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Is an Alienware laptop worth it

Is an Alienware laptop worth it

Is an Alienware laptop worth it?

Is an Alienware laptop worth it?

Well, the answer depends on a lot of factors, discussed below.

What is an Alienware laptop?

Alienware is a computer brand that originated in America, and it is the subordinate company of Dell. 

Being a subordinate of Dell makes Alienware a top competitor in the laptop market, as Dell is one of the successful multinational companies in the field of personal computers and its products. However, Alienware focuses mostly on creating gaming laptops as well as computers and their products are easily recognized by their trademark Alienware theme logo.

When talking about these laptops, you will find many mixed reviews from different people thinking that it’s not worthy enough. Having said that, we believe that Alienware offers one of the best laptops and to clear your confusion, let us discuss the features and specs that make their laptops stand out.

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Is Alienware really worth it?

Alienware is a topnotch company producing high-quality laptops that can easily speed up your work and can be the perfect choice for portable on the go gaming. Below are some of the features mentioned of this incredible brand that makes their laptops worth it;

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High Performance

Prioritizing in high-end performance has been the goal of Alienware since the beginning. Their large casing gives them the option to add more hardware to their laptops, and they are more than happy to sacrifice the slim and portable design in order to achieve optimum speedy performance.

Superior Features

Alienware uses the latest technology on their systems, including the new NVIDIA’s GPU and powerful 10th generation Intel Processor to give you a vibrant gaming experience and front-line entertainment.

Diverse Screen Options

One of the great things about Alienware is the number of choices available for your screen. From G-sync to 4K, there are tons of options present, including the high refreshing rates to upgrade your overall system. Their 120Hz display is highly efficient that delivers an improved and evolved gameplay.

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Topnotch Designing

Each laptop is specifically designed with a magnesium alloy to make the laptop reliable and durable. Their elite touchpad and keyboards are the best in the market. The multihued RGB keyboard uses anti-ghosting tech to provide a firm grip and control over the keys. 

Customizable Lighting

The Alienware laptops have RGB lighting across different areas of the laptop. They have a separate command center where you have the luxury to change the backlighting according to your preferred area. In new laptops, there is also an option to customize the lighting on each key, which makes it an infinite monarchy of creativeness.

With all these amazing specs and features, the company Alienware is definitely one of the best in producing high-level laptops that are effective for fluid gameplay and use, making it worth its cost.

Are Alienware laptops reliable?

Absolutely, Alienware laptops are reliable and durable; that’s why their cost is relatively high than that of normal laptops. Normally, there are no major issues with Alienware laptops. If you are satisfied with the features and specs that we have mentioned above, then Alienware should be your go-to choice as they are definitely reliable and worth every penny you spend.

Is it worth buying a gaming laptop in 2020?

It all depends on your requirements or which kind of a user you are. Just like every product, a gaming laptop also has its pros and cons, so let us take a look at the pros first;


This is easily the prime reason for buying a gaming laptop. There is nothing better than having your own personalized gaming laptop that is portable enough to be taken every place you go to. 


The amazing thing about gaming laptop is their dual usage. Whether you’re a student or a work from home guy, the gaming laptop gives you the option to work and play no matter where you are. 


A sleek looking design, along with its fancy lighting, gives an aesthetic look to the laptop. Furthermore, the features of per-key lighting and colorful lit-up ports make it one of the best-looking laptops.

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Now, let’s get into the cons of buying a gaming laptop:


One of the major reasons people are rejecting gaming laptops is its price barrier. It is without a shadow of a doubt that gaming laptops are costly than gaming consoles.

Power usage

Due to its portability, power usage can be a big issue, as the high-level GPU and hardware require maximum power capacity. In simple words, your laptop would be plugged in most of the times when gaming.

Heating System

Laptops tend to get heated easily because of the high GPU present in them. To overcome this issue, you will have to buy a separate cooling pad to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Now that we have discussed all its pros and cons, it’s totally up to you to choose as per your preferences to buy a gaming laptop.

How long will an Alienware laptop last?

Generally, it depends on the type of model you have. Some of the models have a capacity of two years, while some have five years. However, most Alienware laptops tend to last up to a total of five years if used appropriately.

Do Alienware laptops overheat?

It is normal for any laptop, including Alienware, to heat when being used for gaming due to the heat caused by the GPU. Otherwise, for normal use, the Alienware laptops do not overheat.

Why is Alienware expensive?

People have hodgepodge reviews regarding Alienware’s prices because their basic configurations cost is comparatively very high. Furthermore, Alienware is considered expensive as they always use advanced hardware features and the latest processors to provide high-level gaming capacity. 

Are Alienware PCs bad?

No, Alienware PCs are outfitted with great processors and are well built; however, they are costly. That’s why users prefer to build their own gaming computers instead of going for Alienware personal computers.

Is Razer better than Alienware?

If you want a thin laptop that is light in weight, then Razer is definitely the preferred option. Otherwise, on paper, they both have almost the same features and specs.

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Can you use Alienware as a normal computer?

Yes, you can definitely use Alienware as a normal computer. Alienware would operate faster due to its gaming hardware features and do everything much efficiently than your normal personal computer.

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