How To Play Half Life Alyx On Quest 2?

Undoubtedly, Quest 2 is an excellent choice for a VR headset offering numerous advantages to the user. Single-handedly, the standalone helmet allows people to have a slew of immersive gaming experiences, not requiring them to be constantly tethered to their PCs. 

The computer-free gaming experiences in these virtual reality glasses are an ideal option if you want to play games without ties. However, the need to plug into a PC to play powerful and exclusive PC games like Half Life Alyx remains, limiting your movement and VR experience. 

This is the situation unless you decide to get crafty and, through ingenuity, find a workaround to get your VR game working through the PC. Therefore, this article will ensure that all our readers and passionate Quest 2 users learn how to play Half Life  Alyx on Quest 2. 

How To Play Half Life Alyx On Quest 2?

When learning how to play Half Life Alyx on Quest 2, the only obstacle between the computer-powered game, players, and their anticipated wireless freedom is the requisite of a good PC, a couple of apps, and a USB-C cable. 

It would be best to have a VR-ready PC that can be paired to your virtual reality headset via an air link or a link cable. You can connect the headset wirelessly to have your ultimate computer-free experience of Quest 2 and enjoy virtual reality.

Alternatively, you can also use the wired cables to teleport you to the virtual reality world of the Half Life Alyx. Whatever method you choose- wired or wireless will work appropriately and effectively to let you play Half Life Alyx on Quest 2. 

How To Play Half Life Alyx On Quest 2

Connect Quest 2 To PC And Play Half Life Alyx: 

In this section of our article on learning how to play Half Life Alyx on Quest 2, we will discuss all the steps you must follow while playing the game through a wired connection between your PC and headset. 

Step 1: Finding the compatible cable  

Even before you go ahead with connecting the PC and Quest 2 to play Half Life Alyx there exists a crucial element for finding a compatible cable that will work correctly and allow the transfer of energy and data between both devices. 

An option for a compatible cable is the Oculus link cable. This 16-foot cable is ideal as it allows a high-bandwidth transfer and guarantees the entire system’s perfect functioning. 

Another option that is well-suited to be a compatible wired connection cable between the Quest 2 and the PC is a USB C cable. But make sure that the port USB-C cable is reliable and long enough to connect the viewfinder. 

However, you should never forget that not every USB-C cable has the certain high speed required for compatibility. Though if you want to quickly test the speed of your USB-C cable before deciding to purchase the original Oculus link cable, you can head on to the Oculus client webpage on your computer where, in the devices section, and after adding your headset to the list, you can perform a USB speed test. 

Step 2: Downloading Steam  

If you are looking to play Half Life Alyx or any other Steam VR games on the Oculus Quest 2, it is necessary for you to download the necessary software to get everything in place and working. Start by installing Steam on your PC, and when installed, open the app and head to the tab which says “shop.”

In this window, scan for a “Steam VR application.” Once you click on it, installing this software on your computer will immediately begin. Now it is your turn to download a Quest 2 suitable Oculus software and the safest way to download it is from the official website. 

Following the download of your Oculus software, you should aim to complete the setup by choosing the option for Oculus Quest and signing in with your Meta account. Use the same account to log in on your Quest 2 to avoid further discrepancies.

Step 3: Connecting PC to Quest 2 

When done, you will have to manually connect your viewfinder with the help of a compatible cable which could be your Oculus link cable or, if you failed to find one, the backup high-speed USB-C cable. 

After completing the setup wizard, it is finally time for you to link your computer to the viewer by locating the application of steam VR in the list of downloaded applications on Oculus Home. 

At this point, you have succeeded at pairing Quest 2 with your PC, enabling you to access the Steam library through your VR headset. So all that is left to be done is for you to select Half Life Alyx and get to playing and enjoying the new adventure. 

Play Half Life Alyx On Quest 2 Wirelessly: 

Wondering whether you can play a PC-exclusive game- half Life Alyx, on your Quest 2 wirelessly? We say stop wondering because you can; this is an available possibility without tarnishing your excellent Quest experience. 

There are two ways for you to achieve playing Half Life Alyx on Quest 2 wirelessly, and it is through an Air Link and virtual desktop. While the Air Link method is a bit cumbersome and demands you to do more settings and download applications, rest assured, both methods work seamlessly. 

Still, we will walk you through the procedures so you can choose the method you think you can work with the most conveniently. 

Air Link Method: 

Step 1: Activating Developer Mode On Quest 2

To ensure the developer mode is activated, you must have the official Oculus application downloaded on your smartphone. If you do not have it, then either from the app or the play store, download the application.

The Oculus application is significant for activating the configure viewer in developer mode because the phone app is the only place from where the function can be done. Launch the application and enter the panel indicating select developer mode.

