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Is an Apple laptop worth it

Is an Apple laptop worth itIs an Apple laptop worth it

Is an Apple laptop worth it?

If you are planning to buying an Apple laptop, we have a detailed guide that covers everything you need to know so, let’s dive into it:

Is Apple MacBook worth buying?

The answer to this question simply depends on your requirements. If you’re into gaming, then obviously, Apple MacBook wouldn’t be your preferred choice. However, we believe there is no better choice for office work or photo editing than the Apple MacBook. It is easily the perfect package along with tons of specs, which will be discussed below;

Mac OS

One of the most incredible features of a MacBook is its Mac Operating System. The Mac OS is easy to use and less prone to malware. The swift integration and connectivity to iOS mobiles work preciously for users giving them a timesaving smoother experience.

Retina Display

The high-definition retina display is aesthetically pleasing and attractive for the users. The stunning resolution is crucial for professionals working on photos and videos, as they require vibrant colors with crystal clear display.

Long-lasting Battery Life

A key feature that makes MacBook worth it is the enduring battery life. The 13-inch MacBook models have an extended battery life of 10 hours; meanwhile, the 16-inch models can survive up to 11 hours depending on the usage. 

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The aforementioned features definitely make an Apple MacBook stand out from the rest, and it is definitely worth buying.

Is MacBook worth buying in 2020?

Absolutely, with new advancements in technology, MacBook is worth buying in 2020. The launch of 2020 MacBook Air that has been integrated with exceptional features such as an increased 256 GB storage and quad-core options to enhance your performance, we are confident to say that buying a MacBook in 2020 is definitely worth each penny.

The issues people had with MacBook’s butterfly keyboard were solved using scissor switches to make it robust and durable. Furthermore, its featherweight makes it an ideal option for students and workers; hence it is one of the best laptops to give you value for your money.

Is the Apple laptop better than HP?

Apple and HP are two of the largest running laptop brands at the moment, which provide an excellent quality laptop. In comparison, one of Apple’s edge over HP is its remarkable customer service that has made these laptops one of the popular choices for users.

Is Apple laptop better than Windows?

If you want to buy a laptop that offers excellent customer service with its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface, Apple is surely better than the Windows operating system. However, Windows offers you good value of money, and it is more flexible.

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Do Macs get viruses?

Yes, Macs do get malware, viruses, and there has been a significant increase in viruses on Mac recently; however, Apple’s security system is easily one of the best that makes it impossible to download this malware. MacBook has built-in anti-virus software named XProtect that inspects your system. There is also GateKeeper software present that keeps track of every app before you install it.

Why are Macs so expensive?

The main reason for Macs being so expensive is they last longer than most laptops. The hardware’s quality is impeccable and has loads of features that include an impressive touchpad and extended battery life. Macs are also unlikely to be affected by malware.

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