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Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand – Is It Worth the Trust and Money?   

Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand

If you are an avid gamer, either a console gamer or a professional gamer, you might have heard about the high compatibility of BenQ monitors. But is BenQ a good monitor and the best value for money? We’ll see this in the critical review below. 

Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand?   

In a nutshell, BenQ is known for offering incredible features with a wide range of professional monitors coming at affordable prices. BenQ’s monitor series feature monitors that usually no other common monitor brands provide. 

Either you are looking for 32-inch monitors for gaming or super-compatible monitors for trading, cinematography, photography, and video editing, there’s one unique monitor for you in the BenQ Monitor Series. In simpler words, there’s a treat for everyone. 

Regardless of the use and the type of monitor you choose, there’s one thing BenQ assures, and that’s a slight eye strain as possible.  

Conventionally, the best BenQ monitor totally depends upon the user’s needs and the choice of monitors accordingly. Still, the list of the top monitors mentioned in the article below is a sweet spot for anyone regardless of the purpose.

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BenQ Company – The Corporate Introduction

BenQ is a Taiwanese Multinational Corporation that has a current net worth of $100 Million. It was founded in 1984 by K.Y. Lee and Conway Lee is the present CEO of the company. 

The company started from scratch and has managed to mark more than 3,500 employees over the time span. BenQ headquarter are based in Taipei, Taiwan and they are making world-class projectors, monitors, speakers, and other accessories for a long time now. 

There are multiple factors that make BenQ one of the leading brands of today’s time and one among them is its wide range of designs to choose from. 

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Design Series of Top-Quality BenQ Monitor

The right monitor is one that can let you enjoy the best results and for that, the monitor should be compatible with the personal and professional needs of the user. BenQ understands the fact and offers top-of-the-line series including; 

  1. DesignVue Monitors 

The Designer Monitors geared for art or graphic design enthusiasts are all included in DesignVue Series. These monitors specifically come with AQColor technology and deliver faithful recreation with the most accurate color representation. 

These monitors can work well in dark rooms and artists can play with the brightness and contrast adjustments accordingly. You can easily set them up with a second monitor to work more effectively. This range offers 2K to 4K resolution.

PD2705Q (27-inches) and PD3420Q (34-inches) are two among hot-selling Designer Monitors by Ben. 


  1. PhotoVue Monitors

These Photographer Monitors cater more to photographers and come with exceptionally faithful color recreation. These monitors are the best to work in black and white and come equipped with HDR and thus, offer up-to-the-mark bright, authentic colors. 

Photographers can also choose to display images and photographs in two gamut colors, either in 2K or 4K.

SW321C is one of the all-time favorite monitors of photographs serving the best picture quality in 34-inch screen size. 

  1. VideoVue Monitors

These Video Post-Production Monitors are utterly the best for videographers and are designed by keeping faithful colorful recreation, a high refresh rate, and distinct color depth in mind. They’re available in 2K and 4K resolutions. 

Monitors like PV270 can offer 2560×1440 QHD Resolution with 100% Rec. in an IPS Technology screen to best serve the videographers. 


  1. Entertainment Monitors

BenQ’s Entertainment Monitors are of two types; Multimedia Monitors and G/V Monitors for exclusive film and TV viewing.

The Multimedia Monitors offer quality visuals with impressive audio and HDRi to adjust brightness. It also allows users to enjoy various visual modes that best match with their content either a film, live sport or a game. They are cheaper and can be found in HD, 2K, and 4K resolution.

Whereas the G/V monitors are actually the multipurpose monitors featuring efficiency and functionality. Their most prominent features are the slim design, thin bezels, a convenient cord system, and easy to mount design. They are available in HD and 2K resolutions.

EW2780 (1080p) and EW2780U (4K) are the two finest monitors that can best serve general entertainment purposes. 

  1. Gaming monitors

BenQ’s Gaming Monitors are exceptional wow right out of the box. They offer a high refresh paired with strong connection options to best treat the gamers. Playing online has never been this easy before. 

These monitors offer a Variable refresh rate so gamers can set them to adjust any stuttering or pauses for their specific game. These monitors are vibrant and offer detailed visuals with quality speakers built-in. They are available in 2K and 4K resolutions.

BenQ’s best gaming monitors are EX2510 (24.5-inches – 1080p) and EX3415R (34-inches – 3440×1440 QHD) so far.  

  1. Business Monitors

BenQ Business Monitors are ergonomic and adaptable for busy and loaded work life. They offer the one-of-its-kind pivot and tilt that make them best compatible with the workspaces. Moreover, the screen technology is built specifically keeping long work hours in mind; to relieve eye strain. They are available in HD and offer Eye Care Technology like in BL2480T, too 

BenQ BL series Monitors are certified with Energy Star, TCO, and EPEATfor offering environment-friendly monitor purchasing for government, and other business institutions.

There isn’t a doubt by now that BenQ is always one step ahead in offering the best compatibility and that’s what makes it a good monitor brand. The list of series doesn’t end here, there are plenty of other monitors in the following ranges; 

Moreover, there are plenty of monitor accessories and Software available on board. Still considering is BenQ a good monitor? Answers are clear enough but there’s still a lot you need to know. 

How to Choose the Best BenQ Monitor?

Though design series are mentioned, do you know which one is the ultimate best for you? Probably not, because you might don’t know what features to look for in a BenQ monitor. 

