How To Play The Forest In VR?

Well, A Forest is the most famous game of VR or a play station liked by numerous people. So, to step into the journey of VR forest the very first thing you need to do is to step up the equipment. So, for this, connect your VR headset to your PC to launch the game. Make sure that both devices are compatible to deal with the game. Download the game along with the necessary update and let’s begin by embarking into the forest of VR.

How To Play The Forest In VR?

  • First Look for Capable headsets 
  • Now install Steam VR onto your computer. 
  • Next, go to the Steam store and download the game you want to play. i.e Forest. 
  • Now set a connection between your VR headset and the PC by launching Steam VR. 
  • Click on the game you installed and launch it. 
  • Now wear your headset, and go to the setting of the game to enable the VR mode. 
  • Learn about the Control of the game and then enjoy the Forest steaming. 

How To Play The Forest In VR

Prolong Scrutinization On How To Play The Forest In VR?

To have a complete understanding of how to play the Forest in VR. Well, stay connected as we are going to shed light on every single piece of information in detail. It will help you to have a complete understanding. 

Selection Of the VR Headset: 

The most important thing you need to do is to pick up the VR headsets in which your want to play. Make sure that the headset you choose is competent enough to deal with the mode of the game. 

Well, for your ease here is the list of capable VR headsets 

Picking Up Of the Mode: 

After setting the preferred VR headset. You need to choose the modes to get hold of the game. The most famous is the Beta version of VR mode. 

Features of the Beta version:  

Although this version does not provide as many features as VR mode. But this is considered an excellent mode to deal with. Because it includes 

  • Full bow aiming 
  • Throw flares 
  • Use of a lighter to light Molotov
  • 3D inventory. 
  • Cutting off the tree with the help of a control system. 
  • One of the intensifying features of this test version is that it provides a more graphic look, especially of the caves. It appears more claustrophobic, where players have to deal with realistic creatures of the cave. This VR setting also allows people to overcome their phobias 

Exploring the Forest: 

Now after setting the secure connection between the device, and headset, and selecting the mode. Let’s begin to learn about the specifications of the game which include control, its movement, game management, and other interaction. 

VR forest control: 

To master a VR forest game you need to have a complete and proper understanding of the forest controls. Here is the list of everything control that you use while playing the game. It will help you to have a proper command of each move of the game. 

Motion ( forward and backward)Use the left thumbstick
RunningClick on the Left Thumbstick or use the auto-running feature from the menu.
CrouchClick on the Right thumb stick or you can also switch to real Crouching as well.
JumpPress up on the Right thumbstick
To pick up the itemGrip the right controller
Survival guideClick on the A button on the right Controller
InventoryClick on the X button on the left controller
Equip itemGrip the right button on the Controller
Unequip itemUsing the right thumbstick, hold down
CombatUse a controller to hit an enemy or even if you want to use a weapon.
Useon the right Controller click on the Grip button
ThrowYou need to make a throw motion, for it to hold the right trigger and then release in the throwing motion.
LightIn order to trigger the light, click on Grip Button that is present on the left Controller.
Holding BackpackFrom your left controller hold the X button.
Option MenuLook into your inventory or click on the top right corner of your laptop
TurningUse the right thumbstick left and right.

The Forest Game Setting: 

Well, here are some important points regarding the setting of the game that you must know because it helps you to improve the performance of your game. 

So let’s discuss them 

Audio streaming: 

The audio of the game doubles the amount of enjoyment while playing it. So if you face any trouble in hearing the audio then they are two things you must do to improve it. 

  • Number one is to check that the forest is the only active window on your Pc because if there is another window open on your computer then it may act as a distortion to the audio of the game. 
  • The second is to check the setting to know whether the audio of the headset matches the computer or not. 

Smooth Performance of the Game:

To run the games smoothly on the computer go directly to the Steam wear menu and reduce the render resolution. This intern reduces the framing rate of the game which helps the game to walk without any lag or delay. 

Adjustment of the Brightness:

You can also adjust the brightness of the game according to your desire by clicking on the display setting from the menu. It helps you to take a real-life experience, for say that in the game the cave has very low brightness or extreme dark that provides you with a real experience of being in the cave. But if it seems scary you can increase brightness according to your comfort level.

Auto Running:

To set an autorun you can change the setting from the menu. It will allow you to automatically run by just pressing the right thumbstick a little further than you press it for a walk. 

Snap turning:

Whenever you start the game there is an automatic set of Snap turning which seems annoying for the players. So the best way is to choose the turn snap option and turn it to 0%. If you feel that your turning speed is too slow then just simply go to the control menu and choose X and Y sensitivity to increase your turning speed. 

Additional Tips to Understand Forest VR Mode: 

Playing this game is the best way to explore the forest world of your own but it may require different mechanics and controls. So to perform well in the game here are the additional tips you must know

  • Check up on the health of your Character: Your character is wearing the watch on the left hand that helps you to check on hunger, thirst, and the armor level of your character. 
  • Quick Access to the Backpack: Your character is also provided with a backpack that allows you to keep the things in it. To access these things you can go into the inventory menu or you can click on the x bottom that allows the bag to come in front of your character. 
  • Managing the inventory: You can also change your VR controllers by clicking on the Steam VR menu. It helps you to provide quick access to each item in your backpack or you can manage your inventory easily. 
  • Switching between the Arrows: While playing the game you see that just switching between arrows becomes difficult. But by using a proper technique you can easily Switch between them. For this pick up the bow, hold the arrow to the string, and look down. Then by clicking of left trigger button you can easily choose the arrow want to use from the inventory. 
  • Selection Of items: You can select the items according to your choice and put them into the drying rack. To select the items hold the left control and click on the left trigger that allows you to move around the items. Then by pressing the right trigger, select the item you want. 
  • Forming of the item: Well, you can craft your items by combining the other items from the inventory. To do this, click on the right trigger to combine the items. Look at the gear item, in front of you above the inventory. By clicking on it you will get the list of all those things that you can make from the items, you have selected. 
  • Access to the Survival Guide: One of the most interesting features is that you can effortlessly search for the Survival guide without having a look at each page. For this, click on the left or right thumbstick. 
  • Visual Marker overlays: You can easily explore the forest by creating Visual Marker overlays using a stick marker. It helps you to find your way back home easily.

People May Also Ask: 

Do forests allow multiple VR players? 

Yes, you can play Forest by using multiple players. It allows them to spend great quality time with their friends and family while enjoying the experience of virtual reality. 

Is it possible to switch between VR mode and Non-VR mode? 

Yes, if you switch it you Forest game from VR mode to Non-VR mode. And to do this just simply exit the game and launch it again without using any VR headset. 

Is it possible to Convert a non-VR game to VR mode? 

Yes, you can do this conversion by using specific software. It allows the Non-VR game a visual experience but makes sure that its result won’t be the same as the actual VR game. 

Are there any available free VR games? 

You can find free VR games on the platform like Steam. However, availability entirely depends upon the game you want to play.

What is the actual cost of forest on VR? 

Generally, it cost 19.99$ as the VR setting of the game allows you to have a virtual but realistic vision of the forest. 

Bottom Line:

Although playing the Forest game allows you to counter the thrilling experiences of your own. And for this, you need to have proper mastery of every control of the game. 

Therefore, to get command of every move, follow this guide as it will help you to deal with every challenge you encounter while playing the game.

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