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Is the IPS monitor good for the eyes?

Is the IPS monitor good for the eyesIs the IPS monitor good for the eyes?

Is the IPS monitor good for the eyes?

Out of the three main types; IPS, VA, and TN panels, IPS monitors have been considered to be good for your eyes.  

Is the IPS display good for the eyes?

IPS displays do offer better viewing angles and overall are even better suited for outdoor use in comparison to other displays. However, if you want a healthy option that is good for your eyes, we wouldn’t suggest any without protective features. 

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Is IPS or TN better for eyes?

IPS panels offer more comfortable viewing angles than TN ones. So, keeping this in mind with its wider viewing angles, IPS options cause less strain and thus might be better. 

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Is IPS LCD bad for eyes?

IPS LCD options are neither good nor necessarily bad for your eyes. If anything they offer less strain due to offering better viewing angles. That being said if they have protective features, they are better. 

Which type of monitor is best for the eyes?

There are quite a few options that will work well for you. However, if you are on the lookout for the type of monitor that is best for eyes, we recommend any that offers protective features such as anti-flickering and blue light filters to protect against harmful blue light.

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