Is Conan exiles cross-platform?

Is Conan Exiles Cross Platform

Conan Exiles is a survival game by Funcom that came out back in 2018. The danger and thrilling gameplay of the Conan Exiles make it worth trying for all the survival game lovers out there. The game was released on Windows, PS4, and Xbox one as well. Many gamer enthusiasts ask the question that Is Conan Exiles cross platform or not? So, I came up with a detailed article for a better answer.

Is Conan exiles cross platform?

In this article, we will be discussing whether the Conan Exiles is cross-platform or not. So, without any ado let’s dig in.

What does cross-platform mean?

Crossplay in gaming terms means a video game that can be played by multiple players together on different gaming hardware such as PS5, Xbox series, PS4, personal computer, and the list goes on. 

Cross-platform Technology has given us a remarkable breakthrough in gaming. Most of the games developed earlier were specific to certain gaming hardware. Cross-platform technology has left behind the stereotypical and traditional method of gaming.

Now you do not have to worry if you don’t have an Xbox and want to play a game with your friend with an Xbox. You can use your personal computer and play the game on your PC while your friend plays it on his Xbox however this technology is getting evolved and all the games are not updated or belt using this technology even in 2021.

The question that arises here whether is Conan exiles cross-platform or not?

Conan Exiles is a famous game amongst the gaming community since May 2018. The plot and the game functions are built in such a way that players do not lose interest. 

Talking about whether the game Conan exiles supports cross platform gaming or not? The blunt answer is NO. Sadly it does not. This means that if your friend has an Xbox and you have a play station, you both cannot play this game together. One of you needs to get another device, and then only you will be able to play the game together when the hardware matches. 

Some rick gamers have been able to do that, but for most people, it is unaffordable to buy another gaming device for this one game.

Conan Exiles Servers

Conan Exiles offers two different kinds of servers to its users.

  • Host dedicated server: This server is available only for PC users. 
  • Rented server

When it comes to cross-platform features, none of the servers mentioned above supports cross-platform play. 

It is unfortunate that even in 2021, cross-play is something that a game like Conan exiles lacks. We hope and pray that they incorporate this feature, however, it doesn’t seem like this will happen soon.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform between PC and PS4?

It sometimes gets hard to swallow a pill and reply with a NO in response to such a tremendous game not having cross-platform features.

One of the most searched queries regarding is Conan exiles cross-platform between Pc and PS4 and vice versa. Since the game and the game servers lack cross-play options, Conan exile cannot be played simultaneously between two users.

Is Conan Exile Cross-platform between Xbox and PS4?

The answer is no here as well. It does not support cross-platform on any platform, whether it is PC, PS4 or Xbox.

The game is fortunately available on all the platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox but since there is no cross-platform option available. Things get little bad here because It is very unlikely that a group of 10 friends have the same gaming hardware. This is the most obvious why gamers all across the world are yearning for the cross-platform feature to be added as soon as possible.

Is Conan Exiles Split screen?

You might not have been able to get out of the saddening news and the drawbacks that you have to face while playing Conan exiles. Here is another one for you. With the title of this paragraph, you must’ve guessed that Conan exiles doesn’t support split-screen options.

This doesn’t mean that the game isn’t good, it’s just that there are limitations to it. The game is so good that even with these limitations the game still lies in the hearts of the gamers.

Can I play Conan exiles with friends?

There is barely any fun when you play games solo. A very small population in the gaming community prefers playing solo. The rest of the people like it when they play in groups, amongst their friends. The conversations make the game time even better and the strategies come off exceptionally well.

There are barely any games in this genre that you cannot play with your friends. We are happy to tell you that Conan exile is not on the list of those games. You can easily play Conan exile with your friends simultaneously when you are using the same gaming hardware.

Is Conan Exiles Coop?

Do not get too disheartened because the list of disappointments has ended. We hope you didn’t find it too long. 

If you are questioning the internet if Conan exiles is coop or not? Let us share a piece of good news with you all. Yes! It is.

When you choose the coop option, you are given 4 different choices:

  • Civilized mode
  • Decadent mode
  • Barbaric mode
  • Custom mode

These choices are the difficulty levels of the game. Isn’t it fancy?

Can you play two players in Conan exiles?

Yes! It is 100% possible to play two players in Conan exile. However, there is one small drawback. There are distance issues when you are playing Conan exiles in two-player mode. The players are required to stay close to each other. This isn’t exactly a drawback, as most gamers use staying together as a strategy in battle games. It may be difficult and challenging for some players, maybe beginners, or in tasks that require the users to separate and move in the opposite directions or go to other places on the map.

Using a dedicated or a private server will not have the distance issue. Playing in two-player mode is much more convenient when you do not have any restrictions. No strings attached to the gameplay when you use a private or dedicated server.

We can conclude that the game doesn’t always disappoint.

Can you play multiplayer on Conan exiles?

Another good news for you all. Multiplayer options are also available on Conan exiles. You don’t have to worry about choosing just one friend or take turns playing with the most amazing player in your circle. Just like most other games, Conan exiles also allow you to play in multiplayer mode.

Playing with friends makes the game exciting and much more fun. The multiplayer mode in Conan exile when operated in a local area network play or system link allows a maximum of 10 players. However, the official PvE server can accommodate up to 70 players at a time.

How do you play multiplayer on Conan exiles?

Once you connect to the internet and choose the multiplayer mode in the main menu. It will display 3 options which are:

  • PvP
  • PvE – Conflict
  • PvE

PvP is the player versus player mode. This the most challenging mode of the game. When we say the most challenging mode, we mean it. Players fight other players, destroy their belongings and loot their wealth. All of this depends from server to server, however, one thing is for sure. Each player will be fighting against each one and the scenario will be no less than that of a war. Your belongings will be destroyed. It will be a total disaster, but that’s where the real fun comes in. We recommend you not to choose it if you cannot control your emotions and feelings while playing a game.

The second mode that you can avail of while playing multiplayer is the PvE, the player versus the environment mode. You do not fight with each other, everyone plays as a team against the environment, just as the name suggests.

The creatures of the land and harsh environmental conditions are what you are competing against in this mode. This is a great mode if you want to socialize while playing the game. You can also interact with other players and make new friends.

At last, but not least, here comes the third and final mode offered in multiplayer Conan exiles. PvE – Conflict. Player versus environment conflict allows you to fight with the other players in the server at certain times, but it ensures the safety of your wealth and property. This means you cannot destroy the player’s building, nor you are allowed to loot their wealth.

Amongst the three modes PvE – conflict is the most played multiplayer game version.

Is Cross-platform an essential feature in the year 2021?

Since the game is being played worldwide without the cross-play feature, we cannot conclude that it is essential. Although, it has created a negative impact on the image of the game, and some of the gamers have stopped playing it due to the unavailability of these cross-play features.

It is not the most essential component but a great tool if the game wants to be marketed even better. There will be a point where the unavailability of this feature will cause the company to bear some serious losses. Before it gets late, the feature should come in as soon as possible.

Will Conan exiles become a cross-platform soon in 2021?

Conan Exiles has confirmed via their official Twitter account that the game does not support cross-platform features. They have also confirmed the news that they do not plan on making it cross-platform any time soon, at least not in 2021.

Not all your friends use the same gaming device to play the game. Some use PlayStation, some may use Xbox or some may use PC. It is said that this exciting game cannot be played across multiple hardware, making it difficult for you to play it in groups.

For this time, let’s hope that the next Google search we make for “Is Conan exiles cross-platform?” shows a yes instead of no. We also hope that features such as split-screen are also added to the game format. The game can surely become unbeatable in the industry after a few additions are made.