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How wide is a 27 inch monitor? Dimensions

How wide is a 27 inch monitor

In general, the 27-inch monitor range between 24″ -25″ wide and 14″ -18″ tall according to the height measurement. But the overall measurement of the monitor doesn’t include other factors like resolution or refresh rates etc. It only involves the size of the actual screen. But, size may vary for a curved screen.

27 inch Monitor Dimensions

So, how big is a 27-inch monitor? Though the 27-inch monitor may sound to be a big monitor, it is only 23.54 inches wide with a 16:9 aspect resolution without bezels. 

Monitor screen measurement

Best 27-inch Monitors

These are some of the best 27-inch monitors for you.


Why aren’t 27-inch monitors 27-inch?

It is all about the measurement, and they are measured diagonally. Therefore, when you are measuring the size of the monitor, don’t measure from top to bottom or left to right. Instead, measure from one top corner to the diagonal bottom corner. You will measure like this if you have a curved screen or a widescreen. Similarly, you will use the same measurement method across TVs, projectors, and other computer monitors regardless of the aspect ratio.

Why would you find out how big your monitor is?

The prime reason to find how big your monitor is the budgeting space for your desk is that a smaller or bigger screen will decide how much space you are left with after placing your monitor on the desk. The bigger size monitor will eliminate the free space on your desk. Similarly, some people tend to use two monitors, and therefore, they should make proper measurements with tape to adjust dual monitors side by side on the same table. 

Suppose you get a pair of monitors, each of 27-inch monitors, then the space they will take on the desk will be 48″ -50″.

The other thing is to reduce head movement and align the monitors at a specific angle. For example, keep one monitor straight in front of you, and your face will be facing the monitor straight, and the extended monitor on the side should be angled towards you.


Bezel plays a vital role in the measurement of the monitor. It is available on all four sides of the monitor, and some monitors have a more comprehensive or pronounced bezel, while others have thin or slim bezels. A smaller bezel resents the smaller size of the monitor, and the broader or larger bezel represents the bigger footprint of the monitor on your desk. 

On the other side, TVs have sleek bezels, and without any doubt, thinner bezels are more attractive. There are no borderless monitors as bezels also act as a safety option for the monitor in case of drops.

So, keep in mind that widescreen monitors are not always the same size as advertised, and many models are usually similar in size. Therefore, you should confirm the actual size before buying. Similarly, you can count other factors like the size, bezel, weight, and anything involved in the size of the monitor. These measurements will allow you to choose the perfect size monitor for your desk.

27-inch may not be ultrawide but sufficiently big enough to enjoy games and movies. But, you should know that fact that how big is the twenty-seven-inch monitor. Let’s get the estimate of its dimensions. The 27-inch monitor sounds like a big monitor, but the actual size is only 23.54 inches wide and has a 16:9 aspect ratio without measuring the bezels.

Name of 27 inch MonitorWidth
1. AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor24.1 inches
2. SAMSUNG M5 Series 27-Inch FHD 1080p24.2 inches
3.Sceptre IPS 27-Inch Business Computer Monitor 1080p 75Hz24.12 inches

Data Source: from Amazon

How wide is a 27-inch Monitor? Let’s find out…

How wide is a 27-inch monitor?

A 27-inch monitor isn’t meant to be 27-inches comprehensive; in fact, the Lt’s is explained about the height, width, and thickness isn’t screen. For instance, a 27-inch monitor can be found in varying dimensions like 21.22 x 25.25 x 8.03 inches or the 24.1 x 1.8 x 14.3 inches. 

The size of the monitor is the distance from the top diagonal to the bottom corner diagonal that calculates to 27 inches. You can do that either with measurement tape, cardboard, chart paper, or even a washable wall.

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the computer monitor and the common aspect ratio in monitors is 16:9 and some monitors have 21:9 as well.

Compared with other variants like 21-inch or 24-inch, the 27-inch monitor is considerably bigger in size and it can also be used to split-screen for different types of applications to work in a horizontal direction rather than spending money on a dual monitor setup.

Some of the best 27-Inch Monitors are given below.

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Are all 27-inch monitors the same size?

It varies from brand to brand but overall, they are almost similar in size.

Is 1080p Good for the 27-inch monitor?

