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Is a 32-inch monitor too big?

Is a 32-inch monitor too bigIs a 32-inch monitor too big?

Is a 32-inch monitor too big

if you are buying it just to watch your favorite shows, then this one can be a good choice. This one requires a little extra desk space, if it’s not your problem then you are good to go.  This one has good size  and is not too big  so you don’t need a lot of head movement 

But if you are into intense gameplay and office work then you might want to consider a 27-inch monitor instead. It is quite good for small desk spaces. The 27-inch monitor has good pixel quality and high resolution due to being small. It is ideal if you are on a budget as it is light on the pocket.

Is the 32-inch gaming monitor too big?

Most of the gamers prefer smaller monitors to large ones. Is a 32-inch monitor is too big? It’s a frequently asked question. You should keep the resolution in mind while buying a gaming monitor. Most competitive gamers prefer a 27 or 28-inch monitor but a 32-inch display is not uncomfortably large.

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How far should you sit from a 32-inch monitor?

Although there is no particular distance that you should keep from the monitor, it is recommended that one should sit 1.3 meters or at least 80cm to 96cm away from the screen. If you sit too close then you can have a better view but pixels will become more obvious so it depends on you.

Is a 32-inch monitor bad for eyes?

A 32-inch monitor is not particularly bad for the eyes as you can see large letters without focusing too much as you need to move your head. It also depends on your sitting position/distance.  All monitors have contrast and brightness control features plus you can use anti-glare screens for reduced eye strain. 

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Is the 32-inch monitor too big for 1080p?

If you like to sit at least 4 feet away from the screen then a 32-inch monitor for 1080p is good but if you prefer to sit closer then it is too big. The best range for 1080p is from a 21 to 27-inch display as the image appears sharper. 1440p resolution is ideal for a 32-inch monitor for a more clear view.

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A frequent question asked by a lot of people, Is a 32-inch monitor too big?  Whenever they go to buy a new monitor, people ask me about the ideal size of the monitor. Honestly speaking it depends on your workings like what type of work you demand. You also want to know whether the 32-inch size monitor is big or not.  Well, before you ask, let me explain.

Is A 32-inch Monitor Too Big?

Here we’ll discuss a 32-inch screen size from a different perspective. Then you’ll be able to decide whether a 32-inch monitor is too big or not for you:

Animating and Editing

Animating and editing require focus and clear texturing for fashion innovative photos and videos. if you are an editor and animator then 32-inch monitors help you to improve your standard of comfort while editing. Because the editor clicks back and forth repetitively every second and a lot of options demand a big screen for ease of editing or videos. The editor or animator will not be accustomed to seeing details on a monitor less than 32-inch. So, I must say this 32-inch monitor will provide a comfort zone for your eyes. So, you can say that the 32inch screen is not too big for animating and editing.

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Eye-friendly filters and a flicker-free display are required to run code for serious programming. Your display affects your workflow a lot try to choose the best screen size to minimize neck and eye strains. Let’s discuss the 32-inch screen size from a programming perspective.


Are you wondering whether to go with a 32-inch monitor or less than it for programming? Luckily, I’m here to provide you with an answer to this question. We need accuracy and focus for programming. If you are getting a screen large than 40 and less than 32-inch then maybe you have to feel physical issues like eyestrain and neck strain. Because programming requires a lot of movements for focusing the lines. Indeed, a 32-inch screen is enough to improve programming efficiency. Text visibility is also crucial for reading it. So, I can say that a 32-inch monitor is an ideal workstation for a programmer

32-inch monitor size can be a terrible choice and also a great choice for some gamers. It all depends on the type of gamer whether are you a console competitive gamer or casual gamer. Let’s find out 32-inch monitor is too big for gamers or not.


You can enjoy a 32inch monitor if the sweet spot between you and the monitor is 61 cm to 79 cm. For short-sighted gamers, 1.7ft to 2ft is sufficient which helps you to play comfortably. So, the gamer gets a more visible and crispier display for console playing. A hardcore gamer always wants a crisp graphic experience and sharp image for their game. I’ll not suggest this size to competitive gamers because it has a lower response rate which makes you unable to see all the action at a time.

Home Office

The 32-inch monitor gives you a wide view angle which helps your text to look clear and visible on the screen. When you are working in the office you have to manage the space on the desk for your monitor, important documents and other stuff. Sometimes we have to change place in the office then you can hold the 32-inch monitor in your arms very easily. Further, it helps you in the primary task and productive work. I’ll advice you to buy a 32-inch monitor not more than or less than this.

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As we know that different sorts of monitor screens are available in the market. But it’s difficult to find the best monitor size for your intended work. As I’m a competitive gamer, I know a 32inch monitor can become a terrible choice for hardcore gamers. So, I’ll give the best advice to all of you 32-inch monitor is a great choice only for home office, programming, editing, animating, and casual gaming.

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