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Is Lenovo A Good Brand?

Is Lenovo A Good Brand

Lenovo – Smarter technology for all. But is Lenovo a good brand in real? We’ll dig out the answer in the article below. 

Let’s all hail one of the biggest selling laptop manufacturers worldwide, the Legend Computers of Beijing, China or now-known Lenovo. Yes, Lenovo is well-reputed for its exemplary creations like phones, laptops, smart devices, data center devices, PCs, tablets, and whatnot. 

Moreover, the company has always maintained its well-deserved ranks on the best tech brands listings, which definitely indicates its worth!

Lenovo has been one of the top choices for several tech users for years, especially for laptop users. The tech giant has dominated the market in terms of better quality components and the best value for money.

What else do you expect from a top-tier brand, by the way?

So, if you plan on getting a new competent laptop or any other computing accessory, why not consider Lenovo? Numerous tech experts can vouch for Lenovo as a great brand, but would you like to know the reasons yourself?

Dig a little deep into this article, and you will be enlightened about everything you need to know about the things that make Lenovo a good brand. 

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Is Lenovo A Good Brand – Pros & Cons

Getting a new electronic device requires substantial financial investment hence it is important to understand the pros and cons that come with it. Following are some of the key points you should know about Lenovo.


  • Versatile

Lenovo covers all computing needs with its versatility.  You will find a wide range of products with minimal designs and excellent features. Lenovo is very flexible as per the user’s choice of use. An example of being versatile is their laptops such as Ideapad Line for smooth businesses to Legion Y series for effortless gaming.

  • Affordable

Lenovo laptops and computers are known for their affordability and power. The prices you get for these devices are quite hard to beat as compared to others. Lenovo has the consumer market covered with a handful of reliable products that are durable and reliable.

  • Long-lasting Battery

There is nothing better than having a laptop that can last for more than 12 hours with a single charge. When you buy Lenovo, you are guaranteed good battery life.


  • Standard Design

When it comes to the design of computing devices, Lenovo is not the most attractive brand you will find on the market. In contrast to other laptop designs, Lenovo’s laptop models are too basic.

  • Durability

Lenovo offers a better value but not so cheap as compared to others. They are too light on innovation, thus by offering an affordable value, Lenovo compromises on its durability. A single drop of your laptop can prove to be troublesome.

Lenovo – The Brand Introduction

Lenovo is apparently a Chinese Company anchoring #286 on the Fortune 500 list. That’s because it’s undeniably the world’s largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company. Impressive, though! 

Although Lenovo was professionally originated in 2004, it was started as Legend Holdings in 1984 in China. Four years apart, in 1988, the company incorporated in Hong Kong and efficiently grew as the largest PC company in China. 

The company name changed from Legend Holdings to Lenovo in 2004 and that’s why it’s known to be established in 2004. The history is deep-rooted and that’s what makes this company a strong competitor.

After 2004, Lenovo never rested or settled for anything substandard and soon, in 2005, Lenovo took over IBM which surely was an achievement. It continued setting standards and today, the company all alone marks US$47 billion worth with 57000+ employees worldwide while serving in 60+ companies. 

The statistics are clear enough to provide an idea that this brand surely packs the best of the services in all terms and that’s why it has been winning since then. 

Sure, it’s a great brand that knows how to provide the best to be ranked as the best, but what are the features and offers that make it such worthier? We’ll explore one by one in the article below.

What Does Lenovo Offer? 

The company offers a vast range of items for your virtual workspace such as tablets, laptops, PCs, entire workstations, etc. Because of its excellence in quality and pricing, it competes with two American powerhouses named Dell and HP making it a pioneer of electronics.

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Let’s check out some very useful products that this company offers.

  • Tablets 

One of the handiest gadgets one could have is a tablet that provides easy connectivity for every occasion; and some of the finest creations of tablets by Lenovo include Tab P11 Pro and Tab M8 that can be used for entertainment, business, and even as a laptop replacement.

  • Laptops

Now comes the category in which Lenovo specializes; a robust offering of laptops. The company makes laptops for literally everyone and every type of use such as, 

-For business

Business laptops require sharing of heavy documents and creating presentations; thus you should consider the ThinkPad Series which contains the bestselling business laptop of 2020. 

-For personal use

As a day-to-day user who wants a laptop for entertainment or casual browsing, the Yoga and IdeaPad Series is what you must check out. 

