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is tn panel good for gaming

is tn panel good for gamingIs TN panel good for gaming? Let’s find out…

Is TN Panel Good For Gaming?

There are multiple answers to this question but TN panels have bad color reproduction, skewed viewing angles usually monitor with TN panel are cheaper than IPS or VA panels.

Are TN panels that bad?

TN panels are widely-used, bulk-produced twisted nematic panels. Since TN panels are produced cheaply, they fail to provide a premium image quality. The image depth, angles, and color contrast are poor. The color reproduction is average. They also cause eye fatigue and visual defects.

However, they are fast, with less response time, and are a good choice for gaming. Their refresh rate is also high, making gaming smoother and enjoyable.

They are also compact, light-weight, eliminate flicker, and have efficient power consumption.

Is a TN panel better than IPS?

No, a TN panel is not better than IPS when it comes to visuals. They have lower color spectrums, narrow-angle views, imperfect backlighting, and disrupted pixels.

IPS offers a wider color spectrum, better viewing angles, greater contrast ratio, and better display.

IPS, however, are for graphic work and not very suitable for gaming.

Is TN panel bad for eyes?

Due to the lower quality image production and lesser angle views, TN panels are bad for eyes since they cause strain.

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Should I buy a TN monitor?

That depends on your interests. If you are looking for a monitor for gaming, TN might be a good option. It has low response time and caters to a refresh rate of 60- 120 Hz. 

It is also cost-effective. These monitors are mass-produced and thus widely available in all sizes. The screens are light and have low energy consumption.

However if you are looking for graphic work, photography or just want a high-end gadget, a TN monitor might not be your best choice. They have poor image quality and may cause eye strain with prolonged use. 

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