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Laptop only works when plugged in?

Laptop only works when plugged in

If you are facing battery-related issues with your laptop like a laptop shut down as soon as it is plugged and even when it is fully charged? or it only runs when you have it plugged in, this is an annoying and frustrating situation for computer owners.

Worry not, we have the solution for you, just read till the end to figure out different methods to solve the problem.

The bigger concern here is Why laptops shut down when you unplugged charging or vice versa? Well, there can be plenty of scenarios causing the problem.

A laptop is meant for portability and freedom and if it only works when it is connected, it can’t be meaningful for those who don’t want to sit beside a power source all the time.

Let’s start with the basic procedure of disabling and re-enabling the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and restoring the default power schemes in your power profiles in Windows 10. If you are using this method on HP, Lenovo, Acer, or Dell laptops, then good because it won’t run on other laptops like Toshiba, MSI, or any other brand to find the laptop that only works when plugged in.

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How to fix a laptop that only works when plugged in?

Unlike Desktop PC, Laptops are portable devices and they cannot be plugged in all the time like desktop PCs. So, the laptop is running on two sources, AC power when it is plugged in the socket, and battery power when it is unplugged and Windows intelligently keeps switching between the power sources in real-time to keep the laptop alive.

So, laptops with Windows 10 power controllers can result in such a problem where laptop runs only on the AC power adapter source and immediately shuts down when the plug is removed.

For that, Windows 10 comes with an ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery device to control the power schemes for your power profiles.

Disabling and Re-enabling ACPI-Compliant Control Method

To solve the problem using this method, you need to visit the Device Manager and visit the battery section in it. Click on the batteries to open further sub-folders or nests.

Click on the Microsoft ACPI and disable it through the popup.

Once you do this, it will remove the battery icons from the taskbar at the bottom. Now, the laptop is totally operating on the AC adapter of power and not using the power of the battery.

Now, again right-click on the same Microsoft ACPI and enable it again to check your battery status.

The battery icon will appear again and it should run the laptop without plugging the AC adapter.

Resetting the Profile Power Schemes

The best part about Windows 10 is that it comes with a default power plan that ensures the proper management of power and performance to save some power.

There are built-in power-saving profiles in Windows 10 that you can enable through few clicks and can quickly see the improvement in the battery life because these profiles can lower clock speed, dim the display, and can detect when the laptop is idle and can put it on sleep.

Similarly, there are maximum performance profiles available in Windows 10 which on the other hand allow you to make the best out of your laptop using maximum power in which the processor runs at full clock speed, the display is at full brightness and there is no compromise on power at any point to make sure you are getting the full potential of laptop and power.

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Therefore, there are situations where these profiles can Caus the problem and can cause the problem with the laptop battery leaving the laptop dependent on the AC adapter. But, you can always reset the profiles to make things better to solve problems.

To do that, you can open the command prompt and type “powercfg -restoredefaultschemes”.

Make sure to type it correctly and it does everything on the background so don’t expect any computations to run on the CMD.

Once done, restart your machine and see if the battery works by plugging your laptop.

If trying these methods still doesn’t give you a green light regarding the battery, then you need to make sure there are no problems with the laptop itself.

Always keep the laptop updated with Windows 10, motherboard BIOS, chipset drivers, and hardware drivers. There are battery troubleshooters in Windows 10 search bar.

Some of the common issues can be power management problems, dust stuck inside batteries, or even the battery is gone sometimes. Sometimes battery starts overheating and many people install external coolers to keep it cool, whilst the problem is happening inside the battery.

If you have already detected that the battery is dead by windows battery power settings, then you can claim the warranty of your device.

If not, then let’s take a look at considerable options that you can apply to make sure the system keeps running smoothly when plugged and not plugged.

How to figure out the battery is the problem

The first thing that you should be worried about is to figure out the battery issue. For that, you can connect your laptop with an external power source through the power cable and leave it plugged for massive charging overnight. Either in the morning or after few hours when it seems that it will be charged fully, unplug the power source and look at the battery icon. See, if the battery is 0%, that’s an indication that the battery is dead and power is not getting on the battery.

Power Management Problem

For this, you can go to the display properties and go to the screen saver tab and clock on the power button from there go to the power schemes filed and then click on the Rixane power scheme which is a power switching utility. There you will see switches between Ac and battery and it will be available for only HP laptops. For other laptops, you can visit the laptop power scheme to manage power settings,

Cleaning battery physically

This one is the ideal solution before buying another battery. Just disconnect the battery and remove the cables to clean the dust out of the batteries because sometimes the dust is stuck inside the gaps leading to no connection of battery metal to the charger. Make sure to either use a microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the laptop’s outer and inner gently and softly without damaging any transistor. Once the cleaning process is done, put the battery back and see if works.

