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Is Sceptre a Good Monitor Brand – What are the Facts

Is Sceptre a Good Monitor Brand

Are you up for purchasing a nice monitor for your computing needs and couldn’t decide ‘is Sceptre a good monitor brand? The article explains everything.   

A comprehensive guide to Sceptre Monitors to see if they are a good value, offer reliance as claimed, and are versatile to use or not. 

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Is Sceptre a Good Monitor Brand

The range of TVs and Monitors is wide and you can get Sceptre 4K TVs in less than $300 without cutting any edge on quality. And surprisingly, the prices can even dip below $100 if you opt for an HD TV. Isn’t it an amazing deal to go with? 

But how would you know which model will work best for you and how you can get the best value? Are you facing difficulty to choose the best option? If it’s relatable, the article below can be your one-stop solution for all the related queries. 

Do you want to indulge in online gaming, cope with your office tasks, or stream your favourite movies? Scroll down to know why the Sceptre monitor can be a perfect choice for you. 

The buying guide and considerations mentioned below will help you find the ultimate best Sceptre monitor either for your home, gaming space, or office. Along with a buying guide, you can also explore top product recommendations for detailed insight. 

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Who Owns and Manufactures Sceptre? 

Sceptre is a Walmart brand – a leading Innovator and famous for making top-selling high-definition TV Sets and Monitors either LCD, LED, HDTV, or colour display. Sceptre’s range offers eye-catching prices paired with classic features as this brand aims at providing quality at the best possible prices. 

The manufacturing unit of Sceptre TV sets and monitors is in China with the ‘China New Technology Group Co., Ltd.’ Whereas it is registered in the USA with a private electronics company named Sceptre Incorporated. The company’s headquarters are in the Computer Industry Hub, California; the City of Industry. The company launched its name back in 1984 and TVs and Monitors aren’t their only products. 

The manufacturing and marketing policy was to design cheap yet efficient equipment and the same theory was used as the main sales segment. Though they started with a vision to launch cost-effective models, the company is now offering some more expensive monitors and TV sets to target a broad market. 

Though they have been launched and working since 1984, the brand’s machines were significantly improved somewhere in the 2010s. They introduced new and latest technologies like CRT Technology or Cathode Ray Tube Technology for image displaying.  


What is Sceptre Famous For? 

At the current time, only a few manufacturers offer the value like a Spectre’s LCD, LED, and 4K monitor does. The monitors launched by Spectre are well-known for offering high-quality resolution and colour accuracy, and that’s why they work quite well with plenty of intended applications like a computer monitor, peripheral monitor, gaming monitor, and a TV display.

The brand boasts a slim design that can easily fit in compact spaces like entertainment centre setups and home offices. You can adore a wide range of sizes and styles, and thus, can select a model that best meets your needs. 

What are the Considerations for Sceptre Monitors?

Is Sceptre a good monitor brand? The answer and the choice for the best one primarily depend on your needs. How would you finalize what specs or features you need for your specific intention of usage?

Here are the considerations for Sceptre Monitors to make a confident decision;  

  • Size of the Monitor 

Monitors are usually smaller compared to the TVs but you can find a wide range of sizes under the brand. Considering the majority, most of the screens range between 19″ and 32″ inches in size. 

The top-selling and the most popular monitors lie between 21″ to 24″ inches whereas the extra-wide models measuring between 29″ to 32″ inches are considered an excellent option for gaming enthusiasts or for those who need to work through multiple windows in view.

If you are more prone to writing, browsing, playing games, editing pictures and videos, and mixing, you can find your sweet spot in a 27-inch monitor that allows you to open several windows simultaneously and switch between several screens so you can easily toggle between them. 

  • LED vs. Curved Monitors

The choices for either an LED or a Curved monitor depend solely on personal choices and Sceptre is offering both: LED and curved.