Here’s are some key considerations before opting for a BenQ Monitor; 

Look for the Right Size

BenQ monitors are available from 20 inches to 34 inches (measured diagonally) in size. If you’re looking for a graphic, artistic, creator, or developer use, a larger option would be nicer. Whereas if you are up for simple browse and work, a smaller option would be compatible enough. 

Wisely Check the Aspect Ratio and Resolution 

Resolution is the check of pixels displayed on a screen and it’s stated in two numbers like 1920x1080p. 1920 explains the horizontal pixels whereas 1080 explains vertical pixels. A higher resolution clearly means sharper and better results. 

Though a higher resolution is better, the high resolution also indirectly relates to the content size on the screen. Higher resolution, smaller content! 

Conversely, the aspect ratio is the ratio between image’s height and width and is represented as 16:9. A square screen would have a 1:1 aspect ratio and vise versa. 

If you are choosing the monitor for image quality, videography, and video games, a screen with a wide-enough 16:9 aspect ratio and 4K resolution would be fair enough.  

A Tip: Check your device’s recommended resolution before buying the monitor as some discs, consoles, subscriptions, and boxes come with their own recommendations. 

Don’t Forget the Ports

Your monitor connects with your other devices and accessories only through the ports that’s why to be clear enough for your connection needs. They should be compatible with user’s needs and devices. 

Most BenQ monitors come with a DisplayPort, DVI, USB, and HDMI ports for high-speed connections with audio and video devices. 

Do you need a Shading hood?

You may need a shading hood if you are working outdoors in video production, graphic design, photography, or other esports fields. Some of the specified monitors come with shading hoods as an inclusive and sometimes they are sold separately. 

These detachable items help prevent any type of glare and eliminate ambient light directly hitting the screen otherwise. 

Wall mounting or Table-Top  

BenQ monitors come with an inclusive sturdy stand and are easy to wall mount to save space for a much-needed convenience. Check if your monitor’s separately sold mount offers a convenient tilt, pivot, and swivel. If you’re using it as a fixed monitor, a not-so-smooth wouldn’t bother you much but for a gamer and a designer working with motions, a smooth yet on-point tilting and swivel are crucial. 

Invest in Eye Care Technology

Though BenQ claims to build monitors that never put a heavy strain on eyes, it’s never a waste to invest in Eye Care Technology. BenQ monitors support plenty of eye care features like reducing blue light, eliminating any flickering, and offering the latest panels. 

Some of these monitors can automatically adjust the brightness so they can feasibly accommodate ambient light to assure strain-free viewing.

If you are more prone to spend the whole day in front of the monitor, go for BenQ’s Exclusive Eye Care Technology Monitors like those included in the BL Series (Business Series).   

Choosing the Right Value for the Money

Sure, the more expensive the better but this isn’t the case always. You can always get the best value monitor that justifies the price and offers convenience.  

You can find BenQ’s Inexpensive Mid-Range Monitors in under $400 that offers quality HD screens geared towards general entertainment and business use. Some others fall in a $400 to $800 range and offer 4K resolution with some built-in specialty series options.

On the other hand, some other expensive top-notch options for graphics can cost you $800 and above but they are worth the price as they are larger and professional. 

Do You Know: Some of BenQ’s graphic design-oriented monitors let the designers ‘soft proof’ their designs before they opt for printing. This feature helps them to visualize a faithful recreation of their designs on the screen and saves them a lot of time, energy, and paper.

Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand – Some FAQ’s 

1. Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand?

In a nutshell, BenQ monitors are a great value for the money and work excellent. After reviewing and testing plenty of BenQ monitors, we are clear to say they are excellent. They are fairly priced, produce excellent screens, and are exclusively reliable.

2. Is BenQ a Taiwanese or Chinese company? 

BenQ is a Taiwanese Multinational Corporation that has a current net worth of $100 Million. It was founded in 1984 by K.Y. Lee and Conway Lee is the present CEO of the company. It sells technology products including some consumer electronics and other computing or communications devices. 

3. Which one is the best BenQ Monitor for gaming?

Gaming has now been a lot more than just a hobby and under this influence, we have plenty of market choices for gaming monitors. Among the rush, BenQ EX2780Q is a leading contender that features an amazing 2560x1440p screen resolution. Conclusively, it comes with everything all-inclusive to compete even some of the finest 1440p gaming monitors in the queue. 

4. Can BenQ monitors last long?

BenQ monitors are reliable, durable, and trustworthy. They usually come with an approximately 30,000hrs life expectancy that can vary depending on the use. Life expectancy majorly depends on the number of hours a monitor is used in a day. 

A Tip: While purchasing a higher-end monitor like from the DesignVue series or FotoVue, make sure you download the BenQ’s subsequent compatible software to assure you get the best matching colors and enjoy a streamlined workflow.


We searched plenty of BenQ monitors to find ‘Is BenQ a good monitor brand’? And we were surprised by the results. BenQ monitors are quite closed to perfection and offer everything one can ever wish in a monitor. Their monitor range is quite wide and covers every field from medical to filmmaking. 

The monitors are exclusively designed with perfection, amazing contrast ratio, impressive resolutions, and high-tech panels. The only drawback is, there aren’t enough models compared to other leading brands but individually, every of their monitor is worth the price. 

A wise and safe decision though!     

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