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How To Screenshot On A Chromebook Without a Windows Key

How To Screenshot On A Chromebook Without a Windows Key

Chromebooks are known for their easy-to-use interface and reliable functions that just make your work easier and faster. The Chromebook is designed in a way that does not take up too much space which includes making sure the keyboard is not too big but has all the necessary keys to fit your needs.

Considering the different design as compared to other traditional laptop layouts, very common confusion with Chromebook users is figuring out how to screenshot. It might be because you’re a regular Windows user which just requires using the usual Ctrl + Print Screen key and you have your screenshot! But Chromebook is slightly different. The key (pun intended) is getting used to its functions and figuring it all out as you go. 

How To Screenshot On A Chromebook Without a Windows Key

Taking a screenshot is the easiest way to save something you find and might need later. Screenshotting can save you a lot of time and it is an efficient function in ways that anyone who works quickly will appreciate. Here is how you can screenshot using your Chromebook:

  1. How To Screenshot

With a different keyboard size and the functions being slightly different from your more traditional laptops or Macs, the Chromebook can be confusing to figure out at first but here is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through it:

The Ctrl + Windows Key Method: 

First, make sure you know what the Windows Key looks like on your Chromebook. It has a square on it with vertical lines beside it. Use your Ctrl key and the Windows key (this would be the f5 key for the traditional functions) to quickly screenshot when you need to. Press the two keys simultaneously. As soon as you press these two keys a pop up window will show and notify you about the screenshot being saved. You will find a specific folder with all of your screenshots available for your use. 

The Clipboard Method: 

Anyone familiar with Windows 10 knows that when you press print screen it will copy your screen to the clipboard instead of the screenshot saving directly to a folder in your laptop. This is especially useful when you need to save it to clipboard and immediately paste the screengrab somewhere else like a document. 

Replicating this function in the Chromebook is a bit more tedious but can be done. When you screenshot, wait for the pop up to show and click on the ‘Save To Clipboard’ button. This will make the screenshot available for you to paste anywhere on a document or an image editor, whatever it is you are working on.

However, sometimes keys malfunction so what happens when if your Windows key stops working? With one of the keys not working, you might need another way to take a screenshot. But not to worry! There are some methods you can use to screenshot without even using your keyboard.

Screenshotting Without The Windows Key

The Tablet Mode: 

If your Chromebook converts into a tablet, this method is perfect for you. Sometimes while using a Chromebook as a tablet, it is much better to have the option of screenshotting without switching modes and using your keyboard. For this method, you would screenshot by pressing down the volume button and the power button simultaneously. This method saves your time and helps you be efficient in your tasks by making it easier for you to screenshot and paste anywhere. These screenshots are saved into a specified folder.

The Browser Method: 

Instead of using tablet mode, you can simply use this method in any mode for the purpose of screenshotting using your browser. This method works by going to your browser’s settings 

> Menu 

> More Tools 

> Take A Screenshot.

Through this method, you do not even have to press any buttons. This is a method that saves you from having to use your Windows Key. This is especially useful if your keyboard or buttons are not working but you really need to save some information for later.

So Where Do The Screenshots Go?

If you want to go back and use an older screenshot or even go through some information you might have screengrabbed and wanted to review later on, simply go to your computer’s folders.  By going to your computer’s ‘Pictures’ folder, there will be a folder already named ‘Screenshots’  which will contain everything that you have screenshotted. Keep in mind- clipboard screengrabs do not get saved as separate files but rather stay on your clipboard from which you can paste on another document and save as a file. 

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