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 LED or the Light-Emitting Diode Monitors are commonly used and are the most popular ones maybe because they are wonderfully energy efficient. These LED Monitors stay cool, offer sharper contrast, and come packed in a thinner display compared to the old LCD monitors. These monitors support 4K resolutions and are effective for 27″ or smaller monitors.

Contrarily, curved monitors are the ultimate choice if you’re seeking the highest-quality viewing experience. Curved screens feature clear views in the front and along the edges, too. If your need demands an extra-wide monitor, you should go for the curved ones to enjoy wider, clearer, and brighter screen quality. 

A curved screen significantly reduces distortion, reflections, and glare to cut down on eye strain while maintaining the most realistic pictures.

  • Desktop vs. Wall-Mount Design

If you are a designer, a writer, or an office employee that tends to work with a mouse and keyboard, you might prefer a desktop design whereas a gamer would prefer a wall-mount design. 

Sceptre monitors come with an ergonomic base that perfectly sits upright on any desk, counter, or flat surface. Some other monitors feature a removable base so you can choose to either use these screens on your desk or the wall. You can easily mount the monitor if you prefer. 

Not every monitor offers wall-mount compatibility and some Sceptre monitors are exclusively suitable for desk use only. Be sure to choose the one that exclusively meets your needs.

  • Screen Resolution

With the provided Sceptre Monitor Quality, you can experience stunning colours and amazing picture detail. You can experience amazing work compatibilities and a great gaming zone by opting for a right-sized screen. Sceptre’s monitors even keep pushing the limits where other monitor brands have lagged. 

  • Refresh rate

The refresh rate of any screen explains the number of times the monitor refreshes ongoing images especially motion pictures in under a second. The higher the refresh rate; the better the screen quality. 

Most of the time, you’ll find monitors offering 60Hz, 75Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz refresh rate and it’s especially crucial for gamers as they tend to confront high-motion images on screen to turn their jerky gaming experience into smooth gameplay.

  • Added Inputs and Outputs

All Sceptre monitors come with all the basic inputs as well as outputs like HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port for audio, a DisplayPort for external connections, and a 3.5mm jack for headphones or other external speakers. 

Depending upon the model and the price tag, some monitors tend to offer extra inputs/outputs like DVI (Digital Visual Interface) input and VGA (Video Graphics Array) input to allow you to connect multiple devices. You can use VGA and DVI ports to connect your monitor with High-definition TV and projectors during meetings. These ports will also help you to connect to gaming consoles.  

What Features Should I Look for in a Sceptre Monitor?

By taking the aforementioned considerations into account, you can decide if you want an LED or curved monitor, a wall-mount or a desktop monitor, and a basic or an advanced model. After deciding on the basic considerations, you can dig deep to decide the features of the monitor that can go best with your personal preferences.  

You can look for; 

  • Built-in Speakers

Connecting external speakers or a headphone all the time can be a pain. A monitor should offer a voice output that can be heard from a sitting distance at least for one to four people. Fortunately, some Sceptre monitors do offer a built-in speaker. Though they are low-profile, they are low-wattage also and can easily fit in the monitor’s slim frame.

  • Edgeless Display

An edgeless display portrays an elite and trendy look as images in an edgeless design completely takeover the monitor’s screen. Most of the latest curved displays offer edgeless displays and let you taste the fullest viewing experience.

Sceptre builds monitors to best fit human sight’s general position and let the user experience total immersion in all actions. An edgeless display can immerse you in the scenery and all actions. 

  • AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSync, a software that assures the best visual experiences. This technology lets your monitor adapt and adjust according to the motion picture or video’s video’s frame rate. This adoption and adjustment aid in rendering the video content and gaming images more precisely and clearly.

  • Blue Light Shift Mode/filter

Sceptre recently embedded Blue Light Shift Mode to its monitors to filter out the blue light. This feature makes sure of the transition to a warmer light screen for the users who are more careful about their eye protection. 

