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Is ViewSonic a good brand

Is ViewSonic a good brand

Is ViewSonic a good brand

Is ViewSonic a good brand?

ViewSonic is one of the finest leading companies present at the moment. In 2020, PCMAG, one of the leading websites on tech product reviews, conducted a survey to find the Best Monitor Brands present based on experience and features. ViewSonic was voted the best monitor brand by users who believed that their extensive variety of monitors offers a complete solution for their usage. 

Is ViewSonic a good company?

ViewSonic is surely a great company. It was also given the ‘Readers Choice Award’ in 2019 by getting the maximum rating for display Monitors. The award concluded that ViewSonic has the best monitors in terms of overall usage. Their monitors are easy to use and known for their excellent color display and crisp image quality.

Who is ViewSonic made by?

James Chu originally founded ViewSonic in 1987 in California as ‘Keypoint Technology Corporation.’ For up to 30 years, this multinational company has been leading from the front with its visual experience. The company focuses mostly on creating LCDs and visual displays, including monitors, projectors, etc.

The headquarters of ViewSonic is located in Brea, California, and their research development center is located in Taipei City, which is the capital of Taiwan. In 2019, ViewSonic’s revenue was known to be around a staggering 600 million US dollars. The global company has more than a thousand employees working for them at the moment hence making them one of the largest electronics companies present.

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Is ViewSonic a good brand for gaming monitors?

Being voted as one of the best brands for monitors, ViewSonic does not shy out when we talk about gaming monitors. ViewSonic monitors are immaculate in gaming and have many attractive specs that make them stand out in the gaming community and deliver the best for all types of games. Let us take a look at some of its features;

1. Refreshing Rate

One of the foremost features for gamers is how high is the refreshing rate of the monitor. ViewSonic makes sure that gamers experience a fluid tournament-level gameplay by uplifting the reaction time with extraordinary refreshing rates.

2. Variable Sync Technology

Variable Sync or V sync tech is the next big thing for robust games. This technology ensures synchronized gameplay by aligning your graphics card’s refreshing rate to that of your monitor, which results in minimal input delay and screen tearing.

3. Crystal Clear Resolution

For an immersive experience and crisp images, the ViewSonic gaming computers use 4K monitors to achieve a superior density of pixels that improves your visual display and makes gameplay more colorful and smooth.

4. Elite RGB Monitors

With amazing RGB lighting technology, you can customize your system as per the color you like. The RGB lighting basically illuminates the rear side of the monitor. The surprising thing about RGB monitors is they have the ability to protect your eyes due to their friendly indirect light while offering an excellent contrast ratio at the same time.

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All specs and features considered, ViewSonic is easily one of the best multinational brands that offer elite gaming monitors.

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