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Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working With Remote: Possible Reasons And Fixes For 2022

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What? Your Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working With Remote? Are you wondering what steps you can measure to sort out this issue!



Several issues come with the gadgets; the same is with the fans that go out of the order at anytime. Hunter fans are great, but sometimes create unexpected problems such as Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working With Remote. 


The remote is for ease as it helps you operate your fan by staying in your comfort zone but being a little gadget remotes create errors too. If your fan’s light is not assessing the remote, the error can be in a remote setting. Otherwise, your remote bulb can also be damaged, or you may have loose wiring that doesn’t allow the light to turn. You can identify all these issues one by one to figure out the actual cause of this problem. Later, you can apply the relevant solution (by using the below-mentioned steps) to eradicate the issues.


Let’s move ahead without further ado!

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working With Remote

Hunter ceiling fans are classy, unique, and reliable because they are made of top-quality material, and Hunter has its name in the fan making. But after all, a ceiling fan is a type of small machine that can stop working if any fault arises. It is true, and if you are also facing any issue, then it needs immediate action. 

Most of the hunter ceiling fans have light in them, which not only makes the fan elegant, but the light also brightens up the room. Now there is no need to install another light in the room. Looks interesting, but the issue people reported in the past couple of years is the hunter ceiling fan light not working with the remote. It means there is some problem either with the remote or maybe with the light of the ceiling fan. The problem might be a dead battery, the issue with remote and fan settings, a fan out of reach or any other. Sometimes light stops working with the remote because the issue is inside the light. To know the details read the details below. 

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Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Stops Working With Remote: What Are The Reasons 

When the hunter ceiling fan light stops working with the fan, there are some reasons behind this. Some of the noticeable causes are mentioned below. 

  • Damaged Bulb 

It is alarming when the fans run properly and make your room cool, but the light stops working with the remote. First, open the light cover and check for the bulb to know the issue. Instead of going to open the screws of the fan, it would be better to check the bulb. Most of the time, the bulb is fused, and the problem might get resolved upon changing the bulb. 

  • Loose Wirings

The first and foremost step is to shut off the break of the room because safety should be the priority. Open the fan canopy and look for the wire that connects the light bulb. Check whether it is hot or not. If it is hot, then surely it is damaged. Sometimes the loose wiring is unable to supply enough voltages to the light. In this case, the light won’t turn on even when using the remote. In this case, ask a professional or call the Hunter support staff. 

  • Incorrect Remote Settings 

The biggest reason the remote stops working for the light is the incorrect setting of the receiver and the remote. You must take a screwdriver and turn off the main power supply. Take a ladder and check the settings of the receiver. If the remote and receiver are set on different frequencies, the remote stops working, and the light does not turn on. To fix the issue, set the remote and receiver on the same frequency, tighten all the screws, and check whether the light starts working without the remote. 

  • The Issue May be With The Remote Button 

It is a common issue that the button used for controlling the ceiling fan’s light gets damaged and stops working. So, experts said, firstly, open the remote by taking off its back cover and checking for the buttons from inside. If you are an expert in dealing with these devices, well and good; otherwise, take help from a professional. If the issue is not severe, the button might start working again. Otherwise, replace the remote or try anything else. 

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Hunter Fan Light Fixture Not Working With The Remote: What are The Solutions 

Hunter ceiling fan light not working with remote, no worries. You can follow some methods and resolve the issue. Let’s see how!

  • Check The Wiring Connections

More tight and loose connections are sometimes the reason for the low performance of the light kit. Hence, the bulb won’t turn on and cause problems. If you have noticed the issue with the wirings, follow some steps. 

  • Turn off the power supply, unscrew the screws and look for red wire; mostly, it supplies current to the light fixture. 
  • If the wire is loose or too tight, fix it immediately. 
  • Now tighten all screws again, join the blades and turn on the power. 
  • Now try to turn the light on using the remote. 

We hope it starts working. 

  • Don’t Forget To Check The Sockets 

Inspection of the sockets will also tell the whole story. Sometimes the light stops working with the remote because the sockets are burned, which may happen due to a sudden short circuit. Take a tester and check if the socket has power or not. Firstly clean the socket, and put the bulb back. If the light still does not turn on, replace the socket. 

  • Why Not Checking The Remote 

If the fan’s light is unresponsive to the remote, the problem might not always be with the light fixture. Most of the time, the issue lies in the remote. Check the batteries first and reset the remote. Turn the fan power off for resetting and press the power key for at least 15 seconds. After this, see whether it starts working with the fan and the light. 

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Final Words

If Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working With Remote, you can check the remote and its setting thoroughly. If the issues are not getting resolved, you can inspect the socket, bulb, and wiring to fix the problem. Hopefully, one of these solutions will efficiently fix your remote, and your fan’s light will start working. If you are not tech-friendly or haven’t ever worked with electric gadgets, you can take assistance from an expert so you may avoid any further issues. Overall, it is an easier and cost-effective solution that will be resolved in no time!

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