Insignia Fire TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Insignia Fire TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

When it comes to LCD TV, several manufacturers have improved throughout time. However, before picking a certain device, consumers should conduct a thorough study on the resolution, screen, and so on.

The Insignia TV is one of the most popular brands on the market right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.

Amazon introduced the Fire Stick TV which is an all-in-one gadget that will transform your regular TV into a smart TV capable of downloading the newest apps without the need for pricey hardware. This enabled a large number of individuals to access YouTube, HBO, and even Amazon’s own Prime Video streaming services.

Insignia went a step further by including Fire TV as its base software model. This meant that for the first time, Fire TV capability was available without the requirement to acquire the Amazon Fire Stick. This was a welcome development when smart TVs became more common, and the insanely high costs fell.

One of the most often reported issues is the inability to connect to the internet. If you’re presently dealing with this issue, this article will help you troubleshoot it.

Wi-Fi Issues And Why They Happen:

Unfortunately, the addition of Fire TV brought with it a slew of issues for the Insignia Fire TV. One of the most prevalent problems encountered by consumers was the Fire TV Device’s inability to connect to the internet. We’ve all used a plethora of devices that require an internet connection. Unfortunately, we’ve had multiple internet connection problems when using these identical gadgets.

This problem will affect all devices that connect to the internet at some time. Understandably, there are a variety of reasons why you may experience Wi-Fi connection issues. With our assistance, you may identify the underlying problem without spending hours troubleshooting and performing pointless activities.

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The following are some possible causes of your Insignia Fire TV’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi:

  • A tiny glitch or bug in your Insignia TV Server
  • A problem with the cache
  • Problem with the Wi-Fi router
  • Fire TV remote connection issue

We’ll go through the most prevalent ones in the next section so you can get back to watching your favorite shows.

How To Get Your Internet Back:

You can try the following methods to get your internet connection back on your Insignia Fire TV and see if any of them does the job for you.

1) Restart the Wi-Fi Router:

Your internet router connects your Insignia Fire TV to the internet. If your router is having a glitch or a technical problem, it is rational to fix the router before doing anything else. Restarting your Wi-Fi router is the most typical technique to troubleshoot it.

You may either turn it off and then back on after 10 seconds, or if the router is unavailable, you can access it through the ISP menu by entering its IP address, such as Check the “Information” tab on your Wi-Fi connection to see what your IP address is on any other device. You can restart your router as long as you can access the ISP menu.

2) Restart your Insignia Fire TV:

Simply turning your Fire TV off and back on can cure your problem immediately. The Wi-Fi problem, like any other gadget, might be caused by excessive usage of your TV for a short period of time. A quick restart should clear things up.

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Use the dedicated power button to restart your Fire TV. If it does not turn off, you can disconnect the power source and reconnect it.

3) Remote Fix:

Using your Insignia Fire TV remote to restore connectivity is an unusual solution. When you get the “unable to connect to network” notice in the Fire TV settings, press and hold the Insignia Fire TV’s home button.

This will launch an unknown bug and display a notice in the bottom right corner that says “new remote connected.” We’ll take advantage of this flaw so, hopefully, anytime you try to connect to Wi-Fi, you won’t get the “unable to connect to network” warning. This is a temporary hack, and Insignia may fix it shortly.

4) Power Cycle Your Insignia TV:

Turning off your Insignia Fire TV isn’t always enough to remove all of the electrical power from its system. Small amounts of electricity can occasionally interfere with the proper restart of your Insignia Fire TV. When this happens, you must restart your Insignia Fire TV. To accomplish this, first:

  1. Unplug your Insignia Fire TV from the wall.
  2. For 30 seconds to 2 minutes, press and hold the dedicated power button.
  3. After a time, plug in the TV while still holding down the power button.
  4. Wait for the loading screen to display before releasing the power button.

After you’ve finished these steps, you’ll need to resync your Fire TV remote by pressing and holding the home button for 30 seconds.


Without an internet connection, a smart TV is worthless. With the techniques provided in this post, you will be able to resolve any internet connection difficulties on your Insignia smart TV.

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If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, the smart portion of your Insignia Fire TV will be rendered inoperable, so contact Insignia customer care as soon as possible. We hope these instructions helped you with your Insignia Fire TV not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue.

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