Converting the white screen to a warmer screen reduces and prevents eye strain while you tend to use the screen for a long time. With this feature, the Sceptre tries its best to keep the eyes away and protected from strain, fatigue, and irritation.

  • Price

Another crucial point to ponder – as mentioned above, you can find a compatible Sceptre monitor in a range of $50 to $200. An LED model with HD resolution can cost you between $50 to $100 whereas a high definition option for curved models will cost between $100 to $200. You may need to spend $200 and more if you’re looking forward to an extra-wide Sceptre monitor that will surely offer a handful of highly supportive features.

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Do you know the Sceptre Monitor proves to be three times faster and smoother than the standard ones and offers a great edge on visibility? Yes, they do.  

What are the Pros & Cons of Owning Sceptre Monitor?

Everything that features amazing characteristics and great functionality pack some lagging points or downsides with it and the same is the case with Sceptre Monitors. Here are some general advantages and disadvantages of owning a Sceptre monitor;


  • A nice viewing angle range
  • Huge and Wide Curve Displays 
  • Crispy Sharp and Exclusive Displays
  • Generally sleek and appealing Designs
  • Quite cost-effective yet efficient models
  • Breathtaking deep colour and stunning visual clarity. 
  • Offers a wide variety of modern-day office functions


  • The monitors lack USB ports
  • Speaker’s sound quality is pretty average
  • Large-size monitors may require a lot of room. 

If we weigh out the pros and cons while keeping other considerations and factors in mind, it’s obvious to say that Spectre Monitors are the ones worth having and are a great value for the money. You can feel like a pro while gaming online or watching movies. 

What are Some Handy Tips for Using Sceptre Monitors?

Sceptre Monitors can offer you a lot more than they claim if you try to find out how to push the limits and how to choose the right screen. Here are some tips that you might find handy; 


  • Try to find if your monitor is offering power-saving features. You can conserve energy and can extend your display devices by taking advantage of this feature.
  • If you’re more interested in curved displays, try to go big with at least a 30-inches curved display as a smaller curved display can potentially minimize the desired effects. 
  • If you are looking forward to an increased immersion, go with curved monitors as they offer the edges that are mildly bent towards the viewer. This wrap-effect fills the peripheral vision and focuses the image right in front of the viewer’s eyes. This whole effect assures an exclusively enjoyable viewing experience; making it a clear choice for playing high-end games and watching movies. 

What are the Top 3 Sceptre Monitor Recommendations? 

Though the choice for the ultimate best Sceptre monitor depends upon personal preferences and budget, here are top-3 Sceptre monitors that we recommend you to try as they can serve the purpose regardless of the need. 

  1. The All-Time Best: Sceptre C248W Curved LED Full HD Monitor

Sceptre C248W is a great machine for a beginner gamer. This beginner gaming monitor features a curved design in a 24-inches screen size that packs a 75Hz high refresh rate along with the trendy edgeless display.


  • 1800R curved monitor 
  • Immersive screen experience
  • 75Hz Refresh rate is amazing 
  • Edgeless display for stretched images 
  • Blue light shift to protect the eye strain


  • Rare but dead or stuck pixels.
  1. Best Value for the Money: Sceptre E248W Ultra-Thin Monitor

If you want a quality monitor that can serve the purpose on an affordable budget and yet features to be quite attractive and high-performing, Sceptre E248W can be your cup of tea. 


  • Boasts a slim and compact design
  • The metal finish provides a fine look
  • Comes with HDMI and VGA ports
  • 3.4mm mini-Jack audio output
  • Works at 1080P resolution


  • The Plug is oversized. 
  1. Good for all: Sceptre E205W Monitor

Sceptre E205W is an excellent monitor that has the potential to be compatible with almost all types of commuting needs. It offers an exclusive set of features without marking a hefty price tag. The design features all the connectivity ports with a 144Hz refresh rate making it a great choice for gaming, too. 


