How To Take Apart Shark Duoclean Vacuum?-Let’s Get An Brief Idea

The Shark DuoClean is a cutting-edge new head that has been integrated with many of the company’s current vacuums. It’s essential to remember that the Shark DuoClean isn’t a vacuum.

A Shark accessory called the DuoClean was added to several of their earlier models to create an altogether new line. If you want to clean or repair the brushes, filters, pouches, or belts in your Shark DuoClean regularly, it could be essential to take apart the machine. 

Therefore, “how to take apart shark duoclean vacuum?” Let’s acquire a detailed, step-by-step manual here.

How To Take Apart Shark Duoclean Vacuum

How To Take Apart Shark Duoclean Vacuum?

The DuoClean head is incredibly effective at removing hair from hard surfaces and carpets. While most hair is simple to extract from brushes, Persian cats’ extraordinarily fluffy and light hair might be challenging to take from the larger brush.

Some dog and cat breeds are simple to extract from the machine. If you plan to disassemble a Shark Duoclean vacuum to clean it or replace any part, try to adhere to the cleaning tips listed below.

  • Using the included tool and removing the top cover (also known as the garage) is the simplest way to get the hair out of the rollers.
  • Pushing two buttons on the left and right sides of the DuoClean will allow you to remove the top cover.
  • After the cover has been removed, the brushes are apparent. For cleaning and replacement, the bushes are readily removed from the device. 
  • The crushers and the front roller can be removed by clicking a button on the side of the head.
  • Cleaning is greatly facilitated by removing the crushers. When the cover is removed, you can see a special hair extractor at the back of the device.
  • To cut any stranded hair, the cutting tool pops out and is made to be moved up and down the groove in the roller.
  • In our experience, routine roller cleaning is an excellent idea. The hair will coil more tightly and be harder to remove if you leave them too long.
  • If you put off the removal process for too long, you will have to lift the hair out of the rollers with the Shark tool before cutting the hair strands with scissors.
  • The hair removal device also comes with a bristle brush to clean the canals surrounding the vacuum head’s base and the teeth next to the soft roller on the front of the device.

Parts Of A Shark DuoClean

A dual-brush roll system called Shark DuoClean innovation is intended to thoroughly clean carpets and interact with floors. When you separate the pod with Powered Lift-Away, the motorized brush roll keeps spinning for effective cleaning and a more extended reach under furniture, upstairs, and other places.

How To Take Apart Shark Duoclean Vacuum? is right now’s most frequently asked question. You might need to be familiar with the components of this machine in order to disassemble it. Let’s look at this.

  • Duo Clean Head

Unlike earlier models, the DuoClean vacuum features two rollers incorporated into the head.

The unit’s soft front brush is placed at the front and made to pick up both tiny dust and larger pieces of dirt.

The purpose of the wider nylon brush is to stir up any debris still in the area you are cleaning, which will help the suction. The front meeting does a fantastic job of collecting the finer dust frequently missed by many other vacuum cleaners when cleaning hard floor coverings. 

The suction power does not drive the rotation of the rollers. The DuoClean head’s gears directly go to the brushes, while a switch on the primary vacuum cleaner controls their speed electronically.

While you’re working, the brushing movement is quite helpful in moving the vacuum cleaner unit along. In addition, it offers resistance when you pull the head backwards. For additional information about Shark Duoclean’s other components, keep reading the article.

  • Edge Cleaners And Flick Stoppers

Shark has added small “guards” and “brushes” around the edge that offer two purposes because the head is made to perform on hard surfaces. The trash is thrown by the rotating roller brushes toward the central suction at the end of the cleaning head.

The perimeter of the guard brushes prevents particles from entering behind the head of the vacuum cleaner. The side brushes’ additional purpose is to reach baseboards and edges up close. They are pretty good at doing this. You will observe a plastic space between the main rollers and the side brush on one side.

The cogs that operate the brushes are concealed in this area. The cleaning head could perform better when you lean this edge against the wall. The second side brush, situated near the rollers, does a fantastic job of collecting dust and debris from borders.


How to take apart Shark Duoclean Vacuum?– press the buttons available on the left and right side of the vacuum to remove the head cover. After removing it, the machine becomes easy to disassemble by hand. Pushing a lever on the head’s left side will allow you to remove the front brush roller and crushers.

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