I Dropped My Airpods In Paint

I Dropped My Airpods In PaintOh my gosh! You were painting on your wall and your AirPods dropped in the paintbox. We know the speaker/microphone is filled with paint and your AirPods have no sound.

I Dropped My Airpods In Paint

It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe when you accidentally drop your AirPods into a bucket of paint and end up with yet another pricey charge on your credit card.

How to remove paint if you drop your AirPods in paint? 

You should soak it in water or paint thinner, depending on whether it’s latex or oil-based paint. The majority of nail polish remover is acetone in a dilute form, which dissolves polymers and coatings. You’ve permanently altered the plastic’s chemical composition, just like if you had put it on fire. The only option is to replace the item.

Get Your Airpods Replaced:

You can’t use them since they’ve been ruined. It’s time to get rid of them. If your AirPods got wet and are irreversibly damaged, there is still hope for you beyond purchasing brand-new retail models.

AirPods indeed come with a guarantee from Apple. It’s virtually free if you have AppleCare+. The out-of-warranty costs are a little more, but both cases provide a bigger discount than brand-new AirPods despite the additional cost. In most cases, you may find the answer to your problem on Apple’s AirPods Repair page.

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Is Airpods Waterproof?

The answer is a little more difficult than a simple yes or no if you’re wondering if your AirPods are waterproof. The main concern here is the word “water resistance.”

First, figure out which AirPods model you have. The first-generation AirPods, second-generation AirPods, and AirPods Max (the over-ear ones) are neither waterproof nor water-resistant, so avoid getting them wet at all costs. This is bad news for people who prefer to exercise while using AirPods, as sweat can easily get into the apertures. 

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the danger is worthwhile. Some people appear to be able to exercise without harming their AirPods, however, perspiration has been known to damage them. Water doesn’t like all those open audio holes and ports, especially if you’ve dropped your AirPods in it.

Water-resistance is thankfully included in the newer models. It’s important to note that this isn’t the same thing as being waterproof. After a workout, give your AirPods Pro a nice clean down with a microfiber cloth. They should never be dunked or sprayed with water under any circumstances. With AirPods on, you can’t swim or shower.

You can increase the water resistance of any type of AirPods case. Some charging case kits, and Retro AirPods Case, can help protect the charging case from water damage. Make sure you’re careful when you remove your AirPods from your ear!

Bottom Line:

If you dropped your AirPods in paint, it can cause a lot of damage. There is no other option except to replace them. Remember to clean them regularly, and if you’re concerned about them being damaged, consider purchasing AppleCare+ to ensure a (largely) free replacement!

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