Here go to settings, choose “more configuration options,” and select developer mode to activate the mode. The procedure will eventually take you to the official website for Oculus with the intention for you to creating an organization with your name and permanently have the developer mode activated. 

On the webpage, all you will have to do is fill in all the blanks and accept the terms and conditions which apply, and you will have the developer mode on for always! 

Step 2: Download SideQuest 

Downloading side Quest is highly needed because it is the application manager allowing for installing the app in the memory of Quest 2. The tool installs the utility, which will assist you in playing Half-Life Alyx wirelessly. 

But for this to happen, you must first download the Windows-based program and then establish the connection with Quest 2. Download SideQuest from its website and on your computer, and enable all permissions. 

Next is to open the app and connect with Quest 2. Strap your Quest 2 on display a window will pop up asking you if you want to allow USB debugging permissions- carefully select your PC and choose the option that says “always allow for this computer” so the need to repeat the procedure does not arise. 

Subsequently, on your PC and in the sideQuest application, install the app launcher for Oculus Quest 2 to also download the app in its memory, and establish the required link for transfer to play half life Alyx.

Step 3: Download ALVR 

In this step, you will download ALVR’s server app on your computer and the client app on Quest 2. Upon completion of the download of ALVR, execute the app and allow for all permissions to be displayed. 

Afterward, it’s time to connect Quest 2 through the USB port so that the SideQuest can identify with the headset and pair. 

Step 4: Develop A Wireless Connection 

Disconnect your Quest 2 from the computer by unplugging the USB port, and while wearing the headset, go to the bookshop, where you will have to identify the ALVR application in the unknown source option. 

As soon as the identification happens, the Quest 2 screen will go blank, but this is nothing to worry about as the device is waiting to reconnect to your computer’s server.

Tap on Connect and view the magic flow by itself! (ALVR app on your computer will only connect to the Quest 2 headset if both are linked to the same network-providing router.)

Virtual Desktop Method:

Considering that you might be unfamiliar with virtual desktops, here’s a brief introduction to the app.

Virtual Desk is a great app that costs $20 to be downloaded, but its multiple functioning options make the purchase worth it. These functions include primarily the ability to play Half Life Alyx or any other Steam VR game. 

You have the freedom to have absolute control over the PC from a VR environment, such as you changing scenes, watching a movie in your simulated theatre, connecting a regular game on Quest 2 via PC, surfacing the web, or doing anything that you want to do on the PC from your VR headset. 

Virtual Desk is an original hero, and playing Half Life Alyx on Quest 2 by connecting the VR to PC wirelessly is much easier with this application. 

Step 1: Download The Virtual Desk

On the side of your computer, download Virtual Desk’s PC streamer app, Steam, and the Oculus app, a VR companion for the downloaded application to run. 

Step 2: Run A Background Check 

After installation and before doing the settings, run a background check on your computer to determine and to be sure whether your PC is eligible enough to be termed as VR-ready. Use the Steam VR performance test, a free-of-cost way of gauging the credibility of your PC. 

Step 3: Settings Of The Virtual Desk 

On your computer, now open the downloaded application of Virtual Desk and provide your Oculus details, such as the meta account’s username and password. If you have the option, then we highly recommend that you go with using the H.264 codec. 

Step 4: Logging Into Steam 

Next, you must do the same on the Steam application- log in with your credentials, and then link your Oculus app on the PC to Steam. 

Step 5: Headset Settings 

This step is the final nail that has to be hammered. Put on your Quest 2, and the headset purchase, and download the virtual desktop app from the Oculus store. After having a virtual desk on your PC and Quest 2, if the devices are on the same network, you can immediately connect your PC through the virtual Desk to VR and stream Half Life Alyx. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs) 

Can you play Half Life: Alyx on Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, you can by connecting Quest 2 to a computer. 

Can I play Half Life 2 VR on Oculus Quest 2?

To play half life 2 VR on Oculus, you have to have a connection with the PC because there is no way, yet developed, to make the game run on Quest 2 directly. 

How to play Half Life: Alyx on Quest 2 link?

Refer to the Air link method in the section Play Half Life Alyx on PC wirelessly in the article. 

Can you play Half Life: Alyx without Steam VR?

No, you cannot play half life Alyx without Steam VR because the software is required to be downloaded for the game to run on Quest 2. 


There are several ways to learn how to play half-life Alyx on Quest 2. The game can be played on your VR only when in connection with the PC. For you to do this, we have stated all the methods that are there and have been tried and tested – wired and wireless (Air Link and Virtual Desktop.)

Choosing the method that is the most suitable for you is something that you have to do.

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