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How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console

How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console?Who doesn’t like the power and features of PS4, especially the gaming fans? The best console for gaming around is the PS4 and the Xbox one is the second and playing games on the PS4 is fun. The high-resolution gameplay allows you to get immersive for hours because there are hundreds of gaming options that you have to choose from. A common type of games are action games, strategic games, and rampage games, where you kill zombies. All in all, PS4 is a fun PlayStation for gaming.

How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console?

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How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console

Sometimes, there are scenarios where you don’t have a screen available to play PS4 games because your brother or sister is watching movies on it, or even sometimes the TV is out of order. For such a situation, you can get curious about how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS4. The answer is that you can use a laptop as a screen for PS4 to continue your activities without worrying about the TV ever again.

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Other than that, sometimes your monitor isn’t in condition to play games or simply you don’t have a monitor for PS4 games, then the best alternative is to use the laptop as a monitor for PlayStation.

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How to use Laptop as Monitor for Sony PS4

Using your laptop as a monitor for Sony PS4 is explained below and don’t just think of this process as connecting an HDMi cable from the console to the laptop. 

Let’s follow these steps regarding connecting the gaming console to the laptop. Before that, you should ask if it is even possible to make such a connection? Well, the answer is Yes, but the process is slightly complex. So, let’s get ready to make the connection of the console with your laptop.

First, get a laptop-compatible for video input to play PS4 games, because not every laptop has the options available.

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