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Hp Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Window 10

Hp Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Window 10

Do you have a problem with wifi Internet connectivity on your HP laptop? Does it continually disconnect? No worries! Read this article carefully.

HP is a well-known electronics manufacturer that provides a wide range of products. Laptops are the main reason why they’re so popular. Because their laptops are recognized to be long-lasting and cost-effective, the public has a favorable view of them.

Have you ever wondered why your wireless connection keeps dropping and dropping? You’re not alone if your laptop keeps disconnecting from your wifi network. When laptops are linked to a wireless network, many customers claim that their Internet connection regularly fails.

This is quite aggravating. The fact that you can’t connect your laptop to wifi is quite inconvenient. But don’t worry; the problem can be resolved.

So, why Hp Laptop Keeps Losing wifi Connection to Windows 10? Let’s find out…

Hp Laptop Keeps Losing wifi Connection Window 10

To resolve any transient issue that may be causing the wifi to disconnect, restart the router, modem, and laptop before implementing any fixes. For a short period, deactivate any third-party security software (antivirus) that may be preventing the connection.


  • From the taskbar’s bottom-right corner, choose the wifi icon (button).
  • This displays a list of accessible wifi networks in your region.
  • Right-click on the wireless network to which you are connected and select Forget.
  • Restart your PC, including network equipment (router, modem), and use the security key to rejoin your wifi network.

Execute the Network Troubleshooter

  • Find and solve problems with your internet and network connections by using an automated troubleshooter.
  • To access the settings, use the Windows key + I.
  • Then go to Network troubleshooter by clicking on Network & Internet.
  • Opens a new window for troubleshooting and fixing network issues.
  • Now type troubleshooting into the search box and choose the first option, “Troubleshoot settings.”
  • Select network adapter, then run the troubleshooter. This will diagnose network/wifi adapter issues and determine whether an outdated driver is to blame.
  • Restart your PC when the diagnosis process is completed to see whether the wifi dropping issue has been resolved.

Update the Latest Driver 

Incompatibility with the wifi Adapter driver is the most common cause of the problem. Furthermore, updating your wifi driver to the most recent version will continuously resolve the problems causing your laptop to disconnect from the wifi network.

  • To start, press Windows key + R and type devmgmt. MSc. The device manager will be opened.
  • Expand the Network Adapters section after that.
  • Select Update Driver Software from the context menu when you right-click on the wifi driver.
  • Then choose Automatically search for updated driver software from the drop-down menu.
  • Restart your laptop after following the on-screen directions for the additional network devices.

Reinstall Wifi Adapter Driver

Additionally, try uninstalling the Network Card device from Device Manager and reinstalling the most recent driver version. This resolves the issue of an out-of-date wifi driver causing unexpected internet disconnects in Windows.

  • I am using devmgmt.MSC, open the device manager.
  • Choose network adapters and select uninstall from the right-click menu on the installed wifi Adapter driver.
  • To ensure the driver uninstalls, click OK.
  • To thoroughly delete the driver, restart Windows.

A primary driver is installed automatically on your device when you restart Windows. Open Device Manager, select Action, and then look for Hardware Changes if you don’t already have them installed. By visiting the manufacturer’s website and looking for the most recent appropriate driver for your network adapter, you can manually update your network adapter driver.

Tweaking the Power options

Do you still require help? Disallow the Computer to Turn This Device to Save Power which may be tweaked under the power settings.

  • To open the Network Connection window, press Windows + R, type ncpa.CPL, then OK.
  • Select properties by right-clicking the Active wifi Adapter.
  • Click and choose Configure from the wifi Properties section.

To save Power, uncheck the Allow the computer to switch off this device checkbox under Power Management, then click OK to save your changes. This is the best technique to fix “Wifi constantly disconnecting,” which has been selected as a working solution by multiple other users.

Change the Startup Type of the WIFI AutoConfig Service

  • Type services. msc in the Windows key + R and press Enter.
  • The Windows services console will be launched as a result of this Action.
  • To open WLAN AutoConfig’s Properties, scroll down and right-click on it.
  • Locate Startup type and choose Automatic from the WLAN AutoConfig Properties menu.
  • To make the changes take effect, close the Services window and reboot your computer.
  • You can now check if your PC on Windows 10 will have problems with WIF losing connectivity.
  • Google DNS is a great option.

Several customers also claimed that their wifi was regularly disconnecting. However, the problem was immediately resolved when switching to Google’s DNS. To use Google’s DNS, perform the following steps:

  • To open network connections, press Windows + R, type ncpa. CPL, and click OK.
  • Select properties by right-clicking on the current wifi Adapter.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the wifi properties menu and click Properties.
  • Select and Use the DNS server addresses listed below. is the preferred DNS server, whereas is the alternate DNS server. To save your changes, click OK.

Reset Network 

Is the laptop still disconnecting from wifi and reconnection impossible? Then it’s time to Reset Your Entire Network to its default settings to restore the network to its original form.

  • Using Windows key + I, go to the Settings menu.
  • To reset your network, go to Network & Internet > Reset Network.
  • Then, click Reset Now.
  • Everything relating to the network settings in Windows will be reset.
  • After that, the system will resume automatically; however, you will need to join the wifi network by entering the wifi password manually.
  • It solves typical internet connectivity concerns in many circumstances. As a result, it may also solve the problem with wifi disconnecting.


This article contains five distinct procedures that you can take to resolve the problem with your HP laptop that constantly disconnects from the wifi. If you’ve tried everything and still haven’t been successful, you may have a hardware problem with your laptop. This, however, can only be confirmed once you have had it checked properly.

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