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How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console

How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console?Who doesn’t like the power and features of PS4, especially the gaming fans? The best console for gaming around is the PS4 and the Xbox one is the second and playing games on the PS4 is fun. The high-resolution gameplay allows you to get immersive for hours because there are hundreds of gaming options that you have to choose from. A common type of games are action games, strategic games, and rampage games, where you kill zombies. All in all, PS4 is a fun PlayStation for gaming.

How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console?

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How to Use Laptop as The Monitor for PS4 Gaming Console

Sometimes, there are scenarios where you don’t have a screen available to play PS4 games because your brother or sister is watching movies on it, or even sometimes the TV is out of order. For such a situation, you can get curious about how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS4. The answer is that you can use a laptop as a screen for PS4 to continue your activities without worrying about the TV ever again.

Other than that, sometimes your monitor isn’t in condition to play games or simply you don’t have a monitor for PS4 games, then the best alternative is to use the laptop as a monitor for PlayStation.

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How to use Laptop as Monitor for Sony PS4

Using your laptop as a monitor for Sony PS4 is explained below and don’t just think of this process as connecting an HDMi cable from the console to the laptop. 

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Let’s follow these steps regarding connecting the gaming console to the laptop. Before that, you should ask if it is even possible to make such a connection? Well, the answer is Yes, but the process is slightly complex. So, let’s get ready to make the connection of the console with your laptop.

First, get a laptop-compatible for video input to play PS4 games, because not every laptop has the options available.

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In this modern world, passionate gamers are using PlayStations for their game enthusiasts. PlayStations 4 become a well-known technology specially designed for gamers. As we know about using PS4, you can experience a high response and refresh rate while playing games. The purpose of writing this article is to enable your laptop as a monitor for PS4. Is this looking complicated to you? Don’t worry learners I’m giving you the best easy methods with honest recommendations

Do I Have To Use My Laptop As A Monitor?

Yes, sometimes we can’t move our ultra-wide gaming monitor from one place to another repetitively. The simple solution is that you can use any laptop, even your old eating dust laptop as a monitor. You just have to follow some instructions which are given in this article. Don’t skip any paragraph, read this article more carefully so you can get a definite way of using a laptop as a monitor. Let’s get started:

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4 Gaming Console?

Here is the main question, how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS4? Before discussing below mentioned quick and easy method. We have to know about a couple of compulsory things used in these methods. Following are three things which you have to consider for connectivity:

  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote Play 
  • Capture card
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With the help of these things you spent some leisure time playing your favorite games on the laptop. Without wasting time let’s jump on the following precise guide:

How To Use The Laptop As A Monitor By Using Capture Card?

Streaming videos and more efficient working on a laptop requires capture cards. This method is easy you just have to make a connection between some cables of the laptop to capture card. Following are some important steps for laptop connectivity:

  • Every capture card demands installation software that comes with it. Firstly, connect the USB-A cable to the laptop and install that require software. 
  • Go into the PS4 menu setting and allow the file sharing option. So, PS4 easily searches out your laptop and connects automatically.
  • Then fix the HDMI input cable of the capture card with the HDMI output cable of the PS4. Now, your laptop becomes able to play PS4 by using a capture card

Note: All sorts of capture cards are available on the market. Try to choose the capture card more carefully, because all cards don’t give you a sharp display. 

How To Use The Laptop As A Monitor By Using The Remote Play Application?

This is another quick and easiest method for using your laptop as a monitor. You just have to download this application manufactured by Sony. Further, you just have to set up things like a PS4 console, a stable internet connection, and must have a PS4 account. If you have set all these things then comes down to learning the next procedure:

  • Download the application and install it on your laptop.
  • After installation, Turn on the PS4 console
  • Click on the PlayStation 4 ‘Account setting’. 
  • Set your account to act as ‘Active as primary’. 
  • Then click on ‘Enabling turning on PS4 network’.
  • Now, sign-in in application with the same ID which you used in PS4
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Note: There are some pros but many cons of this app. For instance, you can’t listen to songs on Spotify while using this app. Further, it makes your laptop unable to some games which you want to play. Moreover, you can’t broadcast your display for your gameplay.


As I have mentioned the more quick and easiest method of laptop converting as the monitor. So, you can choose your own desired method. Still, looking for my recommendations? As you see there are many restrictions on using applications. So, I would like to suggest you use capture cards. You all have to opt for those capture cards which give you a vibrant and sharp display.

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