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How to use HDMI Input on PC?

How to use HDMI Input on PC

Meta Description: In today’s article, we have highlighted everything you need to know about HDMI and how to use HDMI input on a PC.

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First, you should know that your laptop has HDMI input, and then you can use it.

How to use HDMI Input on PC?

HDMI ports are very widely used nowadays and it is a great way for networking and different kinds of IT-related connectivity. Mostly used to transmit digital signals to build a connection between a computer and HDTV for gaming or multimedia viewing purposes. On the backside of these computing devices, there is a connection point for the cable, which is a distinctive six-sided plug with every plug having 19 steel connector pins.

Note: These pins transmit high-definition video signals and are capable of transmitting up to eight digital audio channels.

It is a great alternative to the old adapters and old wire system which was not that compatible and suitable to the newly designed HDMI cable system, its operation is a major leap in this sector.

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What is an HDMI?

HDMI represents High-Definition Multimedia Interface and is the most habitually utilized for transmitting video and audio signals. High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an exclusive audio/video interface standard for communicating uncompressed video information and packed or uncompressed digital sound information from an HDMI source.

Many people use HDMI by connecting their laptop to the television for entertainment purposes mainly since it transmits high-quality videos. Gaming consoles also work through HDMI ports, so it plays a big role these days. 

Benefits of HDMI – A multi-featured port

There are many advantages of HDMI like for instance; transmission of data from one device to another, transmits both audio and videos, plays 4k videos, sends heavy videos, and has an outstanding encrypted system. 

There is absolutely no need to worry about a data breach, it can display RGB colors, produce vibrant colors and pictures. It is very compatible with interfaces, formats, and adapters hence, provides safe data transfer and you will not have to worry about video wires tangling and confusion related to wire connection because it is very safe and simple.

Basic types of HDMI cables or connectivity

There are 5 types of HDMI cables:

  1. HDMI Standard 

This is the most common type of HDMI cable. It can only provide a resolution of 720p or 1080p.

  1. HDMI Ethernet

This kind is for the internet supply and is compatible with 100MBps networks.

  1. HDMI High Speed 

This is an advanced HDMI cable that is compatible with more bandwidth, high-end resolution compatibility and also supports 3D image, 

  1. HDMI High-Speed Ethernet

This one is the same as ethernet i.e., has compatibility with 100MBps networks.

  1. HDMI Ultra High Speed 

This is the most advanced HDMI cable used by the HDMI 2.1, which supports 8K and up to 10K.

How to use HDMI Input on PC?

  • Step 1 

Insert the plug on one end and the HDMI output port on the back of the PC’s CPU then, turn the wider end of the plug upward.

  • Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable to another audio/video device with an HDMI Input port like an HDTV

  • Step 3 

Turn on the computer and wait for the “New Hardware Detected” notification, after that, double-click “Display Settings” in the computer’s control panel to switch the display output to HDTV. 

Now, Click the “Advanced” tab under display settings, it will allow you to adjust the resolution from the computer in a way that it adjusts to HDTV resolution as well. 

Genuinely take a look at the HDTV owner’s manual to determine the resolution for that specific model. 

  • Step 4

Click “Save Settings”, turn on the Internet connection, and then use the computer in order to transmit Web content to HDTV. Enjoy the computer’s DVD or Blu-ray player to enjoy movies with digital sound.


Is it possible to use the PC’s HDMI port as an input?

No, mostly it is not possible to get HDMI input on a laptop until and unless it needs to have a separate HDMI port labelled as HDMI-in or something like that which is also quite rare. You can’t convert your PC’s HDMI input to output, the alternative is to get game capture devices to receive signals.

Does a PC have any HDMI input? 

Yes, it can be found on modern TV sets. Many new PCs also have this feature built-in in them, they just include an HDMI output. 

If your PC lacks it, you can connect with an adapter or by utilizing a VGA-to-HDMI converter.

Can we use a USB port for video input? 

Most PCs have USB 2.0 or 3.0, it is not recommended to run a video with only 2.0 as bandwidth will not be very smooth with USB 2.0 but it will run MS PowerPoint and other basic applications very smoothly whereas USB 3.0 supports both compressed and uncompressed video

Is it possible to convert USB to HDMI?

USB to HDMI Converter is an application that can convert USB to HDMI, you can run any HDMI device with that. USB to HDMI Adapter is getting old these days and the easier way is to use USB3.0.

USB 3.0 to HDMI cables can work, and, at times, they’re more helpful than adapters since you needn’t bother with an extra HDMI link. The issue is USB to HDMI cables are not as famous as adapters, and they’re somewhat bulkier.

What is the ultimate best USB to HDMI adapter? 

Most USB-to-HDMI converters will uphold a scope of common output resolutions up to the 1080p goal. Why Mini deck 3.0 HDMI is magnificent: The Minideck 3.0 backings full HD up to 1080p for HDTVs, yet it additionally upholds higher resolution up to 2048 x 1152 for PC screens.


Technology is moving very fast; we must keep up with it in order to make the most out of the technological advancements that are taking place in the world. It is a very convenient way to use HDMI cables which are also very easily and widely available in the market. 

The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and console gaming is one of the most popular ones if not the most popular one and the HDMI cable support is the backbone of console gaming. That speaks enough about how important HDMI cables are in our lives these days.

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