How To Open Tesla Key Fob

Are you eager to open the Tesla Key Fob to get it fixed? Do you wonder how to Open Tesla Key Fob? Here we have some quick ways for you – to unfold them.

The key fob is a Tesla vehicle that allows the user to lock, unlock, and open the trunks (front and rear); moreover, these key fobs also help you drive Model Y and do a backup of your phone key.

You often need to open the key fob for different purposes, such as replacing its battery. If you are looking for ways How To Open Tesla Key Fob, you can read it.

How To Open Tesla Key Fob

What Is A Key Fob, And Why Does It Stop Working? 

Tesla offers multiple ways to lock or unlock cars, and one of the most convenient ways is using a key fob. Key fobs provide users with the facility to open or close the doors, but car owners can also open the rear and front trucks. All key fobs that have the Tesla logo on the flat surface support the feature named passive unlocking and locking. 

Although it is an excellent alternative to key cards and phone keys, it can still stop working at some point in time. 

The key fob stops working due to a dead battery, internal damage, or another fault. But do you know: How to Open Tesla Key Fob to change the battery and check for internal defects? If not, read below to learn every single detail.

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How To Open Tesla Key Fob: Some Smart Ways

The key fob uses a battery and needs replacement after two or three years. Model 3 key fob batteries can last for at least one year; after that, you need to replace them with a new one that can be bought from any authorized and trusted dealers. 

If the car owners have noticed the issue with the key fob, the first thing that comes to mind is a dead battery. For replacing the battery or for a complete inspection, they need to open it. 

To know How to Open Tesla Key Fob, stay along, read the steps below and bring it back to the working position.

  • Keep the key fob on a flat surface, put it upside down, and remove the back cover. Gently take out the cover using a small screwdriver or thin blade or any other small tool having a sharp edge. 
  • After removing the cover, carefully remove the battery from the retaining clips. 
  • Before putting the new CR2032 battery, remember not to touch its flat surface because the finger marks will lessen the battery’s lifespan. 
  • Insert the battery with + side upward facing. 
  • Hold the cover in your hands and align its tabs with the key fob slots. 
  • Now firmly press the cover and make sure it connects. 
  • It is time to test the key fob; press its button to check whether it works. 
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The Model X Key Fob – Functions

Like any other Tesla car model operates through a key Fob, the model X key fob also has several functions, which are given below.

Let’s find out what features the owners can enjoy in the model X key fob;

Butler Mode: 

The driver’s door will open through butler mode when the car owner presses the key fob.

Falcon Control for Doors:

Drivers can also open or close the falcon rear doors using a key fob in Model X. 

Frunk/Trunk Controls: 

While pressing the T-shaped button, the car hood will open or close. Use the back button for the opening or closing of the truck. 

Charging Port:

Surprisingly, drivers can also open the car’s charging port using the key fob’s back button. 

The Bottom Lines

If you own a Tesla vehicle, you might also have a key fob as it makes you lock and unlock the car, open its rear and front trunks, and perform different functions.

However, it would help if you often opened the Tesla key fob to replace its battery. This article contains the ultimate steps to open the Tesla key fob, explore this blog post and crack the ways.

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