Is OLED TV worth it? 

Is OLED TV worth itIs OLED TV worth it?

Is OLED TV worth it? 

Considering the contrast, black richness, viewing angles, glitch-free images, and non-bleeding screen quality that an OLED TV provides, it’s definitely worth it. The only limitation is the price, if an ample budget is not an issue for you, you won’t love any other LCD than an OLED TV. 

Further, it’s thinner, lighter, and doesn’t use high energies. A clear winner though! 

Is OLED TV worth buying?

The OLED TV is still better than most LED TVs considering the overall picture quality it is offering. Though there are many technological improvements in LED TV, it hasn’t been able to beat OLED yet. 

Considering the qualities and lowest energy usage, it is definitely a worth buying product that pays off every penny.  

Are OLED TVs better than LED?

There isn’t any doubt that OLED TVs are far better than the LED TVs. Considering the resolution, LED TVs are available in different resolutions including 1080p HD with 1920x1080p and 4K Ultra HD with 3840x2160p. Whereas the OLED TVs are only 4K. Still, the overall picture quality offered by OLED TV is far superior then LED TV, making it a clear better choice. 

Is OLED better than 4K?

OLED TV also comes with a 4K resolution and some 4K LED TVs are comparatively sharper and clearer than 4K OLED TVs. That’s maybe because of the motion artifacts featured in 4K OLED TVs that aren’t there in any 4K LEDs. 

4K resolutions and screen brightness are probably the only two areas where an LED TV leads the OLED TV. Other than that, OLED wins in terms of longevity, color rendition, screen uniformity, and much more. 

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How long do OLED TVs last?

Though there are some myths about the longevity of the OLED TV, these aren’t true at all. LG, the world-known manufacturer of OLED TVs states that their OLED TVs come with a whooping lifespan of over 30,000 years which clearly means it can last for over 27 years with a 3hr/day watch. 

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It is exciting and fun to buy a new TV with innovative capabilities. But a little bit confused about whether to buy an LED or OLED TV. Before making a purchase decision, you must know the difference between LED and OLED TVs. As shown there is an extra “O” in the name, which means there is something unique added to its feature. OLED is innovative technology introduced in the 21st century. It provides excellent black color contrast with a flexible and thin screen. There are different sorts of TV but OLED is considered the best choice. 


Is OLED Tv better than LCD TV? Probably yes, there are a lot of features that OLED Tv gives you. Traditional LCD TVs are unable to provide wide view angles. Further, these newly innovative TVs provide you best contrast color scheme with pure black color. Moreover, it consumes less energy with a high refresh rate. 

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Is OLED TV Worth It? 

For getting a simple answer to this question you have to go through the features and drawbacks of the OLED TV. So, let’s look at the pros:

There are some factors which help you to know about this innovative technology. Here is some factors given below:

Picture quality 

Self-emissive display of OLED TV produced fantastic light through every pixel, which provides you completely pure black and bright screen. Further, this TV has a gorgeous color scheme and sharp vibrant screen as compared to premium TVs. Further its extraordinary game features demonstrate why you have to choose it. Combining all the excessive features of OLED TV beats all other TVs. Due to its superb HDR, OLED TV is worth buying. 

Price Range

At the Inception of OLED TVs, the price was not affordable. But with the passage of time thanks to manufacturers who make it affordable for all. Even if you can’t imagine you can get OLED TV for under $1000. Less quality doesn’t mean you have to make a compromise on video quality. You can easily get the best-saturated color scheme at an affordable price. 


Viewing angles gives permit to display to produce more consistent picture quality. You can sit near as well as far away from OLED Tv. In both cases, you’ll be able to get exceptional display quality. Wide-angle viewing enhances the display readability and quality. So, I can say that OLED gives you a wide-angle view which other premium TVs don’t provide. 

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Eco-Friendly Technology

Want a Tv that meets your environmental standards? So here is an Eco-friendly OLED TV. The emission of radiation and carbon makes the environment unhealthy and polluted. Try to use eco-friendly technologies to promote green culture. 

Drawbacks of OLED Tv

Brightness level

As self-illuminating OLED Tv doesn’t have a backlight. So, they are unable to produce a brighter display as compared to LED TVs

Life Span

Life-span of OLED TVs is about 15,000 hours due to non-radioactive combinations. But luckily, the latest model of OLED Tv has been reported life span of about 100,000 hours. Hopefully, with the passage of time company will enhance its life span. 


I hope this article helps you to give the best answer to your question is OLED Tv worth it? 

According to the industry experts reviews and users’ reports, they considered these cons ignorable. They are using OLED TV and also recommend others to enjoy the OLED TVs features. I’ll recommend you to buy an OLED Tv instead of buying an LED TV. A vast number of LED users are shifting to this new innovative technology.  Obviously, the final decision will be yours

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