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How to reduce magnification on computer screen

How to reduce magnification on computer screenHow to reduce magnification on a computer screen?

how to reduce magnification on a computer screen

The process is given below.

How do I Unmagnify my computer screen?

To reduce magnification, or to ‘unmagnify’ your computer screen:

  1. Use the magnifier tool available. Click on the minus sign to zoom out
  2. Press the control key and use the minus sign simultaneously to zoom out
  3. Press the windows logo key, use the minus sign simultaneously to reduce screen size
  4. Press the control key and rotate the scroll on your mouse down
  5. Go into display settings from control panel. Go to advanced setting and increase resolution. The higher the resolution, the more zoomed out the screen.
  6. Use the menu option on your browser to zoom out 

How do I adjust screen magnification?

Screen magnification can be adjusted by:

  1. Using the magnification tool on your computer
  2. Adjusting the screen resolution. The lower the resolution, the more magnified the screen and vice versa
  3. Pressing the control or the windows key. Then adjusting the magnification using plus or minus sign 
  4. Using the control key and the mouse scroll 
  5. Choosing the desired magnification from the menu on browser
  6. Upgrading your video card

How do I minimize my zoom screen?

To minimize your zoom screen while still keeping it running in the background, click on the zoom icon (a white and blue video camera) and then choose the ‘Close Window’ option. The screen will minimize and go at the back so, you can access and use other apps while still getting notifications from any conference call.

Why is everything on my computer screen magnified?

Everything on your computer screen is magnified due to any of these reasons:

1. Screen resolution is too low

2. Magnifier is adjusted to Full-screen mode

If you have these problems, then this is the article for you.

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