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Is ASUS a good monitor brand

Is ASUS a good monitor brand

Is ASUS a good monitor brand

Is ASUS a good monitor brand?

The name ASUS originated from the word “Asustek.” This brand hit the market in the year 1989 in Taiwan. From electronic appliances to smartphones, this brand has managed to manufacture a variety of different high-end products over the years. 

One of the major things for which ASUS is famous is its flexibility range. Not only does it offer professional monitors with the most advanced features, but it also produces a wide range of gaming monitors with a whopping refresh rate of 360Hz and varying prices for excellent performance during the gameplay. 

Being one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, ASUS has gained a fair share of recognition over the years because of its ergonomic monitors with ultra-wide options and budget-friendly pricing. This brand produces monitors in five different categories, including Gaming Monitors, Professional Monitors, Portable Monitors, Designo Monitors, and Essential Monitors. 

It is safe to say that with all these success stories and manufacturing growth over the years, ASUS is a good brand with high-end qualities and services. Their monitors are famous for their exceptional ergonomic design and excellent build quality, which work extremely well with motion handling. However, some users claim that the gaming monitors, in particular, are pretty heavy because of their heavy build design. 

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Is Acer a good monitor brand?

Acer is considered one of the topmost rated monitor brands in the industry because of its extensive list of brilliant features. To help you understand why ACER has more demand in the market than any other worldwide brands, we will walk you through a few of its important and most extraordinary features:

  • For a better quality display, a monitor only requires a high-end panel. While Acer gets its panels from only a particular manufacturer, its longevity of display screen and quality is excellent.
  • Whether you are running short on your budget or wish to purchase a high-performance monitor for your workplace or home, Acer is the best choice for you. 
  • Acer monitors are built with different ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI-D (lower-end models) and USB ports for data transfer.
  • Color accuracy and color reproduction are excellent.
  • Acer actively works with the latest G-sync technology; you can either buy a model with G-sync and Freesync or without G-sync and Freesync since the manufacturer makes both models.
  • Acer monitors come with impressive stands along with adjustments features that provide a more profound look to your entire PC setup.
  • There are two versions, namely X34 Bmiphz and Pbmiphzxx.
  • Acer monitors offer 3-year warranty policies for the buyers, which cover almost everything.
  • Acer monitors are installed with IPS panel, which is currently the most popular panel among all monitor manufacturers because of its extraordinary features. 
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All in all, given the prices, features, and internal architecture and components, you can easily conclude the value of Acer monitors by yourself. Acer is definitely a great brand when it comes to purchasing budget-friendly monitors, that too with exceptionally high performance and excellent warranty policies.

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