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Laptop Screen Not Working but External Monitor Does

Laptop Screen Not Working but External Monitor Does

Although computers and laptops are durable machines sometimes they can also get out of order or deteriorate.

When your laptop screen is not working and an external monitor does is a critical situation for you and you just don’t know why the display is not working

But make sure the laptop is still under the warranty that can be helpful for you to get the laptop display fixed by the retailer or the manufacturer.

IN case there is no warranty left for the laptop, this guide can help you to resolve this problem. We have listed some great methods in this guide of fixing laptop displays not working and monitor works to help you get your display up and running. But, if these remedies don’t work for you, then try visiting the local town repair shop to fix the broken screen.

Laptop Screen Not Working but External Monitor Does

Before we discuss how to fix the laptop screen to prevent this to happen in the first place.

Causes of laptop screen not working but the external monitor does

The biggest problem that can cause the laptop screen to not work while the external monitor is working is the corrupted graphic drivers or it will surely be the problem with the LCD backlight of the laptop. To further verify this, you can test the laptop screen by connecting it with a separate monitor and then you can restart the machine. If the monitor shows the display of the laptop, that is the problem of the graphic driver in the laptop and this conflict is causing the display to not work.

If you have one of these problems 

  • Lenovo laptop screen not working but the external monitor does?
  • The laptop screen not working but the external monitor does dell?
  • Hp laptop screen not working but the external monitor does?
  • Asus laptop screen not working but the external monitor does?
  • Laptop screen black when connected to an external monitor?
  • Laptop not detecting its own monitor?
  • Laptop display not working?
  • Laptop screen goes black when connected to an external monitor?

This is the article for you.

Let’s discuss how to fix a laptop screen black when connected to a monitor.

Remove Battery and Power Supply

First of all, you need to check the BIOS that can be determined when the Windows logo appears as soon as start the laptop, when you find that nothing is wrong with the BIOS, then we move to the next step.


  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the power supply and plug
  • Keep the power button pressed for at least 30 seconds
  • Plugin your laptop charger
  • And then turn on the laptop

This should bring the laptop screen back to normal, and if that doesn’t happen, there is a unique problem and the solution for that would be following.


To solve the black screen of a laptop problem, this would be your favorite method.

  • Insert the battery of the laptop back to its place
  • Turn your machine on
  • Keep the power button pressed for at least 30 seconds or more
  • Plugin the laptop and let it charge to full
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Update display driver from device manager

Updating the display driver from the device manager is a proven way to eliminate the laptop black screen issue and for that, you can 

  • Right-click on the start button and click on device manager
  • Click on the Display Driver
  • Click on the Intel (R) HD Graphics and Disable it

This should bring your laptop’s black screen back to normal and chances are that this method will work when the laptop is not detecting its own monitor.

Connecting laptop with an external monitor

This is a method to cross-check if the laptop monitor is really the issue and in this method, you can connect the external monitor with the laptop screen to make the BIOS detect the laptop screen.

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For this method, you need to

  • Power off your laptop
  • Connect your laptop with a VGA or HDMI cable with an external monitor
  • Turn the machine on 

Once you find that BIOS is running perfect and can also detect the laptop display, then the display will be visible and working on the laptop screen.

Restart Battery and Cables for laptop display problem

In this method, you need to 

  • Turn off the machine and lid down the laptop
  • Unplug the adapter and put the battery away and cables as well
  • Do some cleaning of metal contact of where the battery and laptop connect together at the battery bay
  • Put the battery back and also put the charger back as well
  • Make sure everything is plugged in nicely
  • Power up the system again and the display should come back

Reset your PC to fix the laptop black screen

If you notice the black screen of your monitor once your turn it on, you should immediately restart the PC or desktop to install the windows OS again, and don’t worry it will just replace the OS, your data will be safely preserved in this process.

Step 1: Once the system starts again, immediately, press the Windows logo key and L to log in the screen

Step 2: Keep the Shift key pressed and go to the power button located on the most right of the screen at the bottom and it will help you restart the system in the Windows recovery environment.

Step 3: Then, troubleshoot and Reset the PC and remove your personal files and just keep following the on-screen instructions that pop up on the windows screen and just let the process complete.


Why is the laptop screen black?

This could be because of any reasons and the most common one is the corrupt system files which didn’t let the OS load necessary files which results in the black laptop screen. This requires you to restart the machine again and you will find the problem resolved. If you find the problem occurring again, you need to re-install the windows.

How do I fix my laptop screen but no display?

This is a scary situation but you can also handle it by pressing the FN key + at the top of the keyboard having a monitor symbol. If you see the display on the external monitor, then the laptop LCD screen is either broken or out of order. If the monitor shows no images, then there might a fault in the motherboard, supply, GPU, or sometimes RAM.

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How to make an external monitor primary?

This is a simple process that consists of four steps which are

1- Go to display by clicking right on the desktop

2- Go to monitor switching, choose the one you like

3-Check the box with “make this my main display”, the laptop monitor will be now secondary

4-Click apply and done

What is the reason for the laptop display not coming?

There can be numerous reasons for and we mentioned the solutions as well in the article above but the major cause for this can be the corrupted graphics drivers, faulty RAM, or the LCD backlight problem. But another biggest reason for the display not working can be the display driver not working.

Replace Light Bulbs

The easy fix to this problem is that you can replace the bulbs of your laptop screen which is the primary display helper for images and videos. Sometimes these bulbs burn out and those parts of the screen get dim or dimmer.

For this, you can simply replace the lightbulbs rather than buying a new LCD screen and your problem will be solved.

Okay, now keep in mind that this is not a simple process but you can do it by disassembling the laptop and removing the broken backlight bulbs, and putting in the new ones. Once done, you will be able to fix the dim light issues and the LCD panel will be completely working now.

Never ever disassemble the laptop while the power supply is plugged in, so to prevent any kind of electric shock from the electrical components, ensure there is nothing connect with an active electricity source to prevent the accident.

Fix Broken Laptop display

A broken laptop display is a completely different scenario when the laptop screen is black. Humans make mistakes and we can most certainly damage the laptop by dropping it but the solution is also available in the form of replacing the broken display with a new one. But, first, you should check if the shock cracked the screen or hinge physically of just the laptop screen went black after dropping without breaking the screen glass. 

Sometimes, the drop can also cause internal damage to the laptop that can cause the display not to work. Internal parts like light bulbs, screen cable, or memory, are the potential elements of a laptop to get damaged.

Fix the screen cables

Sometimes, just fixing the screen cables can help you with fixing the laptop screen without replacing components. But keep in mind that the broken motherboard cannot be repaired and you should know if you have a technical background.

Take a laptop to a repair shop

If the laptop screen is broken, take it to the repair shop because it won’t be worth dealing with the risk of losing the sensitive data on your computer. If you’re not an expert, don’t try to replace the screen yourself.

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If your laptop was under a warranty, you can claim that warranty to save some money for the repairing of the laptop screen. Take the laptop back to the retailer and ask them and they will surely fix the problem of the laptop screen not working, but an external monitor does. Always go to a specialist to get the best service for your machine.


Among all the methods to fix a laptop screen not working but an external monitor does, the favorite method is updating the display driver and it should successfully fix the issue and if non of the above methods work for you, then consult an expert to get the display fixed. These methods will help you with all laptop brands including HP, ASUS, Dell, and Toshiba. But this is just a monitor issue, so don’t worry about it.

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