A 27-inch monitor with 1080p resolution will give you the best resolution and if your work is graphics-based or gaming, then there will be a slight lack of clarity which only a 27-inch 4k display can give. But regarding the size, the 27-inch monitor is big enough.

In a nutshell, the 27-inch monitor is a perfect size monitor for daily work and gaming and if you are shifting from a 21-inch monitor to a bigger 27-inch monitor, then you will enjoy the results.

I hope you will be able to make a better decision for your workspace by choosing a great monitor.

What are the dimensions of a 27 monitor?

The scene is, different manufacturers offer different dimensions for a 27-inch monitor. For example, the 27-inch Dell P2714H comes in the dimensions of 21.22 x 25.25 x 8.03 inches, whereas the Dell 27 backlit SE2719H comes in 24.1 x 1.8 x 14.3 inches. 

How wide is a 27 TV?

A 27 inch TV is usually 13.2 inches in height and some 23.5 inches in width. 

Are 27 inches big enough?

The definition of “Big Enough” exclusively depends on the customer’s personal choices and requirements. For casual use, usu “lly a 22-i “ch is good enough, but if you like to view more extensive and more clearer, 27-inch is an attractive choice which indeed is big but not way too large. 

How wide is a 28-inch monitor?

Without the mounting structure and other stuff, the 28-inches screen is about 25.3 inches wide.  

If you need an answer to these questions, this is the article for you.

  • 27-inch monitor dimensions in mm
  • how big is a 27-inch monitor
  • what is my screen size in inches

This Article is Updated.


Viewable image area (diagonal)
68.58 cm (27.0 in) widescreen
Panel active area (W x H)
59.77 x 33.63 cm (23.53 x 13.24 in)

1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz


The video card of the connected PC must be capable of supporting 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz.
Aspect ratio
Viewing angle
Up to 178° horizontal/178° vertical
250 cd/m²
Contrast ratio (typical)¹
1000:1 static
5,000,000:1 dynamic (DCR)
Response times (typical)¹
Gray to gray: 5 ms
Pixel pitch
0.3114 (H) x 0.3114 (V) mm
Pixels per inch (PPI)
81.58 PPI
Default color temperature
Backlight lamp life (to half brightness)
30,000 hours minimum
Color gamut (typical)¹
72% sRGB
Color support
Displays up to 16.7 million colors


¹Actual performance varies.

User controls

Buttons or switches
Minus (–)
Plus (+)
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
On-screen display (OSD) user controls
Brightness, Contrast, Color Control, Input Control, Image Control, Power Control, Menu Control, Management, Language, Information

Signal interface/performance

Horizontal frequency
30 to 80 kHz
Vertical frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Native resolution
1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Preset graphic modes (non-interlaced)
640 x 480 at 60 Hz
720 x 400 at 70 Hz
800 x 600 at 60 Hz
1024 x 768 at 60 Hz
1280 x 720 at 60 Hz
1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz
1440 x 900 at 60 Hz
1600 x 900 at 60 Hz
1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Pixel clock
170 MHz

Video/other inputs

Plug and play
Input connectors
(1) VGA
(1) HDMI (with HDCP)
Video cables included
(1) VGA cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft)


Power supply
Input power
100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum power
27 W
Typical power
21 W
Sleep power
0.5 W
Power cable length
1.9 m (6.23 ft)

Physical specifications

Dimensions (W × D × H)
With stand
62.20 x 15.19 x 45.16 cm (24.49 x 5.98 x 17.78 in)
Head only
62.20 x 36.60 x 37.19 cm (24.49 x 14.41 x 14.64 in)
71.98 x 13.11 x 48.01 cm (28.34 x 5.16 x 18.9 in)
With stand
4.40 kg (9.70 lbs)
Head only
3.88 kg (8.55 lbs)
6.60 kg (14.55 lbs)
Tilt range
-5° to 17° vertical
Security lock ready


Operating: 5° to 35° C (41° to 95° F)
Non-operating: –20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Operating: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Non-operating: 5% to 95%
Operating: 0 to 5,000 m (0 to 16,404.2 ft)
Non-operating: 0 to 12,192 m (0 to 40,000 ft)
White LED backlights
CCFL panel
Arsenic-free display glass
Low halogen
Mercury-free display backlighting
Eco-label certifications & declarations
China Energy Label: Grade 1
EPEAT: Silver

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