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Is V-Sync good or bad

Is V-Sync good or bad

Is V-Sync good or bad? Let’s find out…

Is V-Sync good or bad

Vertical Synchronization or V-Sync can be defined as,

It is a graphical technology that makes gameplay super smooth by synchronizing the game’s frame rates to the monitor’s refresh rates.

Several games are compatible with V-Sync and allow the users to enable or disable the option. Every technology has a good as well as a bad side, and the same is the case with V-Sync. Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of this technology in order to figure out if it’s worth it or not.


  • It is able to reduce screen tearing incredibly
  • It can be used for older games as well
  • FPS is capped to monitor’s refresh rates when V-Sync is enabled
  • FPS capping reduced load on GPU
  • Compatible with graphic cards by both AMD and NVIDIA
  • Integrated into GPU so doesn’t require additional purchase
  • Emulator friendly


  • You might experience some input delays
  • Frame rates are expected to drop

Now that you have reviewed both the pros and cons of V-Sync, we suggest deciding for yourself according to your use and preferences since everyone has their own perception of a technology that mostly depends on their own expectations and requirements.

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Is it better to have V-Sync on or off?

Keeping the V-Sync enabled or disabled is totally your call but according to what our research says is there are two cases that could impact the performance of V-Sync technology on your monitor; let’s find out:

Usually, when your GPU delivers a frame rate higher than the displaying capability of a monitor, the risk for heat up and screen tearing increases. In this case, in order to help your system calm down, it is suggested to turn the V-Sync settings on.

But, if your GPU delivers lesser frame rates than the capability of a monitor, there is no requirement of turning the V-Sync on as it could only worsen the frame rates and cause input delays.

Is V-Sync good for 144hz?

It is recommended to keep the V-Sync off unless your monitor experiences screen tearing. All you need is to set the graphic setting to the maximum for the quality of the game you want.

Why is V-Sync bad?

As mentioned above, the reasons that make V-Sync bad include, it can cause input lags in your game and, you can also experience a sharp drop in the frame rates. 

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Is V-Sync good for 60Hz?

If you have a 60Hz display, all you need is 60 FPS to get the best performance; hence, V-Sync is a good option only if you experience any screen tearing.

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