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Is a gaming monitor worth it for ps4

Is a gaming monitor worth it for ps4Is a gaming monitor worth it for ps4?

Is a gaming monitor worth it for ps4

Most of the gaming monitors are tailored considering the requirements for PS4 gameplay. Therefore it would be worth buying a monitor for gaming that can support PS4 gaming. All that a monitor requires for hooking it with PS4 is an HDMI port and a good display ratio. Furthermore, an external audio source could be a worthy addition. 

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Is it better to play PS4 on a monitor or TV?

TV screens offer a larger and wider display that could be cinematically appealing but considering the gaming requirements a monitor is a better option for playing PS4. This is based on the fact that a monitor offers a swift refresh rate, reduced input lag, and quicker response time. All of these features add on together to make the monitor the best choice for console gaming and PS4. 

Is it bad to put a monitor on a PS4?

Generally speaking, the monitors don’t weigh much to damage to PS4 at once and therefore it will not be bad to put the monitor on a PS4. The dissipating heat by the monitor is also not strong enough to put the PS4 to the detrimental side.  But it is not a wise idea to put the monitor on a PS4 and it will not look aesthetically appealing besides the possibility of physical damage. 

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Is it worth getting a 144hz monitor for PS4?

Most PS4 games are good enough with 60 or 75 frames per second and therefore, they will be best at playing with a 75-hertz monitor. This is because the color reproduction and visual accuracy of a 75 Hz monitor are way too better than a 144 HZ one. And it is not required to buy a high-tech 144 Hz monitor, particularly for PS4 especially when it would be good with cost-effective monitors. 

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Does PS4 look better on a monitor?

PS4 looks better on a monitor than a TV screen of similar resolutions. This is because monitors have a better distribution of pixels and great display ratios which are not features in a TV screen. Thus it will be better to play PS4 games on a monitor comparative to TV screens. 

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Want the best answer to this question, Is a gaming monitor worth it for PS4? But don’t want to be caught up in an abundance of details? Let me help you with a precise answer. 

Is A Gaming Monitor Worth It For PS4?

Well, if you are a novice person probably unable to decide whether PS4 is an excellent choice for a gaming monitor.  Firstly, some specifications make a huge difference between regular and gaming monitors. Secondly, not all gaming monitors can run the PS4 smoothly. Moreover, display size, screen resolution, response rate, and HDMI port matter much in a gaming monitor. Additionally, there are specific criteria that help you to decide whether PS4 is worth a gaming monitor or not. Let’s step up to find out the exact answer through these exclusive features.  

Accurate HDMI Bandwidth

HDMI matters much in delivering you with an enjoyable experience for a game. Try to choose a suitable HDMI cable for playing with PS4 smoothly. I’ll recommend high HDMI bandwidth of 18 Gbps for playing PS4 based on my personal experience. Console competitive and online hardcore gamers must have-to choose HDMI bandwidth more carefully and wisely.

Display Resolution

A competitive gamer demands a cinematically appealing, sharp, and crisp display for extensive experience and natural experience. Try to choose a high display resolution of a maximum of 1920*1080 pixels for playing games. In addition to writing, the ideal screen size for high display resolution is 25-inch. Choose your display size and resolution more sensibly and carefully.

HDMI Converter

HDMI slots are crucial for playing PS4 on your gaming monitor. If your gaming monitor doesn’t have an HDMI slot, maybe you can’t play PS4. Perhaps, you are assuming your gaming monitor is useless for PS4? Not at all, you just have to buy an HDMI converter for running PS4

Eye-Friendly Screen

For safety reasons, eye protection filters must be present in your gaming monitor. As a gamer, I know we got absorbed in video games and blink our eyes less frequently. Try to use amber lenses or anything else which helps you to reduce eyestrain.

Response Rate

Refresh and response rate enables PS4 to run more efficiently and smoothly on your monitor. Mostly gaming monitors work enough good with 60 or 75 frames/second. High tech expensive gaming monitor is not considered a wise idea for those gaming lovers who don’t afford it. You can buy a 75 Hz monitor with an accurate color scheme enough for playing PS4 instead of purchasing144 Hz monitor. 

Overheating Issue

Dissipating overheating can be harmful to gaming monitors to play ps4 games. If your gaming monitor has heated up issues, don’t put your gaming monitor on PS4.  

Which Gaming Monitor Is Best For Playing PS4?

All these above-mentioned specifications enable your gaming monitor to become an excellent choice for PS4. Moreover, I’m giving a brief detail of the best gaming monitor for playing PS4. if you are going to buy a gaming monitor for PS4 games this article finds you best:

Acer Nitro XV282K

This gorgeous gaming monitor has all the ports with a 4K display size of 28-inch.

Acer CB242Y

This elegant and stunning gaming monitor gives you exceptionally solid color contrast and a vibrant crisp image with a small screen size of 24 inches.


My recommendations are based on my personal experience combining customer experience. I found the above-mentioned monitors valid for PS4 gaming. Moreover, I personally advise you, if you don’t have these gaming monitors. Then try to enable your gaming monitor to play PS4 games instead of buying a new monitor. 

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