How to Move a Refrigerator to Clean Behind

It might surprise you but cleaning the refrigerator from behind and beneath is necessary for its longevity and efficiency. Otherwise, dust buildups on the coil might impact its functioning, and you will have to replace your fridge sooner than expected.  

The most overlooked part of the house is behind the refrigerator when it comes to cleaning. People tend to ignore that a space exists behind the fridge. And there is a logical reason behind it; no one has the time or energy to tow refrigerators every day, week, or month. However, if you are a little smart about it, moving a refrigerator is not that big of a deal. So, if you have made up your mind and want to know how to drive a fridge to clean behind, we have an easy solution for you.

How to Move a Refrigerator to Clean Behind

How to Move a Refrigerator to Clean Behind

How to Easily Move a Refrigerator?

Moving a refrigerator might seem like a bothersome task(rightfully so), but we have some tricks that can help you move the fridge without any sweat. If youFollowingteps below, you can move your refrigerator and clean it behind it in just a few minutes.

Empty the Refrigerator:

Since all you have to do is move the refrigerator for a few inches and put the fritin its original place when you are done cleaning. So, you don’t need to defrost your unit and clean it out. However, we recommend that you take out all of the items there.

It isn’t very likely, but your items can fall in theintonit if you jerk the fridge while moving. You don’t need to get rid of perishables or put them in another fridge. Since these items will be out for a few minutes, chances are that they will be able to survive outside.

So get all of the items outside the refrigerator and place them in a nearby place. Since you will be putting them back in just a few minutes, you don’t want to go and fetch them from another room.

Unplug the refrigerator:

Your next step should be to unplug the refrigerator by the user manual safely. Clearing it won’t be much complicated if you use a simple refrigerator. However, if you are using one of those high-end fridges with ice makers, you will also have to remove the water supply.

Also, you don’t want just to remove the cords and leave them as it is. When moving, they can get tangled in anything, which could be dangerous. So, after you have unplugged the fridge, ensure you have rolled up the cords properly. It would be even better if you could somehow tape it behind the refrigerator.

Move the fridge:

If your fridge has wheels, then moving it will be straightforward. However, ensure that the carpet threads aren’t stuck in the wheels if you have carpet. Also, the rug should be straightened out before you move the fridge. Otherwise, the wheels will get stuck, and you can destroy your carpet in the worst-case scenario.

If your fridge doesn’t have wheels, you will have to make a little effort, but it isn’t something you need a lot of workforce. First, make sure to tape down the path of your fridge with cardboard so you don’t end up scraping your floor or carpet. 

Also, hurry your fridge out from the front; moving it out from the side will require more effort. First, you should raise the legs of the fridge slightly and put the refrigerator on the cardboard. Once the front legs of your fridge are on the cardboard, tug at your fridge until your fridge is entirely on the cardboard. Pushing your fridge on cardboard will be difficult compared to the floor, but it is far better than damaging your carpet or floor. Keep moving the fridge until you can comfortably reach the space behind the refrigerator.


Now is the time for some cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned behind the fridge for a while, chances are that it isn’t going to be a pretty sight. There will be dust, mold, and gummy residue. You can also find some treasure down there; things you have been looking for for a few months will suddenly appear before you.

A standard vacuum cleaner will work if there is dust behind the fridge. But if you find gummy spots or molds, you will have to get creative. If you find any stubborn areas, use a soap and water mixture and try to use a scraper to remove them. However, if you find any mold growing down there, put some gloves on and pour some bleach on it.

Also, don’t forget to vacuum the condenser coils of your fridge. Chances are that you won’t be coming back here for quite some time, so give some attention to detail and clean it properly.

Slide the fridge back:

When all the cleaning is done, all left is to slide the fridge back and plug it back on. However, let the floor and walls get completely dry. Once they are dry, slide the bridge before, which won’t be much of a problem. Now plug your fridge back, close all the doors, and let it cool down before putting back the food. 

The process is pretty simple, and you can do it quickly, but having an extra pair of hands is never wrong. 

How to move a refrigerator downstairs or upstairs?

You want to move your refrigerator downstairs or upstairs but don’t know how; if this is the case, then you are at the right place. There might be no space in your kitchen, or you just want to relocate your fridge upstairs or downstairs. From the looks of it, it might look like an impossible task to accomplish, but it isn’t! It is not as easy as sliding your refrigerator on a flat surface, but it can be done.

If you also want to move your refrigerator downstairs or upstairs while you clean, your best bet is to follow the steps below;

Find an extra pair of hands:

You don’t want to undertake this task alone, so contact a friend/relative of yours or hire somebody. It is a two-person job; one person will guide the refrigerator while the other will be needed to hold the fridge in its place.

Remove obstacles:

Before you tow this heavy unit, you must ensure that your path is clear and your fridge won’t be bottlenecked along the way. To achieve this, plan your route and ensure nothing obstructs your way. Also, check if the doors are wide enough to let the unit pass through. Checking dimensions and clearing your path will help you avoid inconveniences, and you won’t have to put down the fridge every few seconds.

Empty the fridge:

Since you will have to tilt the fridge along the way, we suggest you empty all the fridge contents. You don’t want your ketchup to fall or your mustard to spill while moving your refrigerator. 

Once you have emptied the fridge, roll off your cords because you don’t want them to get tangled in your feet. Also, ensure that your unit doors are tightly closed and won’t open up with a few jewels. If you aren’t sure, tie the doors with ropes.

Use an appliance dolly:

Using an appliance dolly will give you a better grip and keep the fridge tied down. And since dolls also have wheels, you won’t have to lift your fridge all the way once you have set up the refrigerator on your appliance dolly; back your doll up on the stairs. One of you should tightly hold the handle of your dolly while the other should have the fridge from the bottom.

Also, there is no need to hurry; take one step at a time. Ensure that your helper is appropriately handling the refrigerator; a slight misfortune can drag you down the stairs along with the fridge. And if there are any doors along the way, you must tip the dolly below as possible and turn it to 45 degrees. 

Once you have reached downstairs/upstairs, unstrap your fridge and repeat the process.


Whether it is Christmas or Easter, and you have decided to clean your house thoroughly, cleaning behind the fridge is the most cumbersome task. Even if you have fridges that aren’t gigantic, moving them isn’t an easy task. We hope that moving your fridge away with this article won’t be much of an issue. Whether you want to move the refrigerator a few inches or stairs, it will be easy breezy with these tricks!

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