-For Gaming 

Are you a gaming enthusiast who spends hours on competitive gaming? Don’t worry, you are covered with the exceptional and most popular Lenovo Legion laptops designed exclusively for intense gaming. 

  • Desktops

Lenovo is a great choice for efficient, contemporary, slim, and stylish space-saver desktops as well. If you want a processor and monitor within the same unit, we have the best choice for you i.e., the M90a All-in-One desktop that offers great performance even in pressure conditions.

  • Monitors

The huge range of monitors offered includes 23-inches portable monitors to 43.4-inches curved screens, Full HD, Quad HD, 4K monitors, and G-sync compatible. Moreover, the broad connection types including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB-C, all represent the excellence of Lenovo. 

  • WorkStations

With the increase in your project complexity and size, it gets extremely important to have a workstation that has game-changing power to foster your creativity. For professionals who have complex tasks related to finance or designing, a peaceful place along with a compatible workstation is the foremost priority. 

In order to cater to your requirements with limitless possibilities, Lenovo has the ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstations. It provides amazing productivity against all industries, even Oil & Gas Industry or Entertainment.  

  • Accessories and Software 

Sometimes having a PC or laptop is not everything you need, there are several accessories that are required as well. Lenovo also provides a lot of accessories such as cases & bags, cables & adapters, chargers & batteries, memory & storage. 

If you need to enhance the audio and achieve high-quality sound, you must get your hands on audio speakers and docking stations. Lenovo also provides headsets and headphones that are exquisite to use for listening to your favorite music.

Worried about the confidential data stored in your system? You can get computer locks by Lenovo for additional security. For gamers, discrete graphics cards are also available to improve visuals.

A separate mic and keyboards can also be bought for attending virtual meetings and projects. In addition, digital designers can also make use of the company’s Stylus Pen and supplies. 

Resources and Solutions Offered By Lenovo 

Who doesn’t appreciate helpful resources and solutions offered by renowned tech companies? 

Lenovo always stays one step ahead of its customers’ expectations by not only providing them a massive range of amazing products but some additional resources and solutions as well. 

Some of these resources and solutions that Lenovo users can benefit from are explained below.

  • MyLenovo Rewards

MyLenovo Rewards is a great way to earn rewards after each purchase from Lenovo’s official website. The rewards you earn can be used later as a discount for future purchases. 

All you need to do is register yourself on the website for free, do your shopping online and redeem the rewards earned in your next purchase. 

  • SMB Community

Lenovo empowers entrepreneurs who run small businesses and provide them with expert advice, deals, and several other perks that can help flourish their business. Join Lenovo’s SMB Community if you want guidance from experts. 

  • Lenovo Finances Services

The company offers various financial services that one can opt for depending on their requirements. Now say goodbye to your financial miseries as Lenovo is there to share the load and help you get out of all the troubles. 

  • Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft is surely one of the most widely used suites for not only business purposes but educational purposes as well. If you are a businessman who spends most of his time on different applications of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. the Microsoft 365 for Business is all for you.

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The service offers three different packages including Business Basic, Standard, and Premium which one can choose depending on the features offered. 

  • 60% off Quick Ships

This is probably one of the most amazing resources that the well-reputed tech giant offers. Do you want a product that can be delivered immediately? Check out the products from the 60% off Quick Ships, place an order for your desired item and get it delivered instantly. 

Also, you will be given a 90-day deferment period for making the payment. The main purpose of this resource is to ship the product to the consumer without any delay and give them an adequate time period to clear the payment with ease. 

What Features Make Lenovo A Leading Brand? 

Lenovo’s product portfolio is full of innovation and value. Products such as Lenovo ThinkPad Line, budget Chromebooks, and premium gaming laptops fit the bill because of their optimal quality and performance.

  • Unmatched Quality  

Although brands like HP, ASUS, and Dell are known for reliability and price, Lenovo still manages to excel due to its amazing quality and wide selection of products. The library of laptops is massive and you will find notebooks suitable for IT Experts, designers, creators, musicians, students, gamers, and teachers.

For instance, look at Lenovo’s 2-in-1 Yoga C930 that is a crowd-pleaser for its extreme portability and strong overall performance. Having a robust build quality with slim aluminum chassis, the convertible notepad looks very elegant to the eye. It also has a colorful display and long-lasting battery life making it a constant favorite of ours.

