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How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop Without Print Screen Button

Screenshot On Dell Laptop Without Print Screen

The print screen button has become an essential part of screenshotting and saving information on every laptop that you might use. Whether you need to screenshot and paste a piece of information on a document or image editor or even save something to check back later on, the Print Screen button is there to do just that. 

How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop Without Print Screen Button

As technology advances every day, laptops evolve into much better machines, and companies make sure their designs are up to date. This also means sometimes, as the laptops become smaller to accommodate your portable needs, this has also led to changes in the traditional keyboard designs, including removing the Print Screen key. Or even if it is not the laptop design, what happens when that key stops working or malfunctions? We are here to tell you; there is no need to worry. Although it might be a bit different from what you are used to, several other ways to screenshot what you need to.

How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop Without Print Screen Button? Let’s find out…

Method 1: The Snipping Tool Method

The Snipping Tool method is beneficial for people who need to capture and paste specific parts of some articles onto documents. This saves you the hassle of copy and pasting entire screen grabs which are not very professional. Snip and Sketch will surely make your life easier. It is essential to have this function at your fingertips.  This tool not only saves a snippet of any screen that you would like to save but also gives you the option to edit and crop so you can save what you need. The option of cropping and marking your screenshot according to what you need to highlight more makes it an even better tool to have.

By clicking the Windows key + the Shift key + the ‘S’ key, the Snip & Sketch function will activate. This will ask you to select the area you want to screenshot, and you can crop out the area you want to save. This will save the screengrab to your clipboard, so you then paste it anywhere you need to. Click on the pop-up that shows up and use the save button to save it to your files.

This method is perfect for people writing documents and needing just a snippet of information to their file and do not want the hassle of saving a screenshot and then editing it. It is simply as simple as cropping, saving, and pasting it on to winter file you are working on. Even as an image editor, it is easy to make sure you are just shooting the part you need to edit and not the entire screen.

Method 2: The Fn Key

As laptop designs change over time, in this day and age, they are becoming more portable and sophisticated in designs which may also lead toreplaceaditional Print Screen Key. If your Dell laptop does not have the Print Screen Key, there is no need to fret. There is simply another key you can press to screenshot to your heart’s desire.

By pressing the Fn Key + Windows key + The Space Bar, you can screenshot your entire screen. This will save it to your files and yo, you can easily use it any time you need. It is as quick as the Print Screen method.

Method 3: Using an Application

If none of these methods meet your needs, a simple, quick, and straightforward deal with this is by installing an app that will do the trick. Applications like Mark Up are especiaspeciallyo cater to the needs of people who have to screenshot and paste onto different documents. The application not only saves your screengrab but also gives you the option to edit them before you save them. 

This is especially useful for ensuring the essential information that you need to save is marked and cropped correctly to increase efficiency in your lifestyle. 

So Where Do The Screenshots Get Saved?

Your screenshots are saved right into a folder on your laptop labeled ‘Screenshots’. Go t.’ your computer’s folders and click on ‘Images’ or ‘Pictures,’ and,’ ere you can find the screenshots folder. However, remember that the screenshots you only save to your clipboard- do not get saved directly into your laptop. They need to be pasted on ‘Paint’ and then saved as a file. 

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