  • Built-in speakers for crispy voice output
  • All exclusive inputs including HDMI, DVI, and VGA 
  • It can tilt back and forward for angle adjustment 
  • Boasts an ample 144Hz refresh rate.


  • Speakers are average quality
  • Base removal is a bit tricky 

Weighing up the product reviews and their pros and cons, it’s clear that Sceptre is a great value for the money. Though it lags at some points, it never lags the screen quality that matters the most. If you still have questions and confusion, the below-mentioned FAQ segment may serve you the purpose. 

Are Sceptre monitors equally good for gaming? 

Sceptre monitors are undoubtedly a great option for enthusiastic gamers. They can serve the purpose at best especially if you take home an extra-wide curved model featuring a high refresh rate. This combination will help you to adore the perfect screen quality with no glitching, bleeding, or screen tearing. 

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And if you spice up your extra-wide curved monitor with an edgeless display and AMD FreeSync, you can taste the royalty while still being on a budget. 

Can we connect Mac with a Sceptre monitor?

A Sceptre monitor is a reliable machine that comes with handy connectivity options, You can connect Mac with Sceptre using the HDMI cable or the DisplayPort.

Is Sceptre A Good Monitor Brand? 

Sceptre has been known since 1984 and is offering a wide range of efficient monitors for so long. The list of Sceptre monitors has some of the best gaming monitors as well as work monitors in town. If you want to experience excellent vibrant screen quality, rich colours, and smooth image quality; Sceptre is the choice! 

Do Sceptre Monitors Come With Cables?

Yes, Sceptre Monitors come as a complete package and include everything you might need to install or use the monitor. The Sceptre monitor comes with a DP cable and saves you from the hassle of purchasing one separately. 

Can we use Sceptre monitors as a laptop or PC’s second screen? 

As the screen sharing feature is mentioned above; Yes, they can be used as a second screen with a personal computer or a laptop but it thoroughly depends on the connectivity options provided with your monitor. If your monitor offers connectivity and you do have proper cables, you can surely extend the monitor setup.

Is Sceptre compatible with gaming consoles?

Yes, as Spectre offers a wide range of monitors and their connectivity option, you can connect it to a gaming console like Xbox, PS, or Nintendo Switch via HDMI. But if you have an older console that uses an RCA connection instead of the HDMI, you can purchase a separate adapter for this kind of console. 

Other User’s Reviews from the CustomerAffairs

  • The tv worked fine, but we noticed some flickering after a year of use. But when we connected with the customer support, it got fixed under the warranty and kept on working smoothly. Though the company took too long to fix, it was worth it in the end. 
  • I purchased a TV-Dvd player and it worked unbelievably. It took me around 5 minutes to completely set up the unit. The quality seems to be perfect and worked smoothly as expected. Well, this was my second purchase with Sceptre and I couldn’t be more satisfied. For some reason, I had to call customer support and to my expectation, we got connected in under 2 minutes with a “live operator.” Cheap prices, efficiently working models, and commendable customer support – a company worth considering. 
  • We bought a 32″ Sceptre in 2005 and we have experienced ample watch time and it never glitched, nor gave us a tough time. One thing, the speakers are quite sub-standard and we need to use an external voice speaker but other than this, everything worked just fine. 

Our Takeaway: 

Is Sceptre a good monitor brand? Well, the answer might be quite clear now. Imagine no disturbance while working, limitlessly surfing the web, or enjoying long streaming hours on a monitor that didn’t dig a deep hole in your pocket. With Sceptre monitors, you can play your favourite games, can connect your gaming consoles, and can listen to your favourite tunes with a compatible headphone or speaker connected. All these features make it a clear priority for music lovers and online gamers. Sceptre can let you observe the world from a different perspective! 

Though it comes with a quite sub-standard set of speakers and doesn’t offer USB ports, they are a good value for the money and never compromise on the picture quality that matters the most. Sceptre provides quality monitors meant to last long yet coming at very budget-friendly prices. Excellent value for money! 

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