For students who are looking for mid-tier budget laptops with average features that can get the job done, check Lenovo’s Thinkbook 13S that delivers excellent performance. 

  • Non-Stop Innovation

Innovation is key for a good computer brand and Lenovo is certainly one of them. The invention of the AccuType Keyboard provided a comfortable typing experience with a smooth palm rest. Once you get used to the keyboard, it really helps to complete tasks faster.

Another example is the Yoga Book C930. The 2-in-1 portable laptop can be used as a tablet and laptop. The notepad is equipped with incredible features such as the Dolby Atmos Soundbar and E-ink Panel display. 

Switching the keyboard is relatively easy now, thanks to the screen-based keypad (quick one-click transition from traditional keyboard to illustration pad and then an e-reader).

The company’s continuous innovation brings us to the gaming world. The new Legion brand laptop i.e. the Legion Y7000 is a reliable gaming machine that is also an affordable rig with enough power to run AAA games. Not only is the Y7000 sleek in design but also has a fast response time with a vivid display. 

  • Amazing Business Lines

Lenovo masters the business laptops with its improved performances of business laptops already listed among the best ones. Whether you want a business casual computer or a business formal computer, Lenovo got you covered with their two main lines i.e., IdeaPads and ThinkPads.

Having firmly business formal designs, the top-of-the-line ThinkPads for business include X1 Extreme and X380 Yoga that deliver acceptable beauty, extraordinary performance, and MIL_SPEC toughness.

For thin and lightweight choices, you have ThinkPad T-Series (3.3 pounds) and T580 (4.2 pounds) amazing, right?

But, if you travel a lot and looking for even thinner options, have a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon with a welterweight of 2.5 pounds. The carbon fiber chassis of this model reduces the overall weight. Despite being extremely thin, the X1 Carbon perfectly delivers beastly and powerful performance. 

If you haven’t found your best match till now, we have another featherweight division i.e., the ThinkPad L380 that along with having a low weight is packed with numerous applaudable technical specs. 

Gaming laptops are not a small investment and hence, not everyone can afford top-end gaming devices. Therefore, Lenovo has launched some budget laptops designed for enthusiasts-level gaming that you can buy for relatively lesser bucks. 

The entry-level Legion Y520 by Lenovo is stacked up with miniaturization of powerful components that ensure great performance, which is a great choice for people interested in gamer aesthetics and more mature designs. 

Since PC gaming is evolving incredibly, several other brands have also manufactured gaming-specific products such as the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops that have pulverized the Acer Predator gaming series as well.  

  • Compatible Tech Support 
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The best quality-built laptops require the best tech support services. What’s impressive about Lenovo is they have different tech support for different series of products. 

The reason why Lenovo’s a consumer brand is their affordable basic machines that have all the necessary features needed to be a great brand. The build and tech support is above average as consumer-oriented models are prepared by Lenovo which makes them better than their competitors.

Lenovo has an easy-to-navigate website that offers the best support. The Service Bridge Application feature is remarkable to use as it allows you to scan your device, name, and serial number. Once you’re done with this, the app would search through Lenovo’s online database and provide you the necessary tech support.

The only downside is the mobile app support where phone agents aren’t responsive at all or are slow in responding. The below-average support is probably because of the low usage of Lenovo cellphones.

  • Warranty and Coverage 

The Company deserves credit where due and since Lenovo offers a commendable warranty and coverage, it deserves to be praised. Depending on the type of laptop you choose, Lenovo provides the following warranty claims.

For consumer brand laptops such as the Z-series, Lenovo provides a 12-month limited warranty and also features a Premium support upgrade program.

On the other hand, commercial laptops such as the Ideapad and Thinkpad come with a 12 or 36 month of hardware warranty. Lenovo also has a Premium support upgrade program for commercial customers.

In order to get accidental damage protection or a 36-month warranty claim, the cost is extra.


Since all the aforementioned information was to determine whether or not Lenovo is a good brand and what we have concluded is:

Lenovo is surely a great brand for people who want to enhance their work productivity by getting their hands on laptops or computers with top-notch features. 

As discussed above, Lenovo has products for literally everyone and any type of work; be it gaming, office work, studying, or editing. You not only get the best of designs, powerful performance, satisfactory customer reviews but also, great support and warranty for your peace of mind. 

Since every tech product has some disadvantages, we urge you to carefully read the cons of Lenovo products prior to the purchase so that you stay away from the unpleasant hidden surprises.

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