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Hunter Fan Not Working But Light Is: Effortless Ways Of Troubleshooting

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Are you encountering Hunter Fan Not Working But Light Is error? No biggie! There are simple yet effective solutions to this issue. Read this blog to catch them up!


It is fun to use Hunter fans as this premium quality brand keeps your home cool even in the severe hot weather. When you install these fans, they greatly spin and serve you but very often you face an unusual error – Hunter Fan Not Working But Light Is! Facing an error like this with a Hunter ceiling fan is rare but disappointing.


If you find this issue in your fan, you can check out its capacitor and replace it if you find any irregularity over there. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved, and you don’t need to go ahead if this pesky issue stays persistent. 


You can check the power source, connections, and fan wiring. Read this article ahead to get away with the detailed steps of resolving the Hunter fan performance issue!

Hunter Fan Not Working But Light Is: What is The Reason 

Hunter ceiling fans are world popular fans, and they are renowned across the globe because of their functionality and reliability. There are very rare cases when any fault comes on their fans. Mostly the issue arises when the fans do not start for months. The main issue is Hunter Fan is Not Working, But Light Is? 

Normally, once you install the fan, continue using it for years without any maintenance. There are high chances that any technical faults will occur. Some problems are due to faults, or others may arise. You can also take help from the hunter support and technical team, who resolve issues.

The main reason the light still works, but the fans stop working is the issue with the capacitor; the fault in the wirings may be remote won’t work. The biggest issue might arise with the fan blades. In all these situations, the fan stops working, but the light still works, confusing people. But no worries, there are many troubleshooting ways to get the fan back to a working position. 

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What Are Some of The Issues With a Hunter Ceiling Fan?

Hunter ceiling fan stops working, but the light still works because of some of the technical faults mentioned below. Please read them carefully and check whether your fans also face any. 

  • Fans Stop Working in the Middle

The possible reasons for this issue might be the broken capacitor, switch or issue in the fan inside. Sometimes when you want to control it from the remote control, it does not respond. It’s in the receiver, or something is wrong with the remote. Incorrect wiring of the ceiling fan and inaccurate installation are other causes. 

  • Humming Noise Came From the Fan

When the ceiling fan makes humming noises, there are many reasons. Often a loose screw is the main cause. The screws may be off the blade, screws of the fan housing, or any other. Although hunters always use top-quality capacitors for their fans, sometimes humming noise comes due to the failed capacitor. The motor laminates might break down and leave a buzzy sound if you installed the fan in your room many years ago. 

  • Wobbling Fan

If the fan is installed accurately, then there are high chances that you will face no wobbling. It delivers annoying sound, so to avoid this, always install it properly by creating balance. You can easily check the balance by swapping the blades. Hunter also offers balancing kits, so if the issue remains the same, try to buy one and resolve the problem. If the issue is not resolved by yourself, get help from the Hunter support team. 

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Hunter Fan Not Working But Light is: Troubleshooting Ways 

Ceiling fans are built with a simple mechanism, so if the fan stops working, but the light is. Go for some troubleshooting methods and check where the actual problem lies. 

  • Check The Power Source

The first and foremost step users can do is check for a power source. But if the light works but not the fan, this indicates that the problem lies somewhere else; it is not the power issue. So, going to the next step would be better.  

  • What About Fans Wiring

For checking the wiring for the Hunter ceiling fan, turn the power off to keep it safe from any electrical shock. After this, try to reach the motor. Most fan models have a mounting bracket that enables you to hang it during the inspection. Now find out any loose or broken wires. If the issue is serious, it is better to call an electrician. But if the problem is minor, you can easily resolve it yourself. 

  •  Test the Connections

As the fans move continuously, there are high chances that the connection becomes lost. It is a step that works great when you carry a voltmeter. It is not always present in the home, but lucky if you own one, try to check the connection by inspecting the wires. It will tell whether the current flow to the fan’s motor is as per the requirements. If the current is passing through connections, but the motor still does not work, it clearly shows the motor is no more and needs immediate replacement. 

  • Listen for Humming Sound 

Hunter Fan is not working, but the light is; if this issue arises, always go to check the humming noise. It is a clear indication of the blown capacitor. The capacitor blows when it overheats. When you are busy inspecting motor housing, try to search the tiny black box connected to the pull cord. It is easy to see the trouble here. Melting due to overheating and colour change are signs of a bad capacitor. 

  • Check The Blades

Check the blades if the fan stops, but the lights still work. Sometimes broken blades cause the fan to stop. If this is the issue, go for the replacement of the blade; this is not a burden on the pocket, and replacement is also handy. 

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The Bottom Line

If your Hunter fan is not working, but the light is blinking, you need to get the error fixed before any delay. This way, you will get saved from any big trouble – you can find the solution from this article but if you are unable to get the fan fixed. You can call any serviceman or Hunter company for help.

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