How To Use Tesla Key Card

Are you going to use a Tesla key card for the first time? Do you wonder How To Use Tesla Key Cards? We are here to explain the ways – decipher them!

Compared to the Tesla key, Tesla cards are far more accessible and economical because they are waterproof, durable, and do not require a battery to operate.

Moreover, these cards are cheap to buy, revoke, and replace if you miss them somewhere or are stolen. The purpose of the key card is the same as the key, but it needs some different ways to operate. 

If you wonder about How To Use Tesla Key Cards, you can dig deep into this article – here, we have detailed steps for you, but before that, you can explore more about Tesla Key cards as it will help you determine how precious it is.

How To Use Tesla Key Card

Is A Tesla Key Card Worthier:  Yes Or No

Tesla delivers its different models of cars with two key cards and one key fob. Besides these two great keys, users can also use the phone key to lock or unlock their vehicles. 

The key card is an excellent alternative to traditional keys. Although phone keys and key fobs have their uses, many car owners prefer to use the key card because it is easy to use, store and replace. 

Another thing about key cards making them extremely special is that they are waterproof, durable, and do not need a battery to function fully. Along with this, they are easy to replace when you lose them. 

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The key card only gets damaged when someone tries to bend it with extreme force. So be very careful while keeping the key card; better to keep one in the wallet and the other at home. We love to mention that the Tesla key card is compatible with models Y, S, X, and all vehicles of Model 3. 

How to Use Tesla key Card: Some Straightforward Ways

Tesla car owners can use the key card to lock or unlock the car. But if you don’t know How to use a Tesla key Card, no worries, follow these steps to unlock Tesla model Y, S, Model 3, or X. 

  • Walk towards the driver’s door of the car.
  • Take the key card out of the purse, pocket, or wallet
  • Place it flat on B-Pillars, a center space between entries, and slightly lower than the camera.
  • When the car light blinks, it means the doors are unlocked. 

Car wonders can follow the same procedure to lock the car. Always keep the vehicle locked and stay safe from stealers. 

What To Do For Adding A New Key Card?

Remember that car owners need to have an existing key card if they want to pair a new key card to the car. 

You can follow the following steps to add a new card. 

  • Sit inside the car
  • Move to touchscreen and open the car menu
  • Tap on the Locks section
  • Press the button to add a new card. 
  • Follow the screen’s instructions and set up a new card. 
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Note: The instructions may vary in different models of Tesla, but mostly all the cars have more or less the same procedure. 

Can Tesla Owners Remove the Card In Case They Lost it?

Most Tesla Car owners have more than one card in their wallets, such as visiting cards, debit and credit cards, and key cards. Due to negligence, sometimes, Tesla key cards fall and get lost. In this situation, remove it immediately from the car, so no one else gets access to the vehicle. 

Let’s identify how you can make it done;

  • Sit in the car and move to the touch screen
  • Open the car menu 
  • Move to the locks section
  • Tap the trash icon next to the keycard you want to remove. 

As simple as you wish, firstly remove the card and go to the Tesla customer service center to get a replacement. The replacement is not easy; car owners must pass numerous security checks. 

The Bottom Line

Every Tesla owner knows the importance of the Tesla key card as it makes car locking and unlocking easier. But to get a real benefit of the card, you must have an idea of How To Use Tesla Key Cards.

In addition, you must also determine how to install and remove the Tesla key card – to unfold these courses; you can explore this article.

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