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Is BenQ a good brand

Is BenQ a good brand

Is BenQ a good brand

Is BenQ a good brand?

BenQ is one of the top rising companies in the electronics industry with incredible products like Monitors, Projectors, Digital Cameras, etc. One of the key products of BenQ is its high-quality monitors that can be used for gaming as well as general office use.

Is BenQ better than Asus?

Being more expensive than ASUS, the BenQ monitor offers a variety of features and specs that include a high-resolution picture, an ergonomic stand, and fast response time, to name a few. Overall, BenQ is a reliable and durable brand with quality products making it easily better than ASUS.

Who is BenQ made by?

The brand name BenQ stands for ‘Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to Life.’ BenQ is a multinational company that originated from Taiwan and was founded 37 years ago in 1984 by two people, namely K.Y. Lee and Conway Lee, who are currently the CEO and President of this international company. 

The head office of BenQ is located in Taipei, which is the capital of the country, and at the present day, their total number of assets is believed to be around 118 million dollars in the US. This worldwide brand is situated in more than 100 countries and has around 3,500 employees working for them.

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Is BenQ a good brand for projectors?

BenQ has one of the biggest project productions worldwide with an impressive variety of choices. From being reasonable to bright room gaming, the BenQ delivers excellent projectors that have a high dynamic range display with vibrant colors and high contrast ratio. 

The company uses the latest technology, starting from 1080P to 4K resolutions. All things considered, BenQ is definitely one of the best brands if you’re looking for a good projector.

Are BenQ monitors good for the eyes?

The number of options that BenQ provides for monitors is incredibly amazing. Whether you want a gaming monitor with a high frame rate or the flicker-free friendly to the eye, BenQ has all of them. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make BenQ monitors one of the best for your eyes;

1. Flicker-Free Tech

Flickering basically occurs up to 250 times per second in a normal monitor that is harmful to the eyes. The flicker-free tech was designed to reduce the amount of stress on your eyes to make work efficient.  BenQ ensures that the monitor is comfortable to the eye by using flickering-free technology.

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2. Low Blue Light Filter

Using the low blue light filter minimizes the blue light exposure of your monitor.  This tech is recommended to use for users who spend more than 5 hours on their monitor display in order to save their eyes from stress and maintain their vision.

3. Brightness Intelligent Technology

For professional gamers and video editors, brightness intelligent technology is recommended as it automatically detects the lighting in your room and adjusts the screen according to it.

Top BenQ monitors

Following are mentioned some topnotch BenQ monitors:

  • BenQ EX2780Q 27-inch monitor
  • BenQ EL2870U 4K monitor
  • BenQ EW3270U 4K monitor

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