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Is Acer a Good Monitor Brand? Get to Know all the Benefits and Odds

Is Acer a Good Monitor Brand

Is Acer a good monitor brand? The answer is clear enough. Yes, if you are eager to squeeze a better monitor but within your budget, do not hesitate to put your trust in Acer Monitors!

Heading up to purchase a sturdy yet latest and affordable monitor and couldn’t find ‘Is Acer a good Monitor brand? The article below will suffice your queries and intuitions. 

Choosing an ideal monitor isn’t confined to one typical definition. Instead, it varies from person to person and depends on several factors, including fast refresh rates, better colors, adaptive sync technology, overall performance, ergonomic design, reliance, aesthetics, and much more. 

A monitor should never lag in terms of screen quality to ensure it wins its customer’s trust. Though there are plenty of brands now making monitors like HP, Dell, Acer, ASIS, and Toshiba, they all are putting in their best to provide the best.  

Though these brands have won the trust and offer quality, they might lag at some points. However, is Acer a good monitor brand? Is it delivering the reliability it claims to provide? It is a good monitor brand but not without some errors. Want to know more? This article includes everything you might need to know about Acer Monitors and their reliability. 

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Is Acer a Good Monitor Brand? 

Acer isn’t the best brand out there, but it isn’t sub-standard either. You can enjoy plenty of Innovative designs that come with eye-catching Innovative features. You can rest assured of avant-garde gaming and swift office or personal use.  

Acer is an excellent kick for the buck for some of its features that no other brands offer at this price. Acer’s innovation scores increase as it keeps launching monitors compatible with powerful gaming Battlestations and routine office uses. 

Acer is now best known for its sturdy and well-built gaming monitors that come with the most acceptable viewing angles and bright and sharp screen quality. 

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Though Acer’s affordable monitor’s lower-cost materials may annoy some users, the monitors are exceptionally cost-effective and comprehensive in terms of variety. 

Highlights and Background of Acer Company

Acer is an electronic and hardware Taiwanese brand that creates and sells well-known products throughout the world. The company headquarter is situated in Taipei City in Taiwan, and it’s busy making laptops, tablets, desktops, smartphones, and other similar items. 

The company’s Predator Brand is successful at selling gaming PCs, and as of 2015, Acer emerged as the 6th biggest personal computer maker in the world.

Acer was started by Stan Shih and 6 of his fellows back in 1976 with just eleven employees. By 1998, the company grew and managed to have its first organizational restructuring that distinguished 5 distinct groups, including; 

  • Acer Semi-Conductor Group
  • Acer International Service Group
  • Acer Sertek Service Group 
  • Acer Peripherals Group
  • Acer Information Products Group

By 2005, Acer was marked to recruit over 7,800 employees globally, and its revenues climb up to $11.31 billion. These statistics might let you understand that the company that started from scratch in 1976 has come a long way and is a titan providing some of the best monitors in the market. 

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Are Acer Monitors Worth It Overall?

Acer has launched several models over the year, and not all of them feature the same properties, but overall, here are some pros and cons of owning an Acer monitors; 


  • Acer offers a wide selection of systems, and the catalog is deep, where you can find a wide range of incredibly affordable monitors built for different purposes. 
  • Acer is a well-respected monitor titan that ensures fast performance with minimal to no loading times unless you choose the proper specifications for your needs. 
  • If you don’t have an ample budget and still don’t want to compromise on the quality, you can find some of the best-performing monitors at a reasonable price. 
  • It offers great display and discrete graphics, making it a viable choice for designers, photographers, gamers, bloggers, content creators, students, and other field experts. 
  • Though most of the Acer designs aren’t exactly head-turners, it’s in a continuous practice of incorporating premium components into its affordable designs that can also impress aesthetically.


  • Though gaming screens are up to the mark, non-gaming monitors offer a bit of a lackluster design. Despite offering wowed buzzworthy designs for gamers, there are some others.  
  • Acer lags at providing up to the standard phone support. It’s kind of tough to get in touch with the service providers to find a solution for a problem. 

Acer’s Complete Brand Report Card for 2021

Above mentioned winning and lagging points of Acer Monitors can give you an overall idea about the performance and the issues where the company cuts the edges. 

Generally, three things assure the performance of any monitor, and they are fast refresh rates, the latest technology such as adaptive sync, and high resolutions.

Following is a detailed insight into the specs and features offered by this well-respected laptop and monitor titan.

Plenty of Designs to Choose From

Acer is probably doing better in the monitors market than the laptops, but one thing is for sure; their gaming monitors and laptops are super-impressive. You can get a Curved Monitor for better viewing angles from all sides if you are more of a gamer or a family person that needs to view screens from different sides. 

Moreover, the company also offers Zero Frame Monitors equipped with the latest technology to let you taste sturdiness with style. Some other monitors are Ultra-Slim to provide an esthetically appealing screen with better screen quality and bright colors. 

Height Adjustment is usually a fast fact associated with most monitors, but you can get monitors that exclusively feature height adjustment to fit into your specific needs. 

Suppose you don’t want a high-tech monitor and don’t want to spend a big budget. In that case, you can go for Digital Signage Monitors that offer robust and vivid displays and help you in your day-to-day tasks like conveying your organization’s messages or keeping simple records.

In a nutshell, Acer has launched Acer Predator and Acer ConceptD lines featuring plenty of laptops, monitors, and other PC accessories embellished with all the latest technology to keep you updated with the current pace.  

Wide Range of Monitors for Specific Purposes 

It’s crucial to determine your primary purpose behind purchasing a monitor to get the best compatible one. You might have a general, gaming, or professional sense, and Acer covers all your needs. 

