How To Stop AirPod Pro From Falling Out? Some Easy Tips & Hacks

How To Stop AirPod Pro From Falling OutMany Apple users complain that they are annoyed because their AirPods are unfit to their ears that not only causing distress but also the issue of repeatedly falling out. This pesky issue can also damage your expensive AirPods.

How To Stop AirPod Pro From Falling Out? Some Easy Tips & Hacks

Are you also encountering the same issue? Do you have an idea of How To Stop AirPod Pro From Falling Out? Worry not! Here we have got your back and brought the most reliable solutions for you!

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How To Stop AirPod Pro From Falling Out?

Your AirPods might fall from your ears for various reasons, which is not so great. They may get damaged both from inside and outside, and you may lose your precious device and money as well.

Luckily, there are many things that you can follow to keep in your ears for a longer time and enjoy your favorite music without any break. 

Let’s check them out!

  • Insert them Properly:

When wearing improperly, the chance of slipping the AirPods from the ears is higher. AirPods and AirPods are designed with a little difference. AirPods are built with silicon tips that can go deeper into the ears without damaging ear canals. Twist the AirPod until it fits greatly into your ears. 

  • Rotate The AirPod :

Rotate the AirPods and check the best-suited position. Try to stop where you will feel the AirPod tight and secure. You may have noticed that the right position comes when the stem of the AirPod is parallel to the jawline. 

  • Try Using Upside Down:

This looks silly, but it works. Try yourself, and you will feel the difference. Many users try to flip the AirPods and use them in an upside position to keep them in place, resolving your issue

  • Clean Your Ear and AirPods:

Always try to keep your AirPods in tiptop condition because dirt in the form of oil and other particles may damage the AirPod from inside. Another thing which is so important is the cleaning of the ears. Dirt and sweating inside the ears may be the reason why AirPods keep falling out. Users stay attentive and always take care of AirPods and ears because they both are sensitive. 

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  • Add Waterproof Tape:

Buy any good quality waterproof tape from a nearby store, and take a puncher. The waterproof tape has an adhesive side and a non-sticky side. Don’t use scotch tape or any other tape as this is not a good idea and will leave sticky residue on the AirPod surface. Now take a strip of tape and insert its strip into the puncher. You need at least four circles, punch them, and keep them aside. Now take the AirPod in your hands and put each circle above and below the speakers where the AirPods contact your skin. Put the tape at the same location on both AirPods. 

Try Opting Third-Party Solutions:

How To Stop AirPods From Falling out, a question asked Apple many times, but they did not develop any solid solution. So what to do in this regard? No worries, remember nothing is impossible in this modern world. There are any third-party accessories available that will help you out. Always do proper research and read reviews before investing because these accessories do not belong to Apple. But still, they are very useful. 

  • Try Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Covers:

These are the most commonly used silicon covers that help keep the AirPods in place. These covers provide extra friction and avoid slipping. This is the cheapest option and easily affordable for all. 

  • AhaStyle Silicon Hook Protective Cover:

AhaStyle Silicon Hook Covers simply turn your normal AirPods into earphones by adding an extra ear tip. These covers can go over your AirPod and stay happy; they are available in different sizes so that users will pick the best match

  • AirPod Grips:

AirPod Grip uses a large plastic hook that will wrap around your ear. They are not so bulkier and surprisingly easy to attach and remove too. You have to put the stem of the AirPod into the hollow stem of the AirPod grip. The gripers will help keep the AirPod secure in your ears and flyways all your worries, even while running or jogging. 

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The Wrap Up:

It is a fact that nobody wants the interruption in their favorite music or call but this issue of falling out of the AirPods has made many helpless to many. Users not only bear the unnecessary call interruption but they also need to bend and pick up thor AirPods so they can restore the conversion or music. Moreover, there is also fear whether the AirPods will work or not after this serious fall. 

Well, this article includes detailed solutions on How to Stop AirPod Pro From Falling out? You can dig out the solutions and follow them to get rid of this AirPod falling out a problem.

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