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How To Make Laptop Run Faster On Battery – A Through Guide

How To Make Laptop Run Faster On Battery

Are you curious to know how to make the laptop run faster on battery? You are at the right spot then. Explore this article and find some easier steps.

Wondering how to make the laptop run faster on battery? Don’t you know the steps of this setting? 

Well, read ahead for the answer.

Many times, laptops and notebooks reduce their performance because they are more concerned with saving power consumption and increasing battery life. Is your laptop also slow? Is it set in the way to save power by compromising the performance? 

However, without getting worried, you can adjust this setting by giving a click on the control panel. To know more, you can read further!

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Why Does a Laptop Run Faster On Direct Power? 

Running slower is a feature of any device used for doing daily tasks like laptops, tablets, Chromebooks. The laptops are configured to consume less power when on battery. The slower performance on the battery is intentional, it is not a fault. To improve the battery life try not to open unnecessary files and tabs. Also, don’t plug in charging all the time when working on a laptop. The laptop works faster when on AC power but not plugged into AC power directly. 

Many devices especially laptops and Chromebooks are configured to reduce the performance just to save on power as well as to lengthen battery time. If the laptop is plugged in, and you have no worries about the battery life, adjust power options from settings, as this will give enhanced performance. 

The three most power-hungry characteristics are as follows:

  • CPU processing speed: Mostly a faster CPU demands more power. In many laptops most CPUs are the low-power variety, they even work slower when configured to do so.
  • GPU processing speed: GPU speed also matters a lot to make a laptop slower or faster. This is the most power-hungry component which is specially designed to work better on direct power.
  • Display brightness: Battery may drain faster but it totally depends on the type of display. A display is a more power-hungry part.  Dimming the display of your laptop will reduce power usage. 

How To Make Laptop Run Faster On Battery?

The laptop can run faster even when it works on battery. Just need to follow some steps, and take care of things that will eat more battery. 

For example adjusting screen brightness, adjusting power options, windows settings, and much more. We discuss in detail some of the most commonly used methods, and steps. Try opting for these to make the laptop battery run for a long time. As the battery once becomes weak, it will affect the performance of a laptop. 

  • Adjust Your PC’s Power Options 

When a laptop is plugged into the main power, always try adjusting power options just to enjoy a power boost. Try following simple steps.

  • Click Start 
  • Go to  Control Panel 
  • Then move to Hardware and Sound 
  • Now select Power Options

A window titled Select a power plan has appeared on the screen.  Click ‘show additional plans. When you come here the next step is to select ‘High-performance.  When you select this option’ enjoy maximum speed from laptop or computer. Although the battery will drain faster if not plugged into the main power board. 

  • Windows settings

From the Windows 10 settings app firstly click on System. Here select Power & sleep after this click ‘Additional power settings. By doing this you can go to the ‘Control Panel Power Options. 

One or more power plans that are listed will be seen by you here. “Balanced” is typical, so try to balance performance and battery life. These plans are present to perform different functions. One is used to maximize battery life, and the other is to maximize performance. 

Now it is time to select the current plan, now the laptop will show you different options You can choose from sleep or hibernate settings. This will help you to set a time for when the laptop goes to sleep. Most laptop screens become dark when sitting idle. 

To control more power settings you have to go to change the advanced power settings.

But the list of options is not always the same content vary depending on the laptop. Examine this list, and you will be able to control a wide assortment of settings. These settings will affect your power usage, and speed as well. Here in this list, you can even find settings regarding video playback.

  • BIOS/UEFI settings

Instead of controlling directly by windows, you will find power-related settings in the laptop’s BIOS or UEFI settings. It is difficult to tell the exact steps for settings as these may vary between computer manufacturers and models. 

Use rebooting OR instruct Windows to reboot to enter BIOS or UEFI settings, or can also be done via rebooting or holding down a key. The power management settings or APC (Advanced Power Management Control) settings are more specified settings that you can use. When running the computer on battery these settings will help you to tune exactly how the computer behaves. 

