrong with the adapter or the Ring.

What does the green light mean for Oura?

The solid green light on the adapter means the ring is fully charged and you can disconnect it from charging as overcharging can degrade the battery and affect its longevity of the battery.

Do I need to charge Oura ring before first use?

When using it for the first time, make sure to charge it to 100% so you can track how much battery life it has and then decide to wear and remove it accordingly.

Can I shower with my Oura ring?

Oura ring is a water-resistant fitness tracker and not a waterproof band like other wearable brands but you can wear it while taking a shower or swimming. Do keep in mind that exposure to excessive heat like in Saunas or freezing temperatures like Ice baths can damage the battery. So remove the Ring when you are going for a Sauna or an Ice bath to protect the battery of your Ring. You must know that when the battery is damaged you will miss sleep records for many days but you will get a replacement for your Ring by Oura if you are under the warranty period.

Can I wear my Oura ring only at night?

Yes, you can wear Oura Ring at night wearing it at night will enable you to see your sleep stages, heart rate while sleeping, and blood oxygen saturation levels but do keep in mind that these features drain the battery quicker and if you are going to sleep with less than 30% battery life, you may wake up with the dead Oura Ring due to depleted battery. So before going to bed make sure that you have more than 30% of battery backup so you don’t miss a night’s data.

How many years does the Oura ring battery last?

Oura Ring can last for 2 years, thanks to a Lithium Polymer battery that is rechargeable but not replaceable therefore you must ask for a replacement within your warranty period otherwise you will be spending more money to get a new one as you cannot replace the battery in the ring.

Can you overcharge a ring battery?

You cannot overcharge the Ring battery as that will result in battery degradation and the damaged battery will start dying sooner even within 24 hours making it annoying to remember all the time that you have to charge the Oura Ring.

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