  • Touch-Screen Monitor

If you are looking for a touch-screen monitor for convenient inputs, you can consider T2 that features a super-amazing design with award-winning touch packed in an edge-to-edge screen. UT1 is another zero-frame touch monitor with unmatched compatibility and more or less the same features as T2. 

  • High-Quality Performance Monitors 
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For the highest-performing display technology monitors, Acer offers high-end H7, ED6, and ED5 monitors that work great for professional workers dealing with graphics, editings, music nodes, and other keen tasks. Moreover, ED3 is curved to perfection, offering a cutting-edge tech that allows you to taste extraordinary visuals. 

  • General Purpose Monitors 

For general Visual Delight and better viewing experiences, Acer offers G7, R1, and SAO that look classic and offer cost-effective visuals for entertainment purposes. If you want a polished screen experience in the latest and appealing screen, ET2, EB0, and EB1 monitors can go quite well. You can also go for DM1 that features a maximum screen to body ratio for an out-of-the-box viewing experience. 

The list is long and suffices everyone’s need, either from a professional, general, or gaming background. ED7 is another ‘wow’ zero frame design by Acer that offers tear-free images and flicker-less technology with low input lag so you can experience smooth working. 

  • Basic Monitor Range

What if your needs do not fit in any of the fields mentioned above? Acer still keeps you in mind and offers a range of basic monitors to accompany you for your simplest day-to-day tasks. For example, G6 and S1 are pretty earth-friendly monitors, whereas HAO is also designed for basic tasks but with a vision of framlessness. Other basic yet functional and supportive monitors are K3 and EH3 that keep you going with the flow. 

  • Gaming Monitors

Acer’s NITRO VG1 gaming monitor comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and 2560x1440p resolution, which is even better than full HD. Also, GN Monitor is on our hit list as it offers revolutionary gaming performance allowing you to explore 3D gaming at 144Hz and full HD resolution. Acer Predator XB273K also features 4K UHD resolution. You can even find 8K resolution in some of Acer’s top-notch monitors. 

Near to Perfection Resolutions 

It’s said that the higher the resolution, the better the screen quality. Resolution actually describes how many pixels your specific monitor features in a pre-set width x height format. 

Most of the time, 1920x1080p resolution is considered quite good for gaming and designing tasks. It’s also termed 1080p, Full HD or FHD, and HD. Regardless of the task, it’s the minimum standard for screen resolution to enjoy sharper images with QHD and even sharper with 4K.

Acer’s Gaming Laptops range is quite broad and offers impressive screen resolutions paired with more than reasonable refresh rates and panel type. 

What Should You Look For in an Acer Monitor? 

The definition of the best monitor solely depends on a monitor’s capability to fulfill a user’s needs. That’s why you need to focus on some factors before selecting the right monitor for you. Here are the points to ponder; 

  • Choose the Right Size

Pixel density majorly affects the monitor quality. Usually, 109ppi (pixels per inch) is a sweet spot for all the needs. A large monitor coming with a lower resolution will ultimately feature low pixel density. 

If you are finding a monitor to watch from a distance, 32 inches would be big enough. You can find plenty of options in a 32’ inches gaming or general use monitor featuring 4K image quality under $1,000.

  • Ask about the Refresh Rates

The refresh rate is the measurement of the number of times a screen updates the information or refreshes the image. More refreshing ultimately means sharper images that don’t produce any screen glitches, blurriness, or bleeding. 

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Considering this, the more, the better. A higher refresh rate will ensure better, smoother, and less choppy on-screen images for a better visual experience. Especially if you are a gamer, the highest would be the best consideration. 

Gaming monitors usually offer at least a 120 Hz refresh, which works great, and if you are finding a monitor for average day-to-day use, even a 60Hz is good enough. 

  • Don’t Forget the Response Time

For essential to regular use, response time doesn’t even matter much, but it becomes a priority if you are a gamer. Response time is a measure of the time a monitor takes to swipe or change the pixels from one color to another. 

Considering this, it’s easy to say that a longer response time will cause motion blurriness when playing fast-paced games or watching videos. 

If you are a gamer enthusiast, you can find as short as 0.5ms response time in some of Acer’s Monitors, whereas the highest can go for 5ms. 

  • Panel Tech Also Matters

Acer offers three types of panels, including TN, IPS, and VA. TN monitors are considered the fastest yet cheapest monitors offering amazingly matchless screen quality even from a side angle. 

On the other hand, IPS monitors feature comparatively faster response times and exhibit colors better than VA panels. At the same time, VA monitors feature unarguably the best screen contrast among all. 

In a nutshell, a gamer should put his mere focus on fast refresh rates paired with low response times. On the other hand, a professional user needs to prioritize the color accuracy, whereas a consumer with pretty basic needs can feasibly opt for VA Panel Monitor featuring high-contrast. 


Acer is a giant slayer in the market of excellent laptops, first-class monitors, pretty cool computing accessories, and much more. Acer is working for decades and is always leading to provide some of the most exemplary screens offering excellent compatibility for different tasks.

You can explore some top-dollar workstations that ensure next-level customer satisfaction. Acer Monitors are rugged, durable, reliable, and above all, cost-effective.  

Though it offers a less-than-impressive warranty policy and users have also complained about its unhelpful tech support agents, it’s in the race, and it always will be. 

Not only the innovative gaming laptop designs, but it also introduces high-compatibility gaming monitors that can take the crown for any battlefield. The reviews and recommendations are always supportive and can help you make the best decision in Acer Monitors. 

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