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Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work

Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work

Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work? Let’s find out…

You can find several types of monitors in the market that are ideal for specific uses. Today we are talking about Curved monitors and whether they are good for office work or not. But, before we start, it is important to know what Curved monitors are and how are they different from traditional flat-screen monitors.

Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work?

Are you an office worker and keen to know if the curved monitors are a good option for your office work? We have got you covered. The answer is very straightforward, i.e., yes, curved monitors are indeed a great choice for office work.

Below we have mentioned some impressive features that make curved monitors a reasonable choice for your office work so, let’s check them out.

What is a Curved Monitor?

In simpler words,

Curved monitors are horizontally broad and curved from both sides that provide an ultra-wide display. 

That is the reason why curved monitors usually have enhanced horizontal resolutions. Curved monitors are a recent technology that has gained impressive popularity in a very short period, and rightfully so, you get an amazing piece of technology at a pretty affordable price. 

Being very inexpensive and yet having several amazing features, curved monitors are a great choice but, for who? These monitors can be used for office work, gaming, programming, etc., but are they ideal for these places?

Let’s stick to our topic and figure out whether or not a curved monitor is good for office work.

Ultra-wide display

Since these monitors are broader horizontally, they provide an extremely wide display. Moreover, because of the ultra-wide screen, you get better horizontal resolutions up to 1080p/1440p. The only restriction is that you would get these resolutions in 27-inch or above monitor screens only.

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Easier use of multiple windows

Office work is not a matter of a single tab and organized display; in fact, you have to keep an eye on multiple tabs at a time. These tabs require extensive head movement that can be super strenuous. Hence, curved monitor screens are designed in order to reduce your head movement and provide easier use of multiple windows. Remember, the bigger the monitor size is, the helpful its curvature is.

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Bigger diagonals

The traditional flat-paneled monitors are restricted to about 32 inches which is pretty great for office work. However, curved panels provide an even bigger display up to 49 inches which is an extremely impressive field of view.

A better option for multiple monitors

Sometimes one monitor display is not good enough, and you require one or two extra monitors for an extended view. The curved monitors are a better option for multiple displays set up because of the smoother transition from one monitor to another than that in flat monitors. Not to forget, the super-thin bezels of the curved monitors make the transition and overall performance even more efficient and smooth.

Consumes lesser desk space

What could be better than having a monitor that doesn’t eat up a lot of your desk space? The space-saving design of curved monitors is something that every office worker wishes for, and now you can have an organized and decluttered desk with curved monitors. Moreover, many office workers use two monitors for a wider view that also takes a considerable space of their work station; however, with the extremely wide display screen of curved monitors, you won’t need multiple monitors that prevent you from the hassle of splitting your workflow into two.

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Additional features

What else comes with a curved monitor is the convenience of easy setup with a detailed user manual and an aesthetic style that looks extremely enthralling to the eyes. However, we don’t recommend to buy a curved monitor depending on its look, but luckily almost every curved monitor is as pleasing as one would want.

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Is a curved monitor good for work?

Yes, a curved monitor is really good for work. 

The main reason why curved monitors have gained immense fame is their ability to provide peripheral vision, which prevents the users from distractions and helps keep the concentration on work. Moreover, all the aforementioned features contribute significantly to making the curved monitors a fantastic choice for your work.

What is the best curved monitor for office work?

There is a wide variety of curved monitors in the market where you can get confused among the choices. Curved monitors from different brands, sizes, resolutions, and several others are available; however, if you in search of the best curved monitor for your office work, we have a few options:

  • Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW: It is highly durable, excellent color quality, ultra-wide display, and impressive versatility make this monitor an ideal choice for professional use.
  • BenQ EX3501R: This monitor is packed with exceptional such as AMD FreeSync, ultra-fine details, HDR resolution, bezel-less edges and a lot more.
  • MSI Optix MPG27CQ: For authentic colors, flicker-free technology, AMD FreeSync, screen adjustability options, and powerful performance, none other could be better than MSI Optix.

Remember that these are a few of our recommendations; you must always do your homework before making such a hefty investment.

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Do curved monitors make a difference?

Since everyone has a different experience with every product, we cannot exactly say if this will make a difference or not. Now that you have learned about all the specifications the curved monitors have, we hope that you can figure out whether these make a difference or not.

According to us, there are several things that count and make the curved monitors stand out from other monitors including, their incredible space-saving feature, better performance with multiple monitors, ultra-wide field of view and a lot more.

Is a curved monitor good for Excel?

Yes, a curved monitor is good for Excel spreadsheets as they provide higher resolution along with an ultra-wide screen. There are various curved monitors in the market that could be a brilliant choice, especially when you have to do a lot of your office work on Excel spreadsheets.

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