Testing through software

There are plenty of programs to determine the health of batteries like Battery Eater, Notebooks, and a handful of other battery measuring statistics. These applications will show average charging time, how long it takes to charge, total charge capacity along usage time in which shows how much time is left for the battery to run the laptop.

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Manufacturers test the system to diagnose the battery issues and there is a Toshiba’s PC health monitor which allows you to check your battery health and. For the HP system diagnostic tool, you can also check battery health.

Things to do before replacing your battery

Before buying a new battery the final option for you is to try checking one last time your old battery. Isn’t there any connection issue because the laptop thinks there is not battery due to a connection problem. So, when place a new battery, due to that problem computer starts working with the pre-charging. 

First, Remove the battery to kill the static charge by holding the power button for 30 seconds

Keep the battery removed. Then plug in the adapter and turn on the laptop and see if the laptop starts and works normally. Once the laptop is running, insert the battery back into the laptop and it will detect the battery and will start charging correctly.

Replace your battery

After all these techniques, if there is a still problem then you need to replace the battery of your laptop.

Finally, if you Removed the charger and laptop turned off? You need battery replacement and you can check the model number of your laptop and then purchase a new battery. For laptop owners, battery failure is a severe issue as they get degrade over time. So, the laptop can shut down abruptly which sometimes can cause loss of work and there will be no saving of work. So keep checking before this happens, to make sure your work never gets disturbed.


Best Laptop batteries

How good u treat a laptop battery is doing to determine how the battery of your laptop gonna die sooner or later. Therefore, you should keep replacing it before it dies to make sure you can save your work that can be at risk when battery death seems sudden. Plus, there are no warnings for the battery died, and if it is a user-serviceable battery you can. manually remove and replace but if it is non-serviceable requires the manufacturer to crack your laptop open to replace the battery.

For a user-serviceable battery, you can order a replacement battery online but make sure you don’t buy random online products because there can be the cheapest third-party batteries on the internet and the inferior and insufficient testing methods can make them dangerous.

So, always go after official batteries produced by only a reputable company and this is the list of top replacement batteries.

Replacement Battery for HP Laptops

Premium quality replacement battery that will easily bring the laptop back to life. This is a new and safe battery that is FCC / CD / RoHS certified and it is good regarding overheating and short-circuit protection. And, it is also energy-efficient which makes it long-lasting, durable, safe, because it has Grade A cells.

It is compatible with various laptops like:

  • HP (G42 / G4 / G56 / G62 / G72) and much more.
  • HP Presario
  • HP Pavilion
  • HP Envy

Space Battery for HP

Li-ion battery that has 2200mAh power and is lightweight, durable, and reliable as well.

Compatible with 

  • HP Pavilion 14 Series
  • HP Pavilion 14 TouchSmart Series
  • HP Pavilion 15 Series
  • HP Pavilion 15 TouchSmart Series
  • HP 248 Series
  • HP 248 G1 Series
  • HP 340 Series
  • HP 340 G1 Series
  • HP 350 Series
  • HP 350 G1 Series
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Laptop battery replacement for HP Spare

A powerful and good battery that offers you solid backup and timing. It takes 14.8 volts current and weighs 250 grams and is a 2200 Milliampere Hour (mAh ).

It is compatible with further laptops and Notebooks

  • HP G4 Series
  • Hp Notebooks
  • 15-ac series
  • 15-if series

High-Performance Space Battery

This is the perfect Latest laptop replacement battery because it is compatible with a wide range of instruments and brings a warranty as well to make your investment safe. It has maximum safety and quality.

  • HP Pavilion 14 Series:
  • HP Pavilion 15 Series:
  • HP Pavilion 17 Series:

DJW Laptop battery 

100% reliable battery that is certified by CE-/ROHS for security. It takes an 11.1 voltage requirement and 5200 Milliamp Hour battery and comes with one year of warranty.

This product is compatible with:

  • HP Envy Series
  • HP Envy TouchSmart
  • HP Pavilion Series
  • HP Pavilion TouchSmart


If you need help to replace your battery we are here for you. Must also check your charger adapter and before the turn off the laptop and remove the back cover you need to unscrewing the screws and then gently lifting the lid. There will be a sizeable rectangular-shaped device which you can replace with new batteries.

Keep in mind that if replacing the problem still doesn’t solve the issue then that means it’s a laptop internal wiring problem so you can visit the laptop repairing shop to seek help.

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