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Is the Oura Ring Waterproof? ( Hear From an Expert )

You wear your Oura ring 24/7, but what happens when it comes in contact with water?

Will it survive, or will you be left with a dead device?

Let’s explore whether the Oura ring is truly waterproof.

Oura is a beautiful and regular wedding ring-looking smart fitness tracker equipped with advanced sensor technology to track activity level, heart rate, sleep patterns, blood oxygen saturation levels, and skin temperature to detect illness.

It’s a modern smartwatch with cutting-edge sensors and is supposed to be worn all the time which is important for you so that it can collect all the biometric data accurately to give you personalized suggestions about improving sleep and health.

Therefore, Oura ring need to fit snugly, and remove it while going to the beach, shower, bathtub, or sauna, or due to the sweat from a workout can miss important data that right could need help you give accurate scores and health stats.

That said, Oura Ring is Water-resistant ( Partially waterproof ) for 330ft. ( 100m ) which means it’s perfect to wear the Oura ring in water for swimming, and recreational diving like snorkeling but on the same time the ring’s water-resistant seal can be compromised while scuba diving or if kept submerged underwater for 12 hours.

Oura ring is made of titanium so water droplets, rain, snow, or other short-term wetting cannot damage the ring. But frequent exposure to water or higher water pressure will cause damage and non-metallic inner molding will let the water go inside that can cause corrosion or other irreversible damage.

 Is The Oura Ring Waterproof?

So you can say that Oura ring is susceptible to water damage but it won’t face any trouble for common water activities like bathing, washing dishes, swimming in the pool in chlorinated water, or having a sweaty workout at the gym.

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Is the Oura Ring Waterproof

Can I wash my Hands with a Ring on?

Yes, 100% you can wear the ring and wash your hands with water and can also use soap, sanitizer, or handwash chemicals as everything is safe for the ring. Do keep in mind that the Oura ring is durable, reliable, and water-resistant but it’s not scratch-resistant so it can receive scratches from different activities that usually involve touching your hands.

Can I wear the ring in the shower?

Yes, you can wear the Oura ring in the shower and the ring can easily withstand the wetness of taking a dip in the pool as well but do keep in mind that exposure to soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream can leave some residue on the ring which must be cleaned right away. If not, the sensors won’t work properly or record data accurately and you could get faulty wellness readings. 

So, when you take shower do clean the ring with tap water once you come out of the shower to remove the soap, hand wash, or moisturizer leftover. You could also use the soap-free cleaner as well but if not, then use a soft non-abrasive cloth just to make sure there are no droplets left around the ring.

Whether you take a hot shower or a cold shower, the Oura ring is durable enough to withstand 14°F – 129°F (-10°C – 54°C) so you don’t need to remove it off and can take shower while wearing it to get the most accurate reading and recommendations.

Can Oura Ring Go Underwater?

Yes, Oura ring can go underwater for 300 feet or 100 meters maximum like for snorkeling. Going more deeper than that will put a lot of pressure on the seal of the ring that the ring won’t be able to handle and it could get defective. So keeping it underwater for 12 hours or taking it deeper than 300 feet is the breaking point of the Oura ring.

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Can I wear Ring in Hot Tub?

Yes, you can wear the Oura ring in the hot tub as it can handle 14°F – 129°F (-10°C – 54°C) so not only the Hot tub but sauna, and cryotherapy tanks are all green zones for an Oura ring and it is built to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures but keeping it in extreme pressures for longer durations can be risky.

As discussed earlier, the Oura ring is made of titanium which is an extremely durable material and is capable to withstand harsh environments, and chlorinated water without causing discoloration or impacts on the finish of the ring. That said, the Oura ring is a super reliable ring that you can wear in all weather types like when it’s raining or snowing.

Other than that, some chemicals found in toiletries can cause harm to the ring and can break the seal that protects the ring against water.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the charger that comes with the Oura ring is not waterproof or water-resistant and can face challenges in humid environments.

Can I wear Oura Ring All Day?

Oura ring is supposed to be worn all day to gather biometric data of your body 24/7 to use that information and activity levels to give you scoring about readiness and your sleep. If you don’t wear the Oura ring religiously, you won’t receive personalized insights about your health and sleep which is the core function of the Oura ring to provide your data about how daily activities affect your sleep and health.

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Swimming in Ocean and Saltwater:

Oura ring can be worn in ocean and saltwater. Oura ring sponsors the USA surfing team, and when you will swim wearing it, you will see the ring collects data during swimming as it is built to last such activities and will surely help you to keep your physical and mental health in order.

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