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How to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI ( Detailed Guide )

How to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI

PS4 is still the most popular PlayStation, even after the PlayStation 5. Gaming fans are still using PS4 as the latest gaming console because of the popular PS4 games like Far Cry. 

For whatever reason, you want to use the PS4 on the laptop screen, and think if that’s possible. 

Yes, it is possible.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI

Let’s see how to play PS4 on the laptop with HDMI.

HDMI is the medium for sending and receiving audio and video signals from one device to another through a single connection. 

HDMI is the fastest and most suitable way of digital transmission used in both commercial and household AV applications. Gaming monitors, television, DVD players, Blue-ray players, you name it, all have an HDMI interface.

HDMI not only connects household audio-video equipment, but you can use it to interconnect laptops and personal computers as well. HDMI is used for 4k or higher quality video and audio transmissions across devices. Corporate and commercial industries commonly use it for teaching, presentations, digital applications, and retail display.

  • HDMI can transfer data at the rate of 10 to 11 Gbps
  • HDMI is the only interface technology that supports high-definition communication, including SCART.
  • HDMI leads significantly minimizes the number of cords to 1 for all high-definition gadgets
  • HDMI has become a standard for all modern electronic entertainment gadgets, and they have upgraded like USB cords
  • Eight audio channels can travel at one time through HDMI leads; that’s why it is being used popularly for future upgrades.

How to Play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI

Playing PS4 on a laptop with HDMI is easy; in fact, all it requires is just a good connection, and we are going to look at the process for that as well.

Let’s jump in…

Connect PS4 with a laptop through Remote Plays

Let’s discuss connecting the PS4 through the Remote Play streaming service.

Remote Play

This is a service launched by Sony in which users can play PS4 games on compatible devices rather than playing on a gaming console. This allows you to use your smartphone or laptop to play your favorite PS4 games.

This feature is available on PS4, and if you are a Windows user or Mac user, you can enjoy your games at your favorite desktop monitor and configure the environment for your needs.

All you need is a PS4, PS4 account, strong internet connection, USB cord, and a laptop or a desktop computer.

Follow these steps 

  • Download remote Play for your device
  • Connect your device with an active internet connection
  • Go to Settings > PSN Network > User Management from your console and activate the option ‘Activate as Primacy PS4.’
  • Update your device software to version 3.50 through ‘System software update.’
  • Settings > Remote Play Connection settings and check Remote Play linking settings.
  • Keep your console on for remote play to work properly
  • Settings > Electricity Save options > Configure Sleep Mode Functions > Enable Network-Based Turning on the PS4.
  • Now open the remote play that you downloaded.
  • Go to the settings tab and adjust the refresh rate and resolution same to your screen to enjoy the best gaming experience, and the quality will depend on your computer’s specs.
  • Now, in any USB port, insert the plug or PS4 controller, which is also possible to do wirelessly by pushing the PlayStation and Sharing buttons on your controller simultaneously.
  • Wait for the Led lights to blink, and within a matter of seconds, you can start playing games.
  • You can start the remote play from your device through consoles credentials. Do not turn off the console of the PS4 won’t disconnect from the PC.

Capture Card

If you could not utilize the remote play correctly, there is an alternative to connect your console to the computer.

Capture Card can be used to play PS4 games on a laptop using HDMI, and the items you need are

  • Laptop
  • Premium Capture Card
  • PS4
  • Internet connection
  • Ethernet cables connected to a single router
  • HDMI with Dual Functions
  • File Sharing option


  • Connect the capture card with your system through the USB connection.
  •  Connect the S-video cable of the capture card into the PS4 and connect the HDMI-out of the console in VCC and VCC’s HDMI in port to the console.
  • Turn on the console and open the video capture card on your system, and the console will be displayed.
  • If, in your case, there is no HDMI, then use the HDMI converter that converts the format for viewing on the television. Just insert the HDMI port to the playstation and the HDMI converter.
  • To use your laptop screen as a monitor for PS4, you would need HDMI or video capture card. Remote Play and Capture cards are the ways described above to connect PS4 with your system. This allows you to enable remote access to your PS4 to play your desired games through the desktop.
  • PS Remote Play can also work with android phones and tablets. It can also work on PS4 as well. There are no compatibility issues with iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows systems.

Well, that’s all for this article about how to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI, and I am pretty sure you must have learned a lot from this article. 

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