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How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

Laptops and computers can get out of order anytime, sometimes the battery isn’t working, sometimes the motherboard is faulty, and sometimes the power button is not working properly.

You can learn about starting a computer without a power button in case your laptop’s power button is broken.

This article sheds light on the solutions to the problem when the power button stops working because it gets difficult to turn on/off the laptop without a power button. Well, there are other methods available that you can use to turn on your laptop but that’s not going to be easy.

From trying different external methods to taking your laptop apart, which many people are not comfortable with, we will look at different possible options of how to turn on your laptop and you will surely find at least one easiest way to turn the laptop on.

How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

Before you try these methods, just make sure that the laptop is not turning on after several tappings and that will be a confirmation that that is the hardware fault of the button. A simple approach can be to remove the casing of the laptop and access the power circuit and ribbon cables to see if there is not an issue with the circuit, or sometimes the power button can be wholly broken as well.

Our potential methods which you can use to turn your laptop back on include using an external keyboard for Windows, or enabling Wake-on LAN for Windows, Mac owners can enter clamshell mode and use an external keyboard to fit the problem.

Note: A possible scenario can be that sometimes the battery can be dead, so proceed with caution, always connect a screwdriver with pins. Turning on the laptop, 

Take your laptop apart and access the motherboard, the power button is where two connections meet, press them together, complete the circuit so the motherboard will turn on, find the two connections that would typically press together and it should turn on the laptop.

Won’t be comfortable taking your laptop apart, look for ways you might be able to turn your laptop on without the power button, 

Each laptop may have different power button positions, so look where the power button is externally on your laptop, 

Alternative methods to turn your laptop on, if you have a laptop without a power button working, these solutions are for you,

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Use an external keyboard

Set the external keyboard up with your laptop to get the solution to your problem of turning a laptop on without a working power button.

An external keyboard will typically have a power button, just connect the keyboard with the laptop via Bluetooth, 

For a windows laptop, you need to have a keyboard with the ability to do this via security settings.

There is a setting available in laptops where you can set a key from your keyboard to use as the power button to turn on the laptop. Most of the time, it is disabled by default but it is a preventive measure that use should have taken already before the power button go out of order.

Most systems, laptops, or computers have the option to turn on the keyboard, turn it on from BIOS, make sure this is enabled before you run into a power button issue. It can be a backup to turn your system on, to help you avoid the frustration of turning on the laptop.

Step-1: Access BIOS setting interface during the startup by pressing special keys, DEL, F2, F10, F12. 

Step-2: Go to Power management, Power on by Keyboard, make the changes, and set the key for yourself, which you can use to later turn on your laptop, save and exit, 

Step-3: Shut down your system to check if that’s properly configured, press the key you set in BIOS, it should 

Step-4: Power on without pressing the power button, works good with HP, Dell, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo laptops, 

How to turn on a laptop using the Clock battery method

The laptop is not working and you have urgent work to finish, you can use the clock battery method to turn your laptop on.

1- First, disconnect The battery cable from the motherboard

2- Disconnect the clock battery from the motherboard

The laptop won’t have any power, any other power source can turn on the laptop, after than reattach the battery.

How to enable Wake on LAN option in BIOS

If your system is on, follow the steps to enable the option

1- Settings, start menu

2- Update and security

3-Option recovery

4-Restart Now and advanced setup


6-Advanced option

7-Power management or ACPI management 

8-Power LAN or Wake on LAN

9-Use a + or – key to enabling this, select a preferred key for turning on your laptop or computer

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10- Save and exit using F10

How to configure the Network Card

  1. Go to the start menu and type device manager in the search box
  2. A menu will be opened; look out for the Network Adaptor option there
  3. Right Click on it select the properties
  4. Go to power management
  5. check the box “Allow this device to wake the computer.
  6. Go to the start menu and type device manager in the search box
  7. A menu will be opened to look for network

Turn on when you open the lid

Rather than pressing the power button to turn on the laptop. You can play with the settings while opening the lid of your laptop to turn on the laptop.

The solution relies on your already having the laptop turned on in the first place, if your power button is broken but opening the lid can help you reach certain settings like keyboard method or wake-LAN method.

Get your power button fixed

Get the power button fixed on your laptop because that’s not expensive and it is pretty cheap. So, fix the clips that hold the button in place which sometimes the button isn’t working properly because of the worn down over time or may have broken. It depends on the laptop you are using because once taken apart, you can fix keyboard keys as well or check the computer fan or battery settings if are facing issues.

How does a power button work?

You should know how a power button actually works as it can help you to turn on the laptop without the power button works. It helps you understand circuits on the motherboard of your laptop and pressing the power button initiates the connection between two points of the circuit. So, this can be the reason why your laptop isn’t working.

How to install a new power button on a laptop

Install a new one and get rid of the faulty switch

  1. Take out the battery or any power source from your laptop
  2. Remove the hard drive and Ram
  3. Remove the keyboard frame
  4. Remove the Top frame and look for the Power Button
  5. Swap the old switch with a new One
  6. Reassemble the laptop

What does it mean if your laptop won’t turn on

Sometimes the laptop doesn’t turn on when plugged in because of the faulty power supply, RAM, motherboard, GPU, sometimes the laptop only running on a battery so make sure to check the power connection as well.

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How to turn on the HP laptop without pressing the power button

  • Locate the port in the motherboard near the power button,
  • Disconnect power button
  • Connect the pins using a conductor
  • Done correctly, will start up the laptop


Power button not working is a pretty common problem but we have listed in this article short term solutions as well as long term fixes to help you get your laptop turned on in no time.

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