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How to Turn off Blink Camera Without App

Blink is a versatile camera that not only allows you to protect your residential or commercial properties but allows you to do different settings with or without the app, you can arm or disarm or even stop blinking with or without the app.

If you do not have access to the app when it’s unresponsive or you have forgotten the login and password but want to control the Blink camera without the the app, you can do it.

To turn off the Blink camera without the app, make sure that you have configured the camera with voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa or Google home with the help of IFTTT, or you have set Time zone schedules for the camera to stop working and start working on desired time spots.

When you want to turn off the Blink camera, that means you want to disarm it, or in simple words, you want the camera to do nothing for a certain period until you arm it again to detect motion and send you alert notifications along with video clips and footage it has recorded.

How to Turn off Blink Camera Without App

How to stop the blinking camera from recording

Blink cameras are affordable and reliable for home security, but many people can still sneak past Blink cameras even if the camera is active without stopping it. The most common approach that invaders use is by levelling against the wall on which the camera is placed, escaping from the field of view of the camera, but some people try stopping the blinking the camera by jamming, hacking and a handful of other notoriously unethical methods.

Blink cameras have two types of sensors on them to detect trespassing, and privacy invasion, which is Pixel further analysis and Passive Infrared sensors both of these sensors are advanced enough to detect the smallest to most significant movement without any error,. Still, sometimes, few environmental factors can stop these cameras from recording like heat from the glass facing the camera can create hurdles for motion detection to work correctly.

Jamming makes the camera lose signals, that people do by cutting off the power, so the cable is removed or unplugged. That works in favour of wireless cameras as there is no wire to be plucked out. Similarly, blocking signals can also create a security vacuum by creating a blockage between the control panel and the wireless camera to prevent calls from crossing. These signals are released from robust equipment and high frequency to interfere with the transmission. Finally, jamming is done by the de-authentication attack in which the hacker hacks the internet modem and all the connected devices.

Similarly, hackers can try different methods like local hacking to spoof a network and block the entire network with the help of a jammer to breach security,. Still, for that, the hacker is supposed to be in the proximity of the wireless network.

Remote hacking allows hackers to change camera settings and take control over the device using credential surfing by breaching the gaps if there is a security gap like lateral access available. With this approach, Hackers can even access Alexa and intelligent door locks.

Blink cameras show blue light when actively recording motion detection, but if you want, you can arm or disarm one or a particular camera from the entire network of cameras through the Sync Hub.


Can I temporarily disable the Blink camera?

Yes, you can disable Blink camera temporarily, and for that, you can disarm it manually or use the Alexa voice commands or time schedules.

Are Blink cameras always on?

If you mean armed, it’s in your control how long you want the camera to be armed or disarmed. You can manually arm or disarm it or set time schedules for it to turn on and off for motion detection recording.

What happens when the Blink camera goes offline?

When Blinks camera goes offline, your privacy is at risk of being compromised, and you won’t be able to see particular areas of your home as the camera won’t be recording actively.

How long does Blink camera stay on?

Blink camera stays on until the battery is discharged, but that doesn’t mean Blink is recording because it will only register if you have set it to register the movements.

Does Blink still record without a subscription?

Blink can record motion-activated movements without subscription, but with subscription, you get online storage, live feed view, and much more.

How long do videos stay on Blink’s camera?

Blink doesn’t record and keeps videos to itself unless its storage is a USB. So if you are a subscriber, your storage will be on the cloud server, and there, the video will remain for 60 days, and then the new videos will overwrite older videos.

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