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Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand? What to Expect from this Tech Slayer   

Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand

Are you eager to find is Acer a good laptop brand? You can get to know all the odds and goods mentioned in the article to decide your answer.

Acer is in the game for decades and is known for offering some of the craziest and sturdiest gaming and working laptops. Still, is Acer a good laptop brand? The article below covers everything you might need to know about Acer as a Laptop Brand. 

An ideal laptop is a machine that can offer the best compatibility for a specific purpose and can last long yet, coming on an affordable budget. In a nutshell, it should offer the best price for the money. 

Several factors are accountable for assuring the best-level user convenience, including the type of CPU and GPU, Software choice, powerful specs, overall performance, ergonomic design, compatible battery life, convenient portability, and much more. 

If some factors make a product outshine, they are support, build, and brand. There are plenty of laptop brands making top-notch articles like HP, Dell, ASIS, and Toshiba, and Acer is one among them. You can rest assured of the sturdiness and robust performance for sure, but is it worth it?  

We’ll try to explore this keen benchmark review to find ‘is Acer a good laptop brand or not.’ 

Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand? 

Acer can be a good choice if you are looking for a laptop with eye-catching Innovative features, the latest technology, slim, sleek designs, and impressive affordability. It’s even a top choice when finding a laptop for avant-garde gaming and heavy software performance. 

If you’re more of a gaming enthusiast and want a kick-start laptop performance that lets you be ready for every minor move, Acer laptops can be a top choice. 

Though it’s been decades since Acer is a part of the market, its innovation scores are still increasing as it’s concerned with launching one after one laptop with powerful gaming Battlestations. 

Either well-built gaming laptops or super portable work-use laptops, Acer keeps our back in all domains. Its futuristic sliding keyboards, excellent cooling systems, super long battery timing, and rotating displays make it rock as a tech giant. 

Even if you are a gamer, a competitive designer, keen musician, a visionary architect, a banker, a doctor, or anyone; there’s a laptop in Acer’s wide range explicitly designed to meet your needs.   

What Is The Story Behind Acer?

Acer is a Taiwanese brand that’s making electronic and hardware to sell throughout the world. The company is well-known for making tablets, laptops, desktops, computing accessories, smartphones, and other similar items. 

The headquarter is in Taipei City, and its Predator Brand is selling gaming PCs successfully for decades. In 2015, Acer made it to earn the title of 6th biggest personal computer maker globally and turned to be a tech slayer that’s hard to beat. 

Stan Shih started Acer in 1976 with 6 of his fellows and a total of eleven employees. The vision and management were powerful enough to launch Acer’s very first organizational restructuring in 1998. 

This restructuring resulted in 5 distinct groups, including; 

  • Acer Semi-Conductor Group
  • Acer International Service Group
  • Acer Sertek Service Group 
  • Acer Peripherals Group
  • Acer Information Products Group

The company kept growing and marked recruitment of over 7,800 employees by 2005. The statistics are clear enough to plot an idea that Acer is surviving because it definitely has that spark to win its user trust. That isn’t possible without offering quality products that don’t cost much but last long. 

Acer’s Good and Bad in a Nutshell

Acer has introduced several laptop models over the years, and of course, they aren’t free of any lagging points. Also, sometimes one lagging point for some users proves to be a supportive feature for others. Overall, here’s a summary of the good and bad about Acer.



  • Acer laptops come with a wide selection of systems, and you can choose the best for your needs as the catalog is deep. 
  • Acer is well-known for offering incredibly affordable Chromebooks that can meet professional and personal needs with quality. 
  • Acer offers some of the best gaming laptops that offer a monitor-like-sturdiness, great display, discrete graphics, and excellent control over keys with rotating displays and sliding keyboards.  
  • It’s a well-respected laptop titan that has to make a reputation of making laptops with fast performance, so the user never faces streaming times unless he chooses the right laptop. 
  • It’s always incorporating premium components into its Chromebooks, notebooks, and laptops and never misses to impress aesthetically. 
  • Acer lets its users enjoy budget-friendly laptops by packing powerful and buzz-worthy hardware. You’ll surely enjoy the smooth functionality of some better internal parts yet at a pretty fair price.  
  • Acer also wins at customer care as it offers smooth-sailing social media services along with easy-to-use web services.  



  • Acer’s some laptops aren’t exactly head-turners. Some of its non-gaming laptops come packed in a lackluster design and don’t offer a unique user experience. 
  • Despite offering wowed buzzworthy designs for gamers, the company sticks to a sliver, slim, and stale design for non-gamers general-purpose laptops.  
  • Acer is doubted for not offering up to the standard phone support. Users experience poor reliance due to its spotty tech support. 
  • As Acer makes affordable laptops, the lower-cost materials may offend some users. 

Acer Laptop’s Brand Report Card for 2021

Above mentioned pros and cons are enough to give you an idea about Acer’s value for the money. The fact is, Acer is worth considering brand that can rule. 

