How to spot fake AirPods Pro Packaging

How to spot fake AirPods Pro Packaging

How to spot fake AirPods Pro Packaging.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are one of the company’s most successful products. As a result, you can expect to see a bunch of new duplicates in the market. AirPods are typically expensive just like other Apple products. So, if you’re looking to buy a used or inexpensive set, you need to be cautious, otherwise, you’ll end up with AirPods knockoffs which will ruin your whole experience of using AirPods. 

How to spot fake AirPods Pro Packaging

First of all, we’ll be taking a look at how you can tell about the authenticity of the pair you bought just by its packaging. Fake or Counterfeit AirPods may look exactly the same as original ones but if you take a closer look at its packaging, you just might be able to tell the difference.

Starting with inspecting the packaging of your AirPods itself, and the simplest way to spot the difference is that Apple frequently changes the packaging design of its AirPods and so when your product arrives it might be in different packaging than the pictures you see online. 

Original AirPods will not have pixelated pictures on the package or a lower quality feel to its material and neither do they have any typos on the packaging. Either of these cases is an obvious way to tell that you are dealing with AirPods that are fake or cheap replicas.

The first thing you can do to detect the errors is to carefully read all of the text and examine each of the pictures on your AirPods box. Any mistakes, low-quality pictures, or double spaces will assist in determining that you may have counterfeit AirPods. The original AirPods have perfect outer packaging, and they may even be plastic-wrapped. 

The changes between the two AirPods may appear minor without opening them up, yet there are considerable variances between the two boxes. Fake items mostly have a washed and pixelated product image with weak contrast – this is because they are commonly photocopied reproductions of authentic things, which drastically decreases the print quality. If your box appears a bit grainy, or if pixels are extremely noticeable on text or images, your AirPods are most likely a fake copy.

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But the fact that the exterior package seems to be authentic does not imply that the AirPods inside are genuine. You may be wondering if there are fake AirPods. Open the box and look for similar typos or errors in the papers. Also, confirm that the AirPods include all of the accessories listed on Apple’s website.

If you’re looking to buy used AirPods Pro, then you might not get them in any packaging in the first place for you to determine if they are original or fake ones. There are still some minor details on the AirPods themselves on which you can take a closer look at to check if they are authentic. 

To spot the difference you can go to Apple’s website and check the 360-degree AirPods animation to compare against the AirPods you wish to purchase. If there are any differences compared to the ones on Apple’s website, such as extra vents or misaligned holes, you may be certain that you are looking at a fake or replica set.

Another way to tell the difference between original and fake AirPods is to check the insides of the casing. Apple assigns a serial number to each pair of AirPods and charging case. You can enter your AirPods’ serial number into Apple’s coverage check website,, to determine if they are genuine or counterfeit. It makes total sense because actual AirPods always have a serial number, which you can validate through Apple’s official website. 

Doing the serial number check also rules out the possibility of buying fake AirPods in a genuine casing. As you can see, a legitimate set of Apple’s AirPods has validation points on their official website. This eliminates the chances of someone switching the casing and inserting fake AirPods, which would pass 99 percent of the validity check. 

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The simplest and easiest way to spot the difference is by checking the color of the packaging like Apple’s packaging is not white but is instead blueish white, and the case opening mechanism is not as premium as Apple’s other products. Another check can be performed by placing the AirPods on a flashlight and checking if the light passes through them, if yes, then you are looking at fake or counterfeit AirPods.

One more way to check the authenticity of your AirPods is to see that when you open the case of a genuine set of AirPods, it automatically displays a connection request on any nearby iOS device to connect. A fraudulent pair of AirPods will not connect automatically, therefore you must connect manually using the Bluetooth settings menu.

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You should always look towards buying original products as fake products do not have any quality checks during their manufacturing and recently the dangers of electromagnetic radiation are being identified in an increasing number of studies. 

As a result, using counterfeit AirPods is risky since they do not comply with international safety guidelines they expose our bodies to electromagnetic frequencies, which are extremely carcinogenic.

As you can see, even the most technologically informed person might mistake this fake set of AirPods for the real thing. In terms of likeness, the manufacturers do an excellent job with their replicas as they appear and feel precisely the same. The manufacturers have even managed to clone Apple’s H1 chip, which is what allows these counterfeit AirPods to communicate with other iOS and Mac devices. 

There are an incredible number of AirPods knock-offs available, ranging from inexpensive $10 to $20 copies that may deceive someone who isn’t tech-savvy but not anybody else, to premium $80 to $100 super copies that even experienced experts will have difficulty distinguishing from the genuine thing. Even the software might be an Android-based clone rather than the genuine iOS software.

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All of the above tips and methods will aid you in determining the authenticity and originality of your AirPods Pro, so you do not get fooled when you’re out in the market looking for a pair of AirPods Pro.

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