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How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound On iPhone 11 (Simple Steps)

To know how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone 11, this guide will go over the best method step-by-step in a manner that is easy to follow and understand.

iOS 13, which includes Siri, Face ID (using the TrueDepth camera), Apple Pay, and Apple Card compatibility, was preinstalled on the iPhone 11 when it was first released. The device was launched in September 2019; the day iOS 13 was made available to the general public. The iPhone 11 is compatible with iOS 15 as of 2021. One of the most used apps on the iPhone is FaceTime. It allows people to video chat with each other from around the world. So how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone 11?

FaceTime is entirely free to use and does not require the help of any third-party apps to function at its full potential. There are many reasons someone would want to record a FaceTime call on their iPhone. FaceTime is used by people worldwide in various settings, like for office meetings or educational lectures. It makes sense that iOS users would want to record some critical FaceTime calls so they can watch them again.

How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound On iPhone 11

How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound On iPhone 11

The easiest way to record a FaceTime call on iPhone 11 is to use the built-in screen recording feature. It is a fantastic feature and good enough to record FaceTime calls in high quality. For the Mac, simply using the QuickTime screen recorder is enough to record a FaceTime call with video and audio. However, recording a FaceTime call with sound on the iPhone 11 is a little tricky because there are some additional steps. Using the screen recorder to record a FaceTime call will not include the sound unless you turn on the microphone first.

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Using The Screen Recorder On iPhone 11

Due to its portability and ability to make calls from a distance, FaceTime is widely used by iOS users to video chat with each other. The simple iPhone recording process uses the device’s built-in screen recording feature. For legal reasons, adding audio to a screen recording is challenging, presumably by design.

To get started, install FaceTime on your iPhone. Make sure to ask the other person you will call for their permission before you start recording. It is illegal in many states to screen record a FaceTime call without the other party’s consent.

  • The first thing you need to do is add the Screen Recording to the Control Center list. To do this, open the Control Center from the Settings app. Click on Customize Options, and a list showing you apps currently included in the Control Center. This is where we want to add the Screen Recording. To do this, click on the plus sign next to Screen Recording.
  • Next, start the FaceTime call. Open Control Center, and find the Screen Recording, which should now show up on the list if you follow the previous step. Once you click on Screen Recording, the recording will automatically start. However, the Screen Recording will only record the video. So how to screen record facetime with sound on iPhone 11?
  • Long press the Screen Recording, then click on the Microphone Off option. Once you do this, the microphone will turn on (the icon will turn red), and a timer will start. Now the FaceTime call is being recorded with both video and sound.
  • Click on the red bar at the top part of the screen to stop the recording. A confirmation dialogue box will appear; confirm to stop the recording.
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The only problem with recording a FaceTime call on iPhone 11 is that the audio is turned off by default. By following the steps above, you can turn on the audio, which will be included in the recording. 

Figuring how to screen record facetime with sound on iPhone 11 is relatively easy if you know how to enable audio while screen recording. However, there is another method to record a FaceTime call with sound. Put the call on speaker, and record with another camera. This method can be used if, for some reason, you do not want to use the screen recorder. However, the recording will be relatively low quality.

Editing Your Recorded Clips

You can trim the recording on an iPhone using the built-in Photos app if you have a long video that you need to split into shorter chunks or remove specific parts.

You can also adjust the audio or volume in your recordings. However, you will have to use a third-party app to adjust the volume of recordings on an iPhone. Various video editing apps allow you to raise, lower, or muffle the recording’s loudness.


Why Is There No Audio In My Screen Recording?

When you record the screen of your iPhone, there could be no sound for a few reasons. Your iPhone’s side-mounted mute button might be activated, for example. Another reason could be that the sound is turned down. Turn the volume up, and if this doesn’t work, try rebooting your iPhone.

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Is Facetime A Safe App?

Yes, FaceTime is highly secure. It uses end-to-end encryption, which makes it almost impossible for hackers or other parties to listen in on your call. Even Apple cannot listen to FaceTime calls and doesn’t store your personal information in its database.


Figuring out how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhone 11 can be tricky because the audio is turned off by default, probably for legal reasons. Following the steps in this guide, you can easily record a FaceTime call with both video and audio. The process for screen recording a FaceTime call with audio on Mac is a little easier, but the method described in this guide for the iPhone works flawlessly.

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