Acer is a well-respected laptop titan, and its laptops are a great combination of compatible specs and unique features. Here’s a detailed insight; 

A Wide Range To Choose From

Acer is a tech giant, and that’s for plenty of good reasons. You can find monitors, desktops, projectors, accessories, and thronos along with the laptops. Considering specifically the laptops, you can select from a wide range of Acer’s powerful productivity laptops, including; 

  • Porsche Design Laptops are yet another unique property of Acer. If you are a traveler, you’ll find peace in the Acer Porsche range. For example, Porsche Design Acer Book RS is a style-injected book paired with top-tier performing components for an unmatched user experience. 
  • Ultra-Thin Laptops can accommodate you if you are a student or, due to any reason, more prone to take your laptop with you everywhere.  Some hot-selling laptops with thin-and-light form factors are from the Swift 3 Series that features some of the finest laptops with fingerprint readers and narrow bezels. 
  • Convertibles have been Acer’s hot sellers for a long time, and they are best for multi-tasking, work, and entertainment. Acer features Acer Spin Range as convertible laptops that include Spin 1, Spin 3, and Soin 5 series with impressive reviews and recommendations. 
  • Chromebooks are highly compatible and super-supportive for all kinds of tasks, and Acer Chromebooks have been winning at imposing a good impression lately. The range is vast, but you can feast from Acer Chromebook Spin 311 as the most affordable unit (under $300), Acer Chromebook Spin 514 as a mid-range quality Chromebook (under $500) and Acer Chromebook Spin 13 as a fast-performing sturdy Chromebook coming under $1000.   
  • Classic Laptops by Acer can fulfill all your basic needs without cutting an edge on performance. You can choose a laptop from the Acer Aspire Series without a doubt. 

Acer’s Winning Designs 

You can find almost anything within the Acer’s range; from Windows Convertibles to lightweight Chromebooks, Acer launches plenty of designs to choose from. 

Considering the design, some of the Acer laptops are quite Handsome but rather bland head-turners.  For example, Swift 3 (2019), Spin 3 (2019), and Swift 3 (2020) are pretty attractive and make an excellent choice for regular users. 

Acer also launches a wide range of Business laptops that assure quick responsiveness, convenient portability, and day-long battery to meet the needs of professionals. Acer Travelmate P6 P614 is one example of these excellent business laptops. 

If you want something that can impress esthetically and also packs premium components, you can dig its Chromebooks to find the one that best matches your needs. 

Those who strive for Ultralight chassis and quite an eye-candy design can find their sweet spot in Swift 5 as it’s just 2.2 pounds and Swift 7 as its only 1.7 pounds. The Swift 7 is the slimmest ever design by Acer that features a whopping 92% screen-to-body ratio.  

If you face digital nomad haze more often and are linked with graphic designing, you can put your trust in Acer Swift 3 that comes under $900 only but provides the best image quality on-screen. 

For Music Production or Amateur Photo Editing, Acer Swift 5 with i7 makes a great choice. You can enjoy crispy sound output, fine screen quality to catch the nodes, and an impressive refresh rate to never miss a beat.  

Gamer’s Laptops by Acer 

Acer is producing a gemstone series for gaming laptops so far. The grey-and-turquoise motif makes these laptops a signature choice for gamers as it highlights the esthetic appeal. Also, the gaming laptops come with a signature and unique red-and-black gamer look, which is enough to win any gamer’s heart. 

You can literally feel the energy of the battleground even before entering the game zone. Acer Predator Helios 700 is one of those great gaming laptops and offers a sliding HyperDrift keyboard to facilitate the gamer exclusively. 

Also, it comes with an RGB-lit glass panel and ergonomic wrist rest to make sure you enjoy longer strain-free gaming hours. 

The Predator Triton 900 is another leader in the gaming laptops that come with a unique and special Ezel Aero hinge that assures the lid can flip and fold downwards so you can put in your best for anything. 

Though the Nitro 5 series is somehow a damper on Acer’s portfolio, you can get the best deals with out-of-the-box compatibility for a machine that will go along with you.  

Most gaming laptops come with custom-engineered 3D fans and five copper heat pipes to beat the gaming heat. Acer also introduces a vapor chamber to generate maximum airflow and cooling for those systems working with heavy loads. 


Customer Support & Warranty

As mentioned above, Acer comes with an easy-to-navigate website and even allows you to impute the SNID number to get a solution for almost anything.

Its solid web and social support make it a convenient-to-choose brand, but here is a user conflict. Some say that the tech support is entirely below the line, whereas some happily explain the tech support they received. 

There’s a plethora of forum posts, and you can enjoy a one-year limited warranty for hardware defects and other types of hardware support. Whereas the Software assistance typically lasts for 90 days. 

And yes, Acer also provides protection against drops, cracks, and spills – what else one can wish for!  

Value for the Money

Acer is famous for two things; amazingly sturdy gaming laptops and ‘wow’ affordability. Acer laptops offer an excellent value for the money, and you’ll rarely find any thick, rugged laptops. 

Acer proudly announces A wide spectrum of budget laptop, and Acer Aspire 5 is one among them that come under $400 only. Some of the finest-performing mid-range systems by Acer can cost you around $600 to $800, and Acer Swift 3 is one among them. 

Even Acer’s premium laptop entries are pretty affordable and look elite but never poke a big hole in your pocket. Acer Swift 7 is an avant-garde laptop that satisfies some of the top computing needs and costs under $1700. 

Furthermore, you can find Acer’s top-dollar Workstations and jaw-dropping ConceptD series in the $1,499 to $4,999 range. 

Even an affordable workstation by Acer can work as a complete powerhouse, and you can enjoy a more powerful experience within your budget.


Acer is a giant slayer, without any doubt. It offers jaw-dropping workstations, a robust lineup of Chromebooks, plenty of classic non-gamers laptops, ultra-portable designs, and innovative gaming laptop designs.

Though Acer is known for offering a less-than-impressive warranty policy and maybe unhelpful tech support agents (some reviews stated so), it still is an excellent value for the money. Also, rarely but some of its designs are a bit of a misfire, but that doesn’t question the overall worth and value of Acer laptops.  

The reviews and recommendations are all full of admiration for Acer’s droplets of innovation seen in all its laptops. 

Is Acer a good laptop brand? Yes – Acer is a genuine friend of gamers on a budget. The nice-looking machines prepared and launched by Acer are worth every penny and are durable and reliable enough to offer the performance that a user might need.   

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