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Is IPS Monitor Good For Gaming?

Is IPS Monitor Good For GamingIs IPS Monitor Good For Gaming?

Is IPS Monitor Good For Gaming?

An IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor used liquid crystals parallelly aligned for the production of richer colors and the liquid crystal can reposition horizontally helps in offering better viewing angles. Hence, IPS monitors are perfect for gaming because they offer extremely fast responsive specifications, incredible reproduction of colors, a wider viewing angle while retaining brightness levels even from the lowest angle.

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Are IPS Monitors Bad For Gaming?

IPS monitors are not bad for gaming because they are known for their fast-response timing as most of the gaming monitors with IPS technology have a response time of 4 milliseconds and won’t cause any problems for any gaming-enthusiasts. Besides, the development in IPS screens is ever-evolving and there are a few IPS gaming displays that offer a much faster response time of 2 milliseconds and 1 millisecond. 

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Is IPS Or LED Better For Gaming?

IPS monitors are a more viable choice because over time technology has outlived the limitations once faced, and offers a greater advantage over LED monitors. IPS monitors have better color reproduction, for improved viewing angles and faster response time. Whereas, on the other hand, LED monitors have poor color accuracy, viewing angles, and slower response times. Therefore, more and more gamers are moving towards IPS technology. 

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Are IPS Monitors Better?

Yes, IPS monitors are far better than other monitors. Initially, IPS technology was developed to overcome the limitations of other monitors like TN and VA display types as they offered limited viewing angles along with very poor color reproduction. However, IPS monitors have incredibly better viewing angles and superior color accuracy.

What Is an IPS Monitor For Gaming?

Nowadays, IPS based monitors are a very popular choice for gaming because the newer models incorporate advanced technology and have outgrown the limitations once faced, and have established a new space in the gaming-community because of the improved viewing angles, image quality and color accuracy as newer IPS monitor models come with 8-bit color depth panels.

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