So, laptop users, you can also use power/performance trade-offs to optimize for power usage and performance when the laptop is using a battery. When using the battery option, try to plug in to recharge the battery often. 

How To Make Laptop Run Faster On Battery is done here but one crucial thing is missing; how to keep the battery health intact?

How To Increase A Laptop’s Battery Health For Faster Performance? 

Experts say, when you use a laptop’s faster performance on the battery, the battery gets affected – its life and efficiency don’t remain the same.

Hence, it is necessary to crack the ways that can help you to keep your battery healthy. One thing, from many available ways, we listed some of the best ones which are great to increase a laptop’s battery health for faster performance. 

To know the steps fully, give a thorough reading to the below-listed ways. 

  • Windows Battery Performance Slider

The battery performance slider of Windows 10 is the first step to make battery life much better. This will help to group all the settings affecting battery life into easy-to-understand categories. The setting battery slider controls are set by the manufacturer of the PC, or laptop. 

You can read the flooring factors for further information:

  • The Best Performance mode is designed specifically for those who wish to trade off battery runtime to gain speed and responsiveness.  In this mode, Windows won’t stop background apps. They keep running and eating power continuously.
  • The second one has the name of better performance mode. This mode limits the resources to run background apps, but one good thing about this mode is that it prioritizes power over efficiency.
  • This mode is actually labeled as recommended on your PC. We are talking about the better Battery mode, as it delivers a longer battery life.
  • The last one is known as the Battery Saver mode. It appears when the laptop is unplugged. When the PC is in this mode, it reduces the display brightness to a considerable amount, stops the syncing,  prevents Windows update downloads, and suspends most background apps.
  • Simplify Your Laptop’s Workflow

You can save more battery by doing simple tasks. It will be ideal to enable battery saver as when doing less power-intensive tasks for example writing or playing a local video, you will feel irritated to see unnecessary notifications. Always try to adjust your laptop use, choose battery-conserving ways to do this. We meant to say that we should stick to one app at a time by closing all other openings without any reason.

The work is not done here, even while you single-task on a laptop like watching any video on youtube, it will be excellent to enable Airplane mode in Windows, and also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when working on word docs where there is no need for internet. 

Enabling Airplane mode helps to save battery not only when closing apps but also updaters and push notifications.

  • Check And Close Apps That Use More Power

Some apps and processes chew through battery life more quickly but reduce the performance of other tasks. In windows 10 the Settings App is the first thing that helps you to find energy-hogging programs. 

It is easy to get the list of power-hungry apps from the Windows 10 search bar. Close the app that you rarely use.  

Next, go to the Task Manager’s Startup tab to see the apps run automatically when you switch on the PC. Explore for safe ways to disable apps or processes by typing in the search bar. Simply go settings, and you can disable them to save on power.

  • Adjust Graphic And Display Settings 

If the laptop is equipped with a powerful graphics processor, ensure that it can run only just graphics-intensive apps.

Get everything else by using more efficient on-CPU silicon (for graphics processing). If your PC, or laptop is using Nvidia GeForce graphics, then go to the GeForce control panel, here you can easily find Program Settings. Use the program settings tab to assign apps to specific graphics-processing chips accordingly.

  • Keep An Eye On The Battery Health 

All high-quality batteries can lose charging capacity over time and need to be replaced with time. It is ideal to take the stock of a battery’s health on, and off. To check the battery’s remaining life click the battery icon to display the battery status.  If the laptop is showing “Replace Now”, or “Service Battery” it means battery life is running short. 

Till now, we have coveted a safe and precious discussion on making the laptop run faster on battery; additionally, we have also covered the ways of keeping your battery safe; hence, no matter what speed you use, your laptop battery will remain safe and retain long life.


The laptop is directly connected to the battery for its performance; many times, the battery is set in a way that it makes the laptop work slower, so the battery can work for longer. This slow speed saves the battery but badly impacts your task completion, performance, and smoothness.

Therefore, when you are bored of this situation, you can read the above laptop and make the setting quickly, comfortably, and effortlessly. 

This way, you can have a fast-running laptop on the battery.

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