How To Turn On AirPlay On Mac?

The wireless and proprietary streaming technology of Apple AirPlay allows the transmission of video and audio content from one compatible device to another. But you must know how to turn on AirPlay on a Mac for this. 

AirPlay will only work with devices with built-in features such as Apple hardware like macOS, iOS, Apple TV, and other items. The feature is valuable because AirPlay lets users stream anything on their big screen from an Apple device. 

Utilizing AirPlay, one can broadcast photos, music, and videos while also mirroring the entire screen of their device to share the content or make the presentations appear bigger on a larger display. It is also worth noting that the methodology for turning on AirPlay on Mac varies per the model you have.  

How To Turn On AirPlay On Mac?

The focal point of the article’s discussion will revolve around where the MacBook’s AirPlay is and how to turn on AirPlay on Mac. Enabling AirPlay will permit you to extend or duplicate your Mac’s narrow workspace to a receiver that is compatible with the display. How To Turn On AirPlay On Mac

However, the step-by-step procedure for turning on AirPlay on Mac will vary depending on the version of your device. 

In your Mac, visit the system preferences, open the option for display, and check the box in the menu bar next to the screen mirroring option. When the option becomes available, you will be able to turn on AirPlay on your Mac quickly. 

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You can follow the steps further in this article to connect a device to a Mac through AirPlay for the screen to be shared. 

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AirPlay On Big Sur (macOS 11): 

In the Mac’s menu bar, open the control center and click the screen mirroring option. You can also choose how you want your display to be received by the TV by selecting a separate display or mirroring on both the receiving and transmitting screen. 

AirPlay On Catalina (macOS 10.5 and below): 

AirPlay icon will be available in the menu bar of your Mac, from where you would have to select the receiving display out of all the options that are presented to you. Choose the screen of your TV and to which you want to view Mac’s content.

Similar to macOS 11, even on macOS 10.5 or its previous versions, you can decide the viewing of the Mac’s screen on the receiving device. 

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Troubleshooting AirPlay Issues On Mac:

A common trouble that most users face despite having their AirPlay on Mac turned on is connecting the device’s screen to their TV or sharing audio to a speaker from Mac. 

Below are our suggested ways through which you can easily troubleshoot AirPlay issues on a Mac. 


It is important to ensure that the device you want to share content through AirPlay is compatible with streaming, meaning it supports AirPlay.

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Supposedly, if you do not have an Apple TV, then in that case, inquire the TV’s manufacturer to look for information about whether the TV is AirPlay compatible. Certain products might have their packaging labeled with “Works with AirPlay” when, in actuality, the case may differ. 

Move, Restart, & Update Mac:

Troubleshoot the AirPlay issue on Mac by moving it to a range of proximity of the device you are trying to connect it with and stream content on. Also, restart both devices (Mac and the other device) to clear out any bugs or glitches that may constitute a hindrance. 

Alternatively, the operating system of macOS may be outdated, so if there is an update for the system, it is necessary to install it to resolve the AirPlay issue. 

Wi-fi connection: 

A pre-requisite for a seamless AirPlay connection between two devices is to connect both devices to the same network. Check to see whether the internet-providing modem from which the Mac and the TV are getting its connection is the same, and if otherwise, then immediately shift networks to a single Wi-Fi router. 


Rest assured, the procedure is very straightforward for an individual attempting how to turn on AirPlay on a Mac. It will not take up much time or demand you to be tech-savvy. Rather, being aware of navigating through Mac will suffice.

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