How To Make My Shark Vacuum Smell Better? Most Effective Solutions

Around the world, vacuum cleaners have become a standard issue for household cleaning. It should help us maintain a clean and healthy home. Usually, when we use the machine, I have to put up with some unpleasant odors. We can’t understand how anything like this can happen to a piece of cleaning equipment. 

We looked into it, and it seems to be a typical problem with vacuums. The machine may be working well despite giving off unpleasant odors. Here are the results of my experiments with various strategies for improving the vacuum’s odor.

Housework is exhausting in and of itself, but dealing with the stench of a burning vacuum makes things even worse.

So, you might be word wonder, make my shark vacuum smells better?

In the article, we have come up with the best possible solutions, so keep reading till the end.

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How To Make My Shark Vacuum Smell Better

How To Make My Shark Vacuum Smell Better?

Some customers complain that their bagless vacuums leave a musty odor bodor, but in actuality, both bagged and bagless vacuums will experience the same issue if not appropriately maintained.

Mandatory Examination

Inspect the brush roller and vacuum belt before each use. Check it out if you think there might be hair, pet hair, string, etc., stuck there. A foul odor may result from any of these causes.

Suppose these components are spotless. After that, plug it in and use it. If the vacuum motor still makes a smoky noise, you have a problem. Continual, unrestricted motion is indicative of a “healthy” machine.

Make sure the vacuum is empty by changing the bag or the canister

If your machine uses bags, make sure the bag isn’t too old before using it. If possible, purchase a load directly from the manufacturer or one that comes highly recommended by the manufacturer. The bag should be changed every six months, but if you use it more often, you can cut that reduce that time can save time and effort by opting for the bagless model, as you need to empty the dust canister, wash it, and let it dry after each use.

Wash the entire vacuum cleaner

Clean the vacuum cleaner’s housing, hose, filter, and other parts with a damp cloth. After that, wipe these areas with a dry cloth.

Get the filter cleaned or replaced

Make sure to change the filter in your vacuum often so that dust, dirt, and allergens don’t get back into the room you just cleaned. Alternatively stated, the filtering system of the machine is there to safeguard not just your health but the health of your loved ones as well. As a result, I wouldn’t advocate getting the cheapest replacement filter when the time comes.

If you Followingidelines, you should change the filter every three to twelve months. The filter in your vacuum cleaner must be taken apart and washed after each usage using a washable type.

Place scented pads

Now that you’ve done everything we’ve outlined, you can put a scent pad on top of the filter in your vacuum. In this manner, when the machine is turned on, a lovely aroma will fill the room.

The top-rated deodorizers for vacuums are as follows:

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda

The cleansing abilities of baking are well-known. This material can soak up scents. Put a little in the bag or sprinkle it over the vacuum inside. What you have here is the barest minimum of deodorizer.

Components of a Well-Rounded Home: Essential Oils

Essential oils, especially organic oils, make highly effective deodorizers for your vacuum. Thyme, lemongrass, and lavender are some of my favorite aromatic herbs. Vacuuming these oils will leave your home smelling fresh and help keep mold at bay.


The spice cinnamon is a staple in many households. Shockingly, it works pretty well as a deodorizer for the money.

Fragrances sold for use with commercial vacuums

S..ome high-quality options are available for spending a small sum on a professional vacuum cleaner deodorizer. The fact that they were designed specifically for this purpose means they are far more efficient at eliminating unpleasant odors while filling the air with a pleasant fragrance.


How to make a vacuum cleaner smell better is a typical household problem today. To avoid or eliminate vacuum odors, you might use various additional strategies. Help me out here and tell me what you’ve found to make housework more fun if you don’t mind sharing.

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