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Lenovo laptop black screen with cursor

Lenovo laptop black screen with cursor

Let’s discuss why Lenovo laptop black screen with cursor.

Lenovo laptop black screen with cursor

Most of the times in Lenovo laptop a black screen with cursor error occurs before log in. Many people experience this issue with their Lenovo laptops. According to clients, they are confronting a dark screen issue on their Lenovo PC. Some have likewise whined that it absolutely gets dark in the middle of the work. 

The seriousness of this issue can be felt. As this keeps clients from playing out their ideal work. Here the explanation can be hardware or software or both. Its often not hard to fix this issue. We have some fixes for this issue and hope this will resolve your this concern without any trouble. 

There are different reasons which can cause this issue Overheating can likewise harm a few parts like a GRAPHIC card among numerous others. The SOFTWARE can likewise be the reason here like a CORRUPT SYSTEM document.

According to our exploration, there are different reasons for the “Lenovo Laptop dark screen with cursor” issue. How about we unpack some of them to figure out the reason for the issue.

some of the main reasons are as follows

  • Faulty Hardware
  • Graphic Card Error
  • Corrupt Windows File
  • Flawed Display And Battery

This black screen issue includes various related issues but the root cause is same. In Lenovo black screen with cursor clients experienced that their Lenovo PCs screen became blue yet the cursor was available on the screen. It is a fixable issue, follow our techniques to fix dark screen with a cursor.

Look for any Hardware defect and Fix It.

Follow the following techniques to ensure the functionality of hardware components. Firstly Look for any hardware defect in your laptop. The health of hardware components concludes the eventual fate of software installed in the system. Like a dark screen issue can happen assuming that there is any harmed equipment or incompatible one. 

Assuming that you have recently added additional RAM in your Lenovo PC or Replaced the bygone one then, at that point, dark screen mistake can happen.

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Most of the times screen not displaying on your laptop is the aftereffect of overheating. In this way, at first disconnect every one of the outside peripherals connected with your PC like USB device, Printers, Wireless Devices, and so forth

  • Now, Hard Reset Your Lenovo Laptop, By Tapping On The Power Button For 50 To 60 Seconds. This Will Turn Off Your Laptop. Turn Around Your Laptop And Remove The Battery. Leave It Like This For 5 Minutes.
  • Thereafter, Directly Connect Your Charging Adapter With Your Lenovo Laptop And Turn It On By Pressing The Power Button. If The “Lenovo Laptop Black Screen” Issue Doesn’t Appear. Then, at that point, Chances Are The Issue Is With Your Battery.

Now do a proper shutdown. Then, at that point, set back your battery and completely charge it. Whenever it is done have a go at utilizing your PC. Indeed, even presently the issue shows up, simply replace your battery with another one.

One who has a non-removable battery, simply play out the hard reset then, at that point, leave it for 5 minutes. Check on the off chance that the issue sorts out or not.

Update your Graphics Driver

An obsolete Graphics Driver can cause such an issue. According to certain clients subsequent to refreshing, minor bugs sorted out consequently so the dark screen issue. We should refresh the Graphics under experimental mode utilizing the accompanying directions.

Prior to continuing, download your Graphics Driver’s most recent versions according to your system configuration another system. Duplicate it into a pen drive. As we will refresh this manually, so it is required.

Switch off your system by tapping the power button for 10 seconds, then, at that point, turn it on. Rehash this for complete twice. then, at that point, at the third time switch it off again and afterward press the power button to turn it on, this time it will take you to boot screen with the number of options available.

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Connect to External Monitor

Connect your monitor with both cables to your PC/associate extra screen. This is somewhat of a surprising solution, however clients have revealed that it fixes the dark screen with cursor issue. As per clients, assuming that you have a screen with two connectors, for example, DVI and HDMI, you really need to connect your screen utilizing both DVI and HDMI cable.

After you’ve done that, you can turn on your PC and check assuming the issue is settled. A few clients likewise recommend that you could possibly fix this issue by attaching an additional monitor, If you have an additional monitor, have a go at associating it to your PC.

Regardless of whether this fix the issue, your second monitor should work with no issues.

Update your BIOS

A few clients guarantee that you can fix the dark screen with the cursor after the update by refreshing your BIOS. Refreshing BIOS is a PROCEDURE FOR ADVANCED USERS, and in the event that you don’t do it appropriately, you can cause permanent damage to your hardware, so if it’s not too much trouble, remember that.

To play out a BIOS update, you really want to go to your motherboard manufacturers site and download the most recent version of BIOS for your motherboard.. As a rule, there should be a guidance manual on the best way to refresh your BIOS, so ensure that you read it cautiously.

In the event that you don’t have any idea how to refresh your BIOS, kindly request that a specialist do it for you to stay away from any possible harm.

The methods and techniques mentioned above should solve this issue of black screen with cursor. If the issue is still there you should go for an official support by contacting Lenovo official support executive because it means this is not merely a glitch there is some deeper